Assets of Value

In a lot of circles things like bit coin or gold are placed in a position of value. People talk about, “if there were a collapse or financial crisis it’s a good idea to have a vault filled with gold bars and crypto miner computers” but is this logically reasonable? I’m not sure what gold market is available during a financial collapse or what type of ATM is required for a crypto currency withdrawals but I’m pretty sure Rick down the street doesn’t want to trade eggs or meat for your cryptogolds. Especially when his family is hungry.

People seem to search for any opportunity to get rich or ahead in every situation but the reality is in a financial collapse food is your number one priority. It’s the number one priority of literally every single person around you. Family, friends, neighbors, foes. Everyone is hungry.

When people pretend these fiat investments will protect them from anything at all is beyond sad. Many pedal their gold websites with subscription code discounts but fail to realize you really can’t eat goldacrypto. In a crisis no one is going to want your fiat money. It has no real value.

Assets of value exclude all materialistic ideas and fabrications. Your experience in an office or trading silver coins won’t benefit you in a real financial collapse. The only people benefiting are the ones absorbing the fruits of everyone else’s labor. Ya know, those dudes that own the corporation known as the federal reserve or… government money printers. Ya know, the big boss at duh Vatican. Why else would they have their penis statues all over the worlds currency.

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Before I get off track, assets of value in a financial collapse are far deeper than currency. Investing in skills now pays off way more than hoarding the money for an event that might not happen when you think it does. You might even die a day before the apocalypse. A bicyclist falls off his bike knocking you off a bridge into a group of statists fighting over political programs and you’re dead. Then the apocalypse.

So you spend all this time and money on nothing. Instead you could have invested in assets of value like fighting skills, survival skills, or just enjoying life with some salsa lessons. Building a garden and raising your own animals sure sounds like a better investment than goldominer coins and silver vampire bolts WORTH $10 MORE BECAUSE REAL VAMPIRE BLOOD GET YOURS TODAY ON SALE NOW. (This article is a paid sponsorship by Angry Vampire Bolts. The leader in vampire bolt industries. Thank for business. – Management)

Government Hates Free Food

Are you starting to see my point? That perhaps your investing in the wrong places. That perhaps your intelligence and mental health are far better options for investment. Rather than chasing an illusion of what might be you’re better living in a reality you can at least find some joy in. As this is when your assets get value.

In the real world you offer to create and build something rather than fiat it. If a situation occurs like a financial collapse having skills and mindset to over come goes a lot further than any type of money. In a real financial collapse seeds become currency.

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