Curing Crohn’s Disease Naturally For Free

.. if you have chickens. I don’t have any scientific data to back this but I can speak from personal experience. Having dealt with crohns disease inflammation, stomach pain, and everything else that goes along with it I can tell you that raw egg yolks completely healed my system in exactly 7 days. Normally I had 10-12 egg yolks for breakfast, raw, uncooked. Simply stirred it up and drank it. First time it was a little difficult to get down but if you stop and enjoy the flavor it’s not too bad.

Most people would be thinking of salmonella or some other scary corona virus but the reality is salmonella only exists on the outside shell of the egg and corona virus doesn’t exist at all. You can either wash the eggs first, or just be careful when you get the yolk and you will never contract salmonella. I never got sick one time and I still eat raw egg yolks once in a while to replenish the bacteria and good strong amino acids. (Going on 2 years now, haven’t had a single crohns disease episode at all.)

The problem with most people is they want to eat some fucked up diet of McDonald’s, Diet Coke, and prescription pills for their problems instead of just thinking simply. Things like raw milk, water and lime, fresh fruits, fresh meat ect. All of which can be free if you have a cow or a few goats, chickens, trees, gardens ect.

When I heard one of my cousins with crohns disease was about to have surgery I tried to explain to him what I did to cure mine. Instead he chose to continue his diet, listen to the doctors, and now has a pee / poop bag hanging from his hip at 40 years old. All he had to do is eat a few raw egg yolks and he would be 100% healthy. Why the fuck do people choose to listen to the “experts” I’ll never understand. To adhere blindly to authority in such discomfort. I think for most people they like being the victim, and these types of curable diseases are far more beneficial as a payout whether cash or sympathy.

The reality remains however, that when I ate raw egg yolks it cured my crohns disease in exactly one week. Day 7 I felt something in my stomach, like a knot had been released. My poop was normal, my stomach was normal, I didn’t have to worry about getting sick or shitting my pants at work if I had an episode. I no longer had to worry about it at all thanks to some chicken eggs.