Do Not Date or Marry College Women

Traveling around by foot often times gave me a unique view into the living conditions we presently call “society”. Often times contradicting the narrative given by authority and main stream media, it was a real eye opener to the lies society pushes. As many other countries are now adopting the “go to college to be successful” rhetoric on every level, they sell the “American Dream” to everyone they encounter. It’s easy to see the liberal propaganda and brainwashing on every level, the statism and government worship, the denial of common sense and creative thinking.

The reality of this education system didn’t really hit me until I entered Mexico. Colleges are still relatively a new thing for the “common people” to attend. Only around for a couple generations it became easy to see the clear and distinctive difference between college educated and the regular locals. College educated men in Mexico often wore tight trendy pants cutting off circulation to their balls acting like effeminate liberal cucks on every level. Having some even call me a “misogynist” for not believing in the fairy tale of feminism.

The women however, were given a whole new outlook on life. These women would travel from all over Mexico to attend university. They would leave their families, come live by themselves, and do whatever they want. Compared to the traditional Mexican family where girls stayed with the family until they got married and started their own family. This created a hard working intelligent women that was prepared for marriage and a relationship. (Not always). Often times these women can be seen working hard to keep the house hold in shape. From laundry and cooking to playing with the kids and comforting the husband after a long day of work. It was quite common to see cute Mayan ladies washing the feet of her husband after a long day. Something truly adorable about that.

On the other side you have the college girls. Who literally get sent money from their family to go do whatever they want. These same principles apply in the USA but far more common, going un-noticed. The reality is however these women show up to college and really let it fly. They don’t hold back at all. Having sex with multiple partners, partying, getting wasted, doing ridiculously nasty things over and over again. They have hundreds of horny dudes trying to get in their pants at school creating an ego even Hercules couldn’t fight. In comparison, most of the college girls I saw were monkey branching from one dude to the next as they moved up the ladder trying to find the “perfect mate”.

These girls were always controlling, manipulative, and delusional. I experienced both first hand many times and every time the “educated” women was far more slutty, stupid; having no real skills at all. I remember having to teach a “educated” girl how to cook eggs! Another one didn’t know how to cook anything and gained over 20-30lbs while at university for less than a year. Simply because she would go out for greasy food every time, rather than cooking herself. These same women always maintained a mentality of superiority that they were smarter. That they were far more intelligent than everyone around them. They would have 5-6 guys at a time chasing them, texting, flirting, talking, while they have a boyfriend!

When I had a dating app a while back it was funny seeing all the women on there that said “Just looking for friends, I have a boyfriend” but when a “rich gringo” would message them the boyfriend seemed to disappear.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t even bother dating a college women.
1) They are narcissistic and spoiled.
2) They have had multiple sex partners.
3) They think of themselves as better than you.
4) They don’t know how to cook or take care of a family.
5) They don’t have any real skills.
6) They have several delusions.
7) By the time they are out of college their eggs are dried up or over fertilized.
8) Their career and job comes first.
9) They require manipulation to maintain their delusion of superiority and intelligence.
10) They are constantly looking to move up, aka monkey branch.
11) There is a 60% chance they will divorce you within 10 years.

I could probably go on for another 10 days with that list but I think you get the idea. There is literally no benefit to dating a college educated women, in fact, there are hundreds of reasons not too. Whether you are trying to build your own business or a family, or something in between, a college educated women will literally tear it down. Her own ego and pride are the root cause of destruction within her own home. Whether it be her own children, or husband, no one is off limits.

Again, there is literally no reason to date a college women. There are plenty of women out there, hard working, intelligent, with a business sense that do not do have any of these traits. For instance, there is an extremely cute girl down the street. Never went to school, never got “educated”, but she is working hard every day, she is helping to keep the family fed and sheltered, she has the ability to have a real conversation about anything, whether it be a flat earth or government. Their mind has not been taken over by the system, nor has it been turned into a self loving, self victimized, narcissistic cunt. She has real skills, for instance, the ability to start a business on a whim and be successful! I go there almost every day for mangos, eggs, and a smile.

One thing is for sure, college educated women are chains unto any free man, and even the society they represent. I have seen it first hand, over and over again. These women destroy the very foundations of family, there by society as well. All the while they suck on the cock of government to uphold these rights, yet they are equal. If men simply walked away, reality would hit them quite hard. Society would collapse over night and these women would be crying to the 911 operator about not having WiFi, food, shelter, water, electricity, refrigeration, plumbing, roads, ect.

