The Fairy Tale of Evolution

It seems like no matter what genre or niche you jump into most people base their entire world view and life off of evolution. They have no problem finding error in everything else taught in public schools and universities but it seems a large majority hold to evolution as if it were their bible to life. Their world view and personality is literally altered and changed by believing in evolution. Their thought process, actions, and life all dictated by this theory.

I was a sucker too once, sitting in college, listening to some lady talk about how horses evolved to eat meat, lose ribs, gain ribs, get taller, then shorter, all kinds of non-sense. She passed around a horse skull and somehow that brought validity to what she was saying. All of this was backed up in the text book.

I was graded on my ability to memorize and repeat for an exam. When asked basic questions they had no real answer. They had no truth to what they were saying and everything in my body was telling me this. My gut wasn’t fooled but I had no choice but to memorize, repeat, and carry on. Quite literally, you can not graduate unless you believe evolution; especially in veterinarian care or other related subjects.

A few years later I over heard an atheist and a creationist debating while playing Battlefield 3. They were buddies in my clan and both smart guys and solid gamers. After listening to the entire thing I found myself thinking the atheist was a religious idiot. It was much easier to agree with the creationist based on logic and evidence. The problem was however both sides were simply repeating what they had been told.

They had no ability to critically think or question either narrative. Both were sold thinking they had the truth but obviously that couldn’t be the case. This is when I started using my own brain, and rather than trying to do the impossible, disprove God, I thought I’d try evolution first.

Evolution Is A Joke

After poking holes in literally every aspect of evolution and reading through the history of it’s conception it was quite clear what the agenda was behind evolution and how successful it was at controlling their opposition.

Here are 7 Reasons the Religion of Evolution is Ridiculously Silly:

1) I come from German descent. My ancestors are German. Their ancestors are German. For a long time they lived in cold weather. A very long time. Why would they lose their fur coat only to need a corporation to create coats for them? Why would I de-evolve away my beautiful chimpanzee fur coat only to have to work ten hours and buy one from Colombia? It makes absolutely no sense that through evolution I would lose beneficial assets.

2) I can’t think of the number of times a tail would have been useful. From putting up rafters in a new garage or the roofing itself, I would have felt far safer hanging by one foot trying to pound in a nail if my tail was secured to the ledge. When I couldn’t quite reach down to get something on the engine, or when I slipped and fell on ice trying to scrape my windows off.

How many uses for the tail could be quite life saving and convenient. How many reasons to have a tail? There is literally not one reason I would ever want to lose my tail. It carries nothing but benefits in every aspect. Even self defense or carrying groceries, it literally makes no sense why I would de-evolve my tail. That’s silly.

3) Ever since the dawn of time we as humans have required eye sight for survival. Without this, survival would be near impossible without support. Why would millions of people have terrible eye sight and only growing worse? Why would millions need little pieces of glass in front of their eyes just to see the sign across the street? Why would we all de-evolve something so precious as the ability to see. It’s required for the very survival of our being. Why would we get rid of it? Why would we need glasses? Why de-evolve just to have to pay an eye doctor for an exam, followed by a corporation for some little gadget.

4) Diversity itself is proof evolution doesn’t exist and never has. There are several biomes on the planet that remain constant, to a degree. Darwin’s very premise that multiple colored birds proves evolution actually disproves it. If evolution were in fact true, each one of these biomes would have no diversity. There would most likely be a single plant, single organism, and that’s it.

One of each type would evolve to be the best, kill off everything else, and leave no diversity at all. There would be no symbiotic relationships in nature. Nothing. It’s silly to think the biome of Africa would have diversity of any kind of evolution were true. It would be bland with one type of grass, one type of grass eater, one type of hunter, and nothing more. There is no reason evolution would evolve into diversity. Actually the opposite.

5) Survival of the fittest is a delusion. Many times in reality this is very obvious, that survival of the fittest is not real. When a whale swallows a school of plankton which one is the fittest? When your job tells you to work on nuclear waste and you die three years later because of health problems was it survival of the fittest?

When bombs blew up the world trade centers, was it survival of the fittest for those that were not in the building? On every level, survival of the fittest is a delusional motto for the narcissist. The one that thinks more of them self when in reality they are left quite stupid and delusional. What better place to have your enemy.

6) Fraud and scams throughout the entire history of evolution. When I finally did research on horse evolution it was actually proven fraud over 75 years ago. They literally proved that they glued and manipulated several different animals jaws together to create the meat eating horse. Another fraud that was proven was the Piltdown Man, another, whale hoax, it goes on and on and on.

There are hundreds of others just like this, that claim to be fact but really nothing but a magic trick. The saddest part is these scams are still taught as fact in colleges. It was a fact in my college course in Arizona that horses used to eat meat, and they had a different numbers of ribs, and blah blah blah. College facts proven to be scams, yet I was still paying money for this information and required to memorize and repeat it!

7) It’s taught along every other liberal and feminist agenda. It would be crazy to think that out of all the lies they teach in public school and college that evolution would be the one truth. It goes against common sense to think a snake is going to give you super powers upon bite, reality is, it’s poison and you need an emergency dose of truth. Evolution itself has an extreme toll on the conscious, agenda, and world view of everyone that believes. It’s not a coincidence feminists and atheists march together on many occasions and are the first to celebrate censorship of anything Bible.

Atheists And Religious Are The Same

Funny enough, both agendas flip the Bible to it’s polar opposite. Something the Bible actually claimed years before the agenda itself was presented. It closely resembles that of the eugenics agenda. When I closely examine evolution itself as a religion rather than fact, you start to unravel the truth behind eugenics, project paperclip, and the truth behind planned parenthood itself. You start start to see how this is all intertwined with feminism and flipping reality on it’s head. The agenda of evolution isn’t something new in history, rather just a new title for the atheos, the pagans; a controlled opposition of the catholic church.

When I started my own journey researching these topics I soon learned who was really behind this agenda. How it benefited them and how they could easily control their opposition in plain sight. The Vatican realized not everyone would believe their lies, and they knew no one would read their bible, so what better way to control those that pose a threat?

But by making them allies in the shadow while pretending to be their enemy in the light. It created an entire social class of people that will remain under the umbrella of religion, corporations posing as governments, and statism. Never knowing they were just a pawn for the very thing they hated. Religion is religion.

In fact, it made far more sense that there was originally two people, let’s call them Adam and Eve. They were created with perfect DNA. Through history as that DNA has been replicated, similar to burning a VHS tape or Disc over and over again, eventually it will no longer be readable. Similar to DNA, as we replicate and carry on it breaks down. Proven in science by the law of thermodynamics everything in our closed system is breaking down. This would follow suite with the Bible and the idea that our DNA is in fact breaking down.

It would also be backed up by clear evidence of our systems breaking down, including an increases in illness and disease. The fact we need glasses, routine check ups, and corporations for our survival would prove we aren’t even as smart as generations a few decades ago. You probably can’t even do math without a calculator.

Back in the day they built entire structures without a computer or measuring tape, without a blueprint or supervisor, no building permit, they just did it; and their structures are still standing today. What can you say about your woodchip, glue, and plastic house?

“Praise be to Darwin and the prophets like Dawkins, for without their preaching the world would never know the truth of evolution. Amoeba! Amoeba! Amoeba! Praise be to evolution and secular society. Amoeba! Amoeba! Amoeba!”

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