First Ladyboys of the United States of Freemasons #Transvestigation

It’s always funny, and a bit sad, when statist’s Constitution thump their perceived rights while at the same time the government continues to pass laws proving complete ownership of their citizens. Most of them don’t even know the definition of citizen let alone the history of the Freemason founding fathers and their tranny wives. Cit·i·zen – a legally recognized subject. Sub·ject – a person under the authority or control of another. These people never question why a random group of men (Founding Fathers) would have power and authority to give another random group of men (Congress) power and authority to make laws and tax a free people.

George Washington Freemason George Washington Freemason George Washington Freemason

When you go back in time and read the journals from the actual men in the militias, many were totally against the Founding Fathers and their move to control and manipulate the masses under the ruse of the Constitution. Why would they need a document when they had been free for the last 150 years, let alone a document that gave a ridiculous amount of power to some random dudes. The reality is these British statesmen (Freemason Founding Fathers) were in fact sent by the Vatican to take ownership of the new world. With states like MARYland and VIRGINia it’s quite obvious the Jesuits had their fingers in the foundation of the United States from the very beginning.

Androgyne Religion

The reality is they have a religion far deeper than you might have imagined. The proof is quite evident when you take the time to look at it and the truth is these 32 Degree Freemasons (Presidents) all had tranny androgyne wives. Did you really think the left vs right political paradigm was going to save you? Or perhaps it’s just another clever ruse to keep you distracted from the truth. If voting really mattered they wouldn’t even let you do it.. and for fuck’s sake have you never seen the manly ass wives of Donald Trump or Michelle Obama’s balls bouncing around on the Ellen Degenerate Show? Wake up already!

Michelle Obama Has a Big Man Balls
Michelle Obama Dances With Ellen and shows her stuff - seriously!

First Ladyboys Of The Freemason States


Androgyne Religion of the World’s Elite Politicians and Celebrities


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