So many of these women think their degree makes them educated, that their degree entitles them to some superior intelligence. The reality is these degrees are obtained by anyone with the ability to parrot what they are told. College is not a test of intelligence, rather a test of obedience. I guarantee I could come to your job site and after a week, do your job better than you with no degree and no training. Not because I am something special, but because your delusion is so grandiose. In fact, most college educated people I have met in my life are the dumbest, closed minded, rejects, I have ever met. They have no ability to critical think, no common sense, and no ability to question what they are told. In fact, 90% of the USA function at about 6th to 8th grade competency. This is a fact!

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Modern Women and Sex Abuse in Relationships

Between 50 Shades of Grey, Jersey Shore, and Twilight; it’s no wonder women have such a jaded view of relationships and men. When you throw in the feminism, entitlement, no responsibility for their actions, and narcissism you get a Frankenstein of a women. Most men don’t want to admit how creepy and weird the things their girlfriend or wife do in the bedroom. Most men still don’t talk about it because it carries a stigma. That stigma being SHAME. And not for the reason you think..

The reason most men don’t talk about sex abuse from a girlfriend or wife is because of the instant shame women and blue pill men dole out. If you complain or mention anything about sex a women will immediately tell you that “maybe you’re not doing it right”, “maybe you’re not big enough”, “maybe you need to learn how to please a women”, and on and on and on it goes. The blue pill man will say, “hey man at least you’re getting some”, “you just have to focus on her needs and only her”, “you have to be more romantic and give gifts”, and on and on and on it goes.

This is why most men do not talk about sex abuse from an ex, a girlfriend, or a wife. Most men are immediately dismissed, attacked, and shamed. I am going to get into the reality of sex abuse and how destructive it can be to a man, especially if he has low confidence. How devastating it can be for a man if he is not aware of the games women play and that your sexual skill is completely irrelevant to the games she is playing. See, in her head she is playing a game of chess; and you are simply the pawn trying to get the queen. In your mind you’re just excited and happy to be there. To do your best and make some sexy fun time. You have no games, shame, or guilt ready to lay out. No manipulative tactics on the ready. You are simply into the moment. Little did you know you can only move up too two spaces and diagonally when poking.

The reality is women have an agenda to their sex. The queen isn’t coming out to play without finding something to first want in return. Women have a number of strategies in their arsenal but the most common is monkey bar mayhem, but in the bedroom. Nothing you do, try to do, or want to do.. is good enough. They want to be in total control and do it their way. If you try to be a man in anyway it is met with crying after sex, faces of disappointment, looks of anger, all while you’re supposed to be making love to this women or having sex. The only position she wants is when she is in control and it feels like she is the one sexing you.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a NASA propagandist to understand how damaging and hurtful this can be to a man. Especially a man that simply cares about the women and wants to please her. A pump and dump male will simply move on, but a man that cares will play the game of monkey bar mayhem. Instead this time he’s doing it one handed while the kids on the playground poke him with sticks. It’s a constant barrage of shame and guilt about not being good enough. About not being man enough.

Another way modern women use control and gaslighting to victimize in the bedroom is lying. Women will lie about being on birth control and tell you to cum inside them. Now this is obviously a very dangerous situation for any man that is not married to a unicorn women, ie: submissive, loving, empathetic, caring, compassionate, supportive, hard working, honest. (I have only read about them in the Bible). She could possibly be out right lying to trick you into having a baby. That one is obvious. But there is another group of women that ARE on birth control and actually enjoy this feeling. These women are extremely manipulative. If you know she is on birth control and you actually decide to cum inside her you will be met with disapproval, anger, and perhaps even physical violence. She will tell you that she never told you to do that, and that she will probably get pregnant now. This obviously is not a real situation as birth control is usually pretty effective, but in your head you are clueless. You had no idea about this scheme or plan to victimize you. You take the bait and start to realize you might have gotten her pregnant… mean while she sits by watching you squirm like a worm. Coming to these realities. Then, maybe a day or two later she will mention that she was on the pill and got the days mixed up. Woops.

The more feminist modern women will take a more direct approach to attacking your manhood. She will be outright verbally abusive and rude. During sex she might make a lot of noise, move from position to position with a smile, talk dirty to you… but the minute you finish the attack comes. Out of the bushes a group of short hairy women run out and start beating you with clubs. She’ll say things like, “you didn’t please me, what happened?”, “that’s it?”, “*look of disapproval*”, “you didn’t do it how I like”, “my ex used to ______ and we should try it”. There’s a great variety to the shape and size of the clubs used in this beating of verbal abuse. (Share your story in the comments.)

