Sociopath Logan Paul Gaslights the Flat Earth Community

When you look at all the paid actors and shills surrounding this “joke” documentary you might start to wonder what’s really going on. Especially if you think back to the censorship ordeal that Logan Paul started with some retarded suicide video even though YouTube has millions of videos of people literally dying. Literal compilation videos of people committing suicide or getting killed. They are all monetized, still to this day, and people will load those videos up with comments and “lol” while at the same time cursing Logan Paul for revealing a dead man hanging from a tree. This is clear social engineering on the most basic level. Get the people to cheer for their own censorship and YouTube was happy to give it to them.

Logan Paul is nothing but an actor, playing his part, in removing real content creators from social media and replacing them with people like himself. His latest documentary was a clear gas lighting attempt by the sociopath’s on top to not only discredit the flat earth movement in the media, but to also force the flat earth community to respond or get angry. This is obvious gas lighting and those commenting as fans of Logan Paul will never open their eyes or wake up. They knew this going into the documentary, that wasn’t the main goal however. This becomes transparent when they don’t even attempt to use logic or science, but rather emotional propaganda from when you were a kid in their government schools.

The objective wasn’t really to keep kids asleep, but rather harass and trigger the flat earth community. As the spiritual war rages on many cling to their own wisdom, turning them self into an idol to be worshiped. The reality is this is the only type of response these people should get. There is no point in trying to debunk his documentary, or prove him to be a shill, the agenda itself is evidence enough, and reason enough, to ignore it. You might think you have an opportunity to bring some over to the truth but the reality is YouTube search results are already filled with paid actors “exposing” his video, yet all they do is make jokes and try to trigger the flat earth community even more. These people have no IQ, no logic, no intelligence, no ability to question authority. They are total cowards and instead of facing the question like a real man, they hide behind dick jokes, nasty British teeth, female to male body features, and a bowl cut from the styling of the last school shooter.

ImAllexx YouTube

They’ve already prepared their search results with “Logan Pauls Documentary Exposed” and claimed the keywords. They already knew people would be triggered to make real response videos and any attempt to discredit the documentary will be shown to only flat earthers. As these shill channels claim the viewership of the sheep, you’re left to wonder how people could be so stupid. These social media companies have perfected the recommended section to create an echo chamber of illusion while maintaining the facade of freedom of speech. All along people think they are getting the truth, or at least an even dose of both sides, but the reality is they are being fed exactly what their ears want to hear. To promote and hold up the system your critical thinking disappears.

At the end of the day you’re wasting your time, trying to explain basic science to indoctrinated zombies. The reality is no one had to tell me anything about the shape of the earth except the government for me to have to question it and find out for myself. I didn’t need a flat earth YouTube video, I didn’t need anything. I asked myself and I found the answer. It could be as simple as using a camera to film the bottom of a boat 15+ miles away that should be hidden behind the curve, as that alone PROVES there is no curve. What is the point of continuing a conversation with someone that can’t question and research for them self? If they can’t figure out why seeing the bottom of a boat from the beach as it sails away only to re-appear with the camera zoom they are fucking retarded. If they can’t figure out that the boat should be completely gone over the curve at this point, yet it’s still visible on a camera, there is no other way to say it. They are fucking retarded. Conversation OVER.

Yet this isn’t what the elite want. They want you gas lighted and angry trying to convince the world of the truth. They want you jumping through their hoops trying to get the world to understand. Little did you know however most of the world prefers the lie. They embrace it. They get paid because of it. They are famous because of it. They are popular because of it. Most of the world doesn’t want the lie exposed because they would have to take real responsibility for their life instead of allowing the government to do it. They would have to figure out how to build their own shelter, acquire their own food and protect them self from nature and evil humans. These are the cowards of society, the conformists, and they don’t want their mind changed. So don’t get gas lighted by this sociopathic douche bag, and go outside and enjoy some sunshine, plant some tomatoes, and forget about these faggots and their self worship bullshit.

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What the Logan Paul YouTube Controversy Really Means

There is nothing more infuriating than a bunch of social justice warriors parading around the internet judging others for the same things they commit daily. When there is a bandwagon for others to increase their own popular standing in society they jump on it without hesitation. Amanda Cerny, one of Logan Pauls best friends even jumped ship with nothing to say, as that could have impacts on her own want to be Instagram director, model, blah blah blah narcissist.

What does it all mean though? The entire controversy is proof that social justice can now control society. That social justice can sensor anyone that doesn’t adhere to their version of political correctness. 99% of the time it is men that are martyred for the cause, whether it be sex accusations or some retarded YouTube video gone wrong. The reality is these women have no problem sucking the D to get that part or raise, but when the light shines on them they want to blame someone else. I’ve dealt with this personally many times from lying sociopathic women.

