People That Correct You’re Grammar

Whenever you find someone correcting the grammar of others, rest assured they are the ultimate goblin. They have nothing real to say, nor do they have any idea about the subject at hand, but they feel the need to inject they’re narcissism into the conversation by correcting a typo or a dyslexic mistake typing in their instead of there or they’re. Or perhaps you added a h when you simply meant were. Most intelligent people can figure out what you where trying to say and understand no one is perfect. However, these low level troll narcissists think they’re grammar correction gives them a place of moral superiority.

Of course dude, let me retype my entire message on a cell phone because I misclicked auto correct and it changed the word from thier to they’re because I have big hands and a small phone. Let me retype this entire conversation because I made a misclick just to appease the grammar goblin. Let me spend even more time on social media spell checking and re-wording a post to appease the masses. You’re so smart because you used the proper their in a social media post when the browser has spell check built in, you’are like the narcissistic gremlin goblin of perfect grammar and speaking to the world. You should be a professor on grammar policing and run seminars at the local community college.

These people pretend that just because you typed in the wrong word that literally sounds the same and has similar meaning, completely negates everything you’ve said. Miss a comma in a 25 page fact based study? That missing comma now negates the entire report and all studies in the eyes of the grammar goblin. Usually these types have no real cognitive function or ability to critically think outside there media created opinion so they have to find a way to emotionally remove what you’ve said making you into the “idiot” that can’t use ingles grammar properly.

It’s as if their narcissistic bubble doesn’t expand outside they’re view, they can’t fathom the idea people in other parts of the world don’t speak there (last one) babylon english language. That these people attempting to speak english to communicate their ideas don’t spend 20 years in government schools having grammar policies pounded into their skulls. When you really think about it grammar goblins display their lack of intelligence every time they correct grammar rather than addressing the statement or concern by the other person. A type of manipulation to puff up their head as they take the moral high ground beating you with a club.

Government Education System Lies And Propaganda Obey

Similar to the movie Gremlins, once these fiends find a spelling mistake they turn into a monster. They will devour and kill any statement, idea, and anyone in their path all in the name of proper grammar. Do thou art realize that the english language itself has many variations? That thou may spell a word in many ways and still be considered proper english, when the same grammar goblin is using abbreviations like LOL and LMAO they sit around correcting others not even understanding the basis of the english language on any level.

Most grammar goblins would scoff as they hither, wondering why the weir is overflowing, hoping to find a withy to replace the lost stick. They’d jump on their trumpets of grammar forswear, as their face wizened they’d hold up their trumpery, wondering why their brodor doesn’t even associate. They’d look to the left, then the riht, wondering why their grammar focus has become the norm, pushing away any intelligent conversation as they ride away on their high horse.

The motive for these goblins remains the same, their ego and pride can’t handle the truth that was revealed so the only option is to fight dirty. Finding any and all mistakes in the relayed information so the messenger feels stupid when in reality they hold the heavy weight belt. These grammar goblins have nothing of value to offer though, and don’t forget that.

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