Most Common Reason People Reject Jesus Christ

Facebook, instagram, twitter, myspace, ect. The list goes on an on. The popularity alone is enough to tell you self worship is alive an well in most of the world. Extreme cases are commonly found in America as the culture here breeds it. Self worship mixed with idolatry have become the norm for every American. Whether it be posting selfies all the way to extreme malignant narcissism its hard to escape the trap.

It’s easy to spot someone that worships them self. Everything they say and do is gold and their life is more important than yours. Just ask them. They don’t make mistakes. They know everything. They take more pictures of themselves with materialistic crap than a main stream rapper gangsta wannabe for no other reason than to try and make themselves look cool or hip or “swag” as the d-bags say now a days. They spend more time on their personal appearance to go grocery shopping than the DEA spends chasing non-violent dope smokers.

It’s easy to see why someone like this would out right deny Jesus Christ. Would deny His truth and love because “they don’t need it’ or it conveniently “doesn’t exist”. This is predictable though for someone that worships them self as some sort of god. There isn’t room for two for the malignant narcissist or self worshiper. They have a long laundry list of propaganda and psyops they use as excuses to deflect and give them self permission to deny responsibility for their actions.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. – Matthew 6:24 

Faith Alone Born Again Bible Believer

Denying God though has existed for 5,000 years at least. It’s where the word atheist actually comes from. It stems from the greek word atheos, which literally means to deny the one true God. In order for someone to DENY something they must first acknowledge that it exists. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and say “I don’t want your grape soda” if they didn’t offer you a grape soda. That’s looney tunes.

It’s safe to say this is all gibberish to the self worshiper though. Any real or meaningful conversation is met with emotional warfare, escape an evasion, smear campaigns, or even violence. The problem most people don’t realize, is how common and wide spread self worship is. Especially among the “Christian” crowd that think they are above sin and contradict the Bible itself to push their religion of self worship. It’s quite funny how atheists and Christians are exactly the same when it comes to self worship. Both contradict and manipulate the Bible and what it says to push their own agenda.

When you are too busy worshiping yourself and the delusion of yourself you lose touch with reality and are unable to see yourself for who you really are. The sinful manipulative lying sociopath that needs the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

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