The sad part about all of this is the fact these social justice warriors can complain enough to get the guys revenue disabled on his entire YouTube account for one bad video. I don’t claim to be a friend or even like the guy, I didn’t really even know who he was until all of this drama unfolded on all of my social media accounts and I watched fake, hypocritical, douche bags, (mostly women) shame and ridicule him for his video. When their content consists of using their boobs and body to get attention, money, and likes. In retrospect, Logan Paul’s dumb video brought more light to the reality of suicide in society. Rather than another dumb video about make up, your tits, or what you had for lunch Logan Paul at least went somewhere real, showed some real shit, and got a real reaction.

Instead of hating Logan Paul why not point blame on government that allows this? What a prime location for a preacher or suicide helper hotline. Maybe even just a security guard to prevent such things from happening. No, instead, lets try to destroy a mans career to lift up our own. Let’s use Logan Paul’s name in our tweets, YouTube videos, and more to get that attention on us! Let’s throw his name in the garbage so we can boost our own. This is what I see all over social media. This shows how fake all of those people are in entertainment and how quickly they’d shove you under the bus for just one more like or share. I find it funny so many on twitter are saying things like “Oh Mee Gosh, Logan Paul showed a dead body” yet they watch CSI Miami, the News, and other shows that literally show dead bodies for the same revenue. I wonder how much those liberal news channels made off the children of all those “school shootings”.

When you look at all facets of society and how two faced all these people really are, cheering on Seth McFarlane and Family Guy literally make fun of, predict, and project, the Boston bombings. Everyone claps, cheers, and doesn’t even notice…

The Family Guy/Boston Marathon Clip is NOT a Hoax

Or another example, this video of the tazing of a living human being trying to assert his rights in a court room. Bunch of two faced hypocrites in this political censorship crowd, just look at the comments section. It’s not a dead squirrel, that is a man trying to uphold his God given rights. No outrage, but in fact cheering like you were watching a man fight for his life in the stadium in central Rome. Any history buffs out there? What happened to Rome when feminism and political correctness took over? Anyone?

Sovereign Citizen Get Tased Trying To Enter Courtroom

This political correctness is a cancer unto society and a real indicator of it’s collapse. Anyone that attacked Logan Paul’s revenue stream for the video is nothing short of a two faced narcissistic douche bag with no back bone. How many videos on YouTube of chicks using sex toys to sell dildos and make ad revenue but a suicide video gone wrong is apparently taboo? So many videos online of police officers beating and killing innocent people but apparently a suicide video gone wrong is terrible? No respect for the body yet everyone watches in amazement as the National Guard shot and killed students in Kent State protesting the Vietnam War, or shot an innocent women holding a child in Ruby Ridge, or burned 10+ families inside a church at Waco. How come now one says anything when Joe Biden is groping little kids in political photo shoots? No one says anything when the Clinton family disappears to bang some children on that creepy island outside the UK. No one says shit because you are all cowards after your next paycheck.

The reality is no one would have said anything unless they didn’t see opportunity for their own channel growth. They are guilty of the very same things but instead of being honest with themselves they turned Logan Paul into their booster shot. Not only did they try and use him as their booster shot but, like a pack of wild hyenas, they went after his revenue stream entirely. Even though they had been avid fans for years he was eaten like a sick gazelle. These people have no morals and no backbone. Especially the women using their dead ass bodies to do the same shit. You’re political correctness will never be more important than anyone’s voice, even if it is dumb as a box of rocks, insulting, and low brow. People act as if they make no mistakes in life, yet one silly video could cost him his career? This is feminism. This is censorship. This is political correctness. And that leads to the collapse of any country, morals, and critical thinking. Social media is proof of that.

P.S. I didn’t see a single YouTuber, Instagramer, Facebooker, or Hollywooder make any attempt to make this actually about suicide awareness or help in any way, but all of these two faced cowards had no problem using suicide as their scapegoat to make themselves look like the golden child. Rest assured, anyone attacking Logan Paul’s revenue stream is a low life coward. Criticism however is healthy in any society. As I stated many times in this article the video itself was stupid, but that stupid video brought more awareness to suicide than any of you stupid bitches on social media running your mouth. The fact is, 76% of suicides are men. 85% of homeless are men. 70% of murder victims are men. 92% of deaths in the workplace are men. 97% of war deaths are men. 14% of men get custody after divorce. Over 60% of rape victims are male. Children are far more likely to be molested by their own mother than father. The idea that a women would even have a voice in any of these subjects is appalling and 10x more disgusting than Logan Paul’s video; but please, tell me more about #MeToo and your attempt to use Logan Paul’s name to boost your own fame of make up magic and tit tutorials.

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