Kabuto the Python Dis Record #Nerdcore

Yeah I got my headset on,
lets try and do this nerdcore thing.

My rhythm sucks and my lyrics are bad,
my flow is that of a stagnant pond’s lily pad.

Can’t let that stop me from joining my clan,
10 years too late I think It’s been cancelled man,

We gotta find a way to bring it back to 2009,
front of the library with my nerdcore hip hop sign.

Whether we need a time machine or just a good beat,
time to poke the python til he gets on his feet.

Can a snake walk I guess we’re bout to find out,
not here to play games with a viper for clout.

Slingshot loaded with lyrics ready to fly,
clipped and clean like a Japanese bonsai.

Take off that anonymous mask and step up to the plate,
hiding like Mark McGuire during the steroid debate.

Acting tough I’ll hit ya back to the garden of eden,
ridin’ around in your geo metro on 1st thinkin’ your speedin’.

Look at you on social media simpin’ for women,
puckered up like you’re suckin’ on a Mexican lemon.

Heard you gave up nerdcore making kids songs for Nickelodeon,
bro time to grow some legs an step up to the podium.

So toxic ya hidin’ under your bed while tryin’ to write,
I’m worse than the troll in Skyrim you were too scared to fight.

Like a mongoose my receptors are immune to your venom,
actin tough as ya sag your yoga pants made of high quality denim.

Drop’en the hate like a shootout in saints row.
finish ya off while I bury your career with my back hoe.

Maybe you’re too old now I don’t wanna pick on the elderly,
peanut butter and raisins your rhymes always lack the celery.

Got ya position dialed in with the long range mortar,
meanwhile ya bankrupted as an only fans supporter.

When ya gonna learn dude these hoes ain’t loyal,
got ya on the ropes beggin’ like its a battle royal.

A couple of titties and ya let her clear out the vault,
standin’ in the driveway left chewin on some asphalt.

Don’t be fooled by the avatar I’m a stoner with attitude,
have you switchin sides callin me papi sendin’ pics in the nude.

But before I go there is one more thing I gotta say,
I’ve got nothin’ but love this was just some nerdcore foreplay.


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