Manly Emotional Support

Contrary to what society says life as a modern day man is extremely difficult with no real support systems in place. There’s no shelters for men, suicide rates through the roof, forced into the provider roll for both women and beta men in government at the threat of violence… where does a man turn in times of emotional exhaustion? Some men want to turn to their wife or girlfriend and unload their mental anxieties only to apologize or have it thrown back in their face a few months later.

Women have trained men to hold onto their emotions as to not offend them or disrupt their life style. Society plays this silly game where they say manly men and “toxic masculinity” keep men inside their emotional box but the reality is, it’s women, society, and toxic feminism.

Men are often the only ones calling out to other men in defense of their emotional needs and depression. Men are the ones reaching out and teaching other men, offering a shoulder to cry on, or advice to get them through their current struggle.

Women don’t want to hear about your problems, they don’t want to help you solve them, they don’t care at all unless they can use it against you at a later date. Each emotion expressed is catalogued in their file cabinet for a later date when they can use it to destroy you even more.

Not only have I experienced this with the women in my own family and relationships but I’ve watched it play out in thousands of men’s lives over the years all over North America. Women don’t even do the bare minimum anymore throwing out hugs and comfort, not even able to prepare a hot meal after the man spends the day in mental gymnastics at work.

On the contrary men have built entire communities underground to support and comfort each other. To be their validation, comfort, and emotional support systems. Real warriors turning to other men in time of need with jokes, humor, humility, and advice, yet society says men need to be more feminine and share their emotions with the system that hates them.

This is strait horse shit and leaves a man to cling to society and women for breadcrumbs of validation. Told to go to some psychiatrist that spent years being programmed by universities to attack men and worship toxic feminism. Always blaming the man with problems and issues often out of his control or more commonly created by the women themselves.

Men have a much more logical approach to their emotions and struggles where shrinks and women want to throw a band aid on it through psycho active prescription pills or manipulation to maintain their status. Men will stare at a problem until they can find a logical way to solve it.

The problem in modern society is men have lost their ability to look at their depression or anxiety logically to figure out what’s causing it. We have lost our manly ability to logically dissect our emotional turmoil because society and women force us into a box of bottling up our emotions.

Whether it be friends in real life, a discord server, forum, or community of men this is the place to ask for help and advice. Reach out to others that have gone through similar issues and be honest with yourself as you approach your emotional issues. If your girlfriend makes you miserable, dump her.

If your job sucks, find a new one. If you want more financial freedom start a side hustle with projects your passionate about. There is always a logical solution to your depression even if you don’t quite see it through your beer goggles. Call out to Jesus Christ, open your bible, spend some time in meditation. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, get in the gym. Meet new people.

You might even be facing a problem and think no one can relate, no one understands, but as you put yourself out their you’ll find many men have gone through similar issues. It’s not time to hang up your sword quite yet soldier, time to get back to the grinding block and sharpen up your steel.

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