Real Reason Reddit Is Popular

Once in a while I’ll make a throwaway account to do a little “marketing” on Reddit and it always amazes me how petty people are for a few internet likes and “awards”. I thought YouTube was bad for this but after making my first Reddit account I was actually blown away by the amount of grown adults seeking any sort of validation online. The word pathetic doesn’t do justice for how low these losers will go to get some likes in the hamster wheel of conformity bias.

Quite literally, the most popular opinions that everyone agrees with gets shoved to the top of the line. Critical thinking are tucked away in the closet as the weakest minds of society get their voice on a pedestal for other zombies to approve. Every beta can hide behind a user name as they use the Pareto principle as a baseball bat to beat conformity into every user that makes an appearance.

Most of my accounts are at -99 karma by the end of the day because I absolutely refuse to a part of the school of fish and their lack of brain activity. Instead of crying like most Reddit users would, I take it as a seal of proof to how successful I’ve become in the act of individualism.

Reddit users are horrified by this word individualism. Scared to death to be themselves, let alone speak on an opinion that isn’t fully supported by societies band of lemmings. Self censorship is in full swing because people lack the balls to speak out let alone stand for something real.

They are guarded online behind the revolving door of repetition as they get full support for their copy / pasted opinions. Even the Anarchist subreddits have become a place of feminist conformity and female privilege where men have cucked themselves in the name of internet validation.

The funny part is there is no way to argue against this considering Reddit is based off complete conformity. The popular opinion will ALWAYS be forced down the throat of every user regardless of the sub Reddit. The top post will always be what you are SUPPOSED to think.

The Pareto principle must be protected at all costs because the society we have today wouldn’t be able to exist if everyone were an individualist and not a mere brainless zombie. It would crumble over night if everyone suddenly became free thinking and there is nothing the elite would be able to do about it.

They can only control your mind so much through 20+ years of public school education and college but now with these types of social media’s like Reddit they’ve gotten people to self-control themselves adhering to every globalist plan. Get your coronavirus vaccines, abort your babies, obey the government seems to be the main idea.

Government Education System Lies And Propaganda Obey

Every atheist using Reddit as their Bible as they bump along to societies musical beat. They can’t even read this paragraph without calling me an anti-vaxxing flat earth sovereign citizen tin foil conspiracy theorist. They’ve been programmed to do so and have society’s approval to back them up so obviously it must be true right?

As creativity, self expression, and individualism are destroyed these brain dead morons sit by an clap to their conformity wearing it like a badge on their government approved T shirt. As their social justice warrior cape blows in the wind they imagine themselves as a super hero in some cheesy ass comic book.

Sacrificing their own opinions, thoughts, and creativity for the mere chance at getting some internet points they bow down to every mainstream idea. They aren’t allowed to be original as it would destroy their self perceived illusion of narcissistic perfection. As they call me names and laugh I can’t help but feel bad as I try to have a conversation with an empty shell.

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