The next kind of girl is a bit more subtle in her manipulation. She’s the one that sleeps around with everyone. In your group of friend she has had sex with most of them and is still around as a friend of some sort. This girl doesn’t attack you on the front lines, but rather a sneak attack on your command center. Deep down she wants to be the center of attention but she doesn’t have the confidence or self esteem to to do it. She slowly builds her army of SIMP’s that will defend her like a best friend, and attack for her as an emotional partner. She will have you involved in drama before you even realize the hurricane hit. She will divide friendships, create low key passive aggressive drama, start small arguments, and even violent fights. All along she was just your pump and dump yet you wake up hung over with a black eye and bruises from a fight on her behalf.

The cock grabber. The cock grabber is the girl that will walk up at random times and grab you. You might be relaxing, reading a book, doing something on the computer, ect; and she will grab it. Not in a sensual romantic way, like “hey let’s do it!”, but in a way that is aggressive and scary. Like BOO! Scared you scary. You won’t expect it and it’s quite sudden and random. There is no context and sometimes it’s actually quite aggressive. If you question them or explain that it spooks you and is a bit uncomfortable they will get mad and say, “fine, I won’t touch it anymore”. As if they are trying to show that they own you, or perhaps they are in fact practicing for your soon to be castration. Either way it’s creepy and weird. I’ve never seen a man walk up and aggressively start grabbing his women’s vagina. I’ve seen some gentle boob play but nothing that compares to aggressive package grabbing.

The make you look crazy too girl. This girl is dangerous. Very. Like burn your paperwork up and leave the country dangerous. She knows she is crazy. There is a part of you that knows she is crazy too but the sex is fantastic. That’s the only reason you’re there.. so you tell yourself nothing could happen. Next thing you know she’s walking up and down the street causing a scene trying to get a ride into town out in the middle of no where. Next thing you know she’s woken up half the apartment complex screaming about some fairy tale she created in her head about a guy being an hour late coming home from work. Next thing you know everyone in the street is looking at you like your a dirt bag misogynist because she starts crying in public over something silly. Next thing you know you wake up and can’t find your bedroom pistol because a feminist nut bag drops it on the floor in the middle of the night because it was dangerous sitting in the nightstand drawer. You can not beat crazy and fighting it just makes you look twice as worse.

Two pees in a pod. This girl is the standard typical feminist in disguise modern women. She will have all four cylinders of your 1977 Triumph TR7 firing and revving. She will play her part of the good honest women homemaker, pretending to care about you and your needs. She will present herself as “wife material” and show you how great she is compared to other women. She will shower you with affection and love to lure you in. Sometimes that’s why I think the black widow has the red heart spot on it’s back. It does the same thing. It lures you in. It starts spinning and dancing to get your attention, distracting you from the reality of the situation. The reality is the black widow is slowly spinning web around its victim’s legs or arms. A small thin web slowly covers it, building up as it continues to dance and spin. Never realizing what happened until the dancing stops, only to realize, hands and legs are tied. Inside this realization comes the bite. The bite is filled with deadly poison that will soon leave it’s victim in the fetal position ready to be devoured. Unfortunately it doesn’t sink in for the victim until this very moment, hands and legs tied, body going numb, with the light fading out.

This women will use sex as a form of control, doled out like treats to a good dog. She will with hold sex or give it out depending on what her agenda is. She may or may not employ all of the above strategies in an effort to control her victim or batter him down until he reaches a level at which she CAN control him. She will place herself on a pedestal, while you are forced to carry her everywhere receiving treats. If you misbehave or do something she does not approve of you can expect to lose out on treats for a while. If you do something of great approval, like make more money, get a promotion, increase the value of the household, buy her gifts, buy her appliances, ect. you will be given treats. This of course is never good enough to satisfy her ever growing demand of wanting more things though. Therefor, if you want sex you will constantly be a donkey chasing the apple on a stick.

Another big shame tactic used towards men is when he loses his boner during sex or can’t get it up. Based upon the actions of these modern women, after a while even the strongest man would start to develop anxiety, depression, and guilt in the bedroom. They say something must be wrong with the man if he lost his boner during sex.. but the reality is how could you keep a boner or get one while with a modern day women when subconsciously resenting her and her actions towards you. When she is nothing short of a constant drag on your emotions and feelings constantly pulling you down. It would be like fapping while you read this article. GOOD LUCK! The reality is the only thing that a guy needs to be turned on is a submissive, compassionate, caring women. Not a bunch of make up, push up bras, extra weight hidden with special waistbands and pants, ect. Once again, all of that is for the women. Most modern women don’t dress up for their man they dress up for other women and people when they go out. Then come home and put on some old rags expecting you to find them attractive as Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. Subconsciously the brain is simply saying NO! DON’T DO IT. This is one case where your little buddy is actually thinking more clearly than you.