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Real people find them selves in real situations and sometimes that includes having a hard time finding work, providing food and shelter, and other basic needs every human needs. There are ways however that can provide those basic needs based upon knowledge and hobbies you’ve acquired along the way. For instance, raising chickens might look fun or silly depending on your view point, but at the end of the day I have free breakfast every day and have very little if any cost involved in raising the chickens them selves based on my acquired knowledge of raising them.

Not every hobby will show direct results like a chicken laying an egg but there are always ways of monetizing your hobbies whether that be the free egg or YouTube videos of your ant keeping setup. When I stumbled on this guys YouTube channel I was blown away by his passion alone for the hobby of having pet ants. It was a lot of fun to watch, and although his narration is usually directed at children, I found myself having fun along the way as well.

I’m not an ant keeper but I always enjoy watching ants accomplish crazy tasks and they pretty much live with you in the jungle. His knowledge brought a new angle to my stoner gazing and often times I found myself applying knowledge I learned from him, in my analysis of a little ant colony.

His passion for ants got me off on a tangent and that is the power of someone that is excited about their hobby, no matter what it is. He is another great example of someone that turned his hobby into a business and YouTube channel having an online store for ant keeping equipment.

Raising Free-Range Rabbits The Easy Way!
Raising Free-Range Rabbits the EASY Way!

It doesn’t have to be full time but if anything ever happened to his main stream of income it would be a bit easier to transition it into a full blown business saving himself from disaster. This is one example of the non-traditional hobby and turning it into something lucrative and informational for other people.

Personally, when I started learning about different ways of growing, building, and doing things in general, it wasn’t because I really needed to or was looking for money. It was about adding to my collection of knowledge, know how, and do it your self that can be applied to any facet of life. My hobbies were not just hobbies but building blocks to my business and adventure.

The hobby of computers was turned into a way to work in an internet cafe giving me the ability to live in a very unique location, especially for a gringo, for a limited time. It was an experience I will never forget and something I learned a great deal about myself and my coming adventures. This scenario most likely would have only played out if my hobby of computers wasn’t used as something more.

Government Hates Free Food

It doesn’t always have to be direct money or compensation for what you are doing or teaching and that’s where the passion comes in. For these people it doesn’t matter if they are getting paid or not; this is the hobby they love to do. They enjoy teaching others about it and getting people hooked on similar interests.

It’s fun and I know personally I had a blast helping others figure out chicken coops or selecting animals to raise. Bouncing ideas back and forth with other passionate people is how you learn and test new things. This is what actually gives them the ability to turn it into a legitimate business.

This is where it all gets tied together. Having a vast number of hobbies is not only beneficial for the mind and growth, but can also be a life safer in a grid down, job loss, got injured, situation. You may hurt your back at work and can’t make any money but those chickens are still out there pecking away and making you eggs.

Those rabbits are still eating grass getting chunky for the freezer. Creating an environment from your hobbies in which you can succeed even in the worst situations or for the simple fact you enjoy real eggs verse store ones. Being passionate now a days is something looked at as taboo or evil by society, passion being the twin of individualism, which is why they try to make so many of them illegal.

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