If You Could Have Only One Meal

Many times throughout my travels I would have to go hungry because of the situation, choosing to take a certain path but missing out on the opportunity to eat. I almost always had a meal or two in my pack so it was never a big deal but knowing when to chow down is important on the road.

There has been times where I was stranded at a certain location for a long period of time with literally no choice but to go hungry. You have no options except eat your remaining food or wait it out. From personal experience I have learned that it’s better to not eat and save your food for later. Focus on a task or supplement water or juice instead. You don’t know when you’re next meal will be and in this situation it might not be until the next day.

Having to camp out in random locations or fall asleep under a tree are a normal thing for the adventure traveler and sometimes these locations don’t have a McDonalds or Oxxo. Sometimes they have little traffic as well so you’re left waiting for a ride for an extended period of time. The views and adventures and people you meet along these roads however make it worth the wait.

Imagine yourself in one of these situations as you travel to your next destination. You have some leftover food but find yourself on the back roads looking for a ride. You start to get hungry so you…

A Eat a Little Bit.          B Don’t Eat Anything.


A) take a moment to relax and look through your bag at your one remaining meal. You decide to eat just a little bit and stuff away the rest for later. You continue on your adventure only to find yourself in the middle of no where with little vehicle traffic. It’s mid day now, and you start to get hungry again. You take another break and pull out your remaining food. You take half of whats left and leave the rest for dinner. You continue on and find a nice big tree as the sun sets, with hopes of hearing an engine rumble all you hear are the leaves whistling in the wind. You take a seat under the tree and slowly unpack your things for the night still hopeful of a future ride. You start to get hungry so you finish off the rest of your food, which was only a small amount by this time. You set up camp and lay down for the night. As you close your eyes your stomach starts to call out. You look through your pack one last time hopeful of a granola bar or cookie. Of course there is nothing left and you lay back down for one terrible time trying to fall asleep. You wake up in the morning hungry, upset, sleepy, but you do find a ride headed where you need that morning.

B) take a moment to relax and look through your bag at your one remaining meal. You think about the uncertainty of your next meal time so you decide to take a drink of water and carry on looking for a ride. You find yourself in the middle of no where with no traffic at all. It’s mid day now and you start to get really hungry. Your stomach is turning but you know you’ve only got one meal left. Keeping an eye out for fruit trees or bushes of any sort, perhaps even a place to fish could save the day but no luck so far. Hopeful of any berry bush or ride you continue on as you think about the last meal in your pack. You stumble upon a huge tree on the edge of the road as the sun is setting. Deciding it’s the perfect place to camp out you slowly begin setting up camp still hopeful of a good samaritan headed in your direction. The sun is almost down and you hear nothing but the howl of the wind as it spins the trees around you. Hungry as ever you devour your last remaining meal as you pass out as a happy little camper. You wake up a little hungry, but happy, and notice a car headed your way . You hop in and take off.
Government Hates Free Food

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