Average Day Living in Mexico

After living all around Mexico, it’s quite funny to read the headlines from the USA in Mexico. The fear mongering and media created delusions become quite obvious. Turning a small time gang shooting into a nationwide, several nationwide, full out murder bomb genocide fest. I have literally walked all over Mexico without any threat at all. Whether on the beach or in a dark alley, in general Mexico is quite peaceful.

I’m not including the mega cities in Mexico here as those are just as dangerous as any other big city but the rest of Mexico is very beautiful. With beaches, waterfalls, and crystal clear lakes all for your enjoyment. The average day living here is met with sweet bread, sweet corn, fruits, furniture, and just about anything else you could imagine delivered in the streets by bicycle.

People stopping on every corner to chat up their buddy and maybe buy a beer. I won’t get into the politics of the country because this is touching on the beauty and average day in Mexico. Men are working hard at maintaining the city, building, and repairing old mistakes.

Most have a smile on their face as they chat with their buddies enjoying some good old fashion Sol. The skies are almost always blue and the jungle always green. No one has an appointment to important for a sidewalk chat and often times I find myself being the busy body instead of everyone around me.

The breeze is often times the loudest thing you’ll hear as you look out and notice the palm trees waving in the wind. The neighborhood’s dogs collect on the corner for their morning meet and greet as the early risers look for some breakfast. Everyone you walk passed gives you a buenas diez as you make your way to the Oxxo.

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No one will argue about how tranquilo, it really is here in Mexico. They often times ask me about Trump and his wall and we all laugh as we lay back in our hammocks with some Jose Cuervo. This was reconfirmed by meeting many on the same trip as me, in a disagreement with what the American Dream was supposed to be.

People think Mexico is a cartel shoot out but the reality is, it’s quite peaceful. I walk around at any time of the night and feel safer than same sized cities in the USA. Not that I felt scared there but I certainly feel more at ease here, minus the random dog that gives chase; but standing your ground and they always just run away.

All in all your day on the Peninsula will most likely be enjoyable, compared to the strict and authoritarian neighbor. So come out to Mexico and hop on your dirt bike, cruise out to the local cenote, and see how dangerous it really is.

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