Truth Behind Mass Animal Die Offs

After listening to delusional vegans and ignorant environmentalists push their agendas I started to begin wondering about some of the current problems with nature. From mass animal die offs to local wildlife populations nearly going extinct to local corporation farms. As I watched the DNR absolutely destroy the deer population locally as a child with many of their absolutely stupid hunting season and regulation setups it really started to dawn on me. Visiting another beach where they had concrete breakers and protection for miles along the coast. As they plugged in 5G phone and EMF transmitters world wide. As they sank thousands of energy producing gizmos into the ocean. As they laid thousands of miles of internet cables.

To begin with, many vegans fail to realize you can’t grow enough food on your own to sustain a vegan diet. Especially in places that only have a grow season of about 4 months. To solve this problem vegans have turned to huge corporations to grow their food for them. As they destroy forests and soil around the world all to appease these stupid vegans. Forests become dust bowls of GMO crops and corn as vegans digest their GMO fiber and DNA silencing wheat, they seem to have forgotten where this “food” comes from and what it is.

After I turned a farm field into a food forest I quickly saw thousands of animals moving into this 5 acre plot. From pheasants and quail to great horned owls and hawks, to rabbits and mice, and deer a like. Almost every morning I had a pack of turkeys clucking around my garage. These animals had been starving all winter as they searched for food in the desolate desert of farm land. Completely depleted of food, water, and soil.

These same go green types support wind energy, as they drop wind farms all over the world corporations cash in on free energy. Meanwhile thousands of birds are killed daily just from the blades of these turbines. Let alone the frequencies and EMF waves being given off by the cables, electricity, and everything in between. These wind turbines are placed in oceans, valleys, all over the world. What many don’t realize is these EMF waves literally drive animals insane. Most marine wildlife require the use of frequencies for communication, travel, and catching food.

When these EMF waves from internet cables, wind turbines, and everything else are dropped in their feeding grounds and travel paths you will immediately see starvation and confusion among the ocean life. The fact scientists pretend not to see this is just more evidence of them sucking on the governmental tits that write their paycheck. [Effects of EMF on Marine Life]

The reality is when there is no wildlife, animals, or natural food left you will have no choice but corporation farms and Walmart. This is their agenda and the useful idiot of the environmentalist is helping push it along. As they destroy the very thing they claim to want to protect they are aggressive in their crusade, all along never realizing it was them that was causing the pain. This coincides with the agenda 21’s, the agenda 30’s, ect. As they program gullible white knight wannabes to be the protectorate of corporations rather than the wildlife they claim to be helping.

Emf Waves

When you look at the areas of these die offs and the animals themselves its quite clear to see they are running from something and when they die are mostly malnourished. Like a glove this reality fits the problem. With science backing it up the most destructive thing to our environment is the one that claims to want to protect it. As they take rights away from little farmers, in most cities unable to even own a chicken, and being raided for selling raw milk (natural vaccines) at gun point the environmentalist cheers the government on.

How dare you lovingly raise animals and use them for food and survival when you could just have a corporation grind up GMO wheat and grass and press it into a vegan patty. How dare you take care of your land when corporations could turn it into a chemical dust bowl for vegan production. These delusional idiots have no problem telling me how evil I am as I eat fresh food while they literally destroy everything and anything around them all in the name of their social identity and wannabe good samaritan (when people are looking).

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