Porn Takes Your Soul Leaving You Feeling Empty and Depressed

At this point its safe to assume everyone in the world has viewed porn to some degree. Besides money laundering and military, porn was really the only reason the internet was even invented. From there the same concepts of addiction and dopamine pumpers filled the internet with their social networks and low IQ entertainment. All of which lead to the same end result of depression and while letting your soul sit on empty. Comfortable enough in your 9-5 coming home to another Netflix series never questioning your reality, merely accepting it.

When it comes to porn itself it’s probably one of the most damaging outlets online, addiction meets pleasure while pretending to have no consequences. The reality is porn is extremely damaging to the psyche and daily habits. Long term porn usage among men has even lead to erectile dysfunction studies show. It’s easy to see how these effects could correlate with porn addiction and habits because you get so accustomed to your little jerk off routine. Never using that testosterone in the street to chat up a pretty lady.

Master-baiting the a day away as you feel lethargic and empty, wishing you had more energy, wishing some hot chick was riding you instead. Little did you know it was your own actions and seed spilling that was causing your problems. Questioning life and your purpose as you beat your meat to the internet porn circus. After years of choking the carrot you see the world through sex goggles unable to appreciate the little things as you simp for hoes on Twitch throwing them dollars so they’ll dance around and be your beat off meat.

Leading to thousands and thousands of sexual internet partners your heart and soul get left in the dust. Thinking you’re just a monkey playing with your evolution banana, it keeps you trapped in the porn hub cage for life. Exploring strange and bizarre sexual gratifications because you saw a strange video half orgasm your mind and cock start to entertain doing shameful acts with your body in search of a new high. Paying hookers to slap your ass with a whip while you beg for your dignity all because you saw it on some back corner of the internet.

The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow