Generation Y 1989

We’re the ones that spawned from the narcissistic baby boomers. The first generation to hit reality while at the same time being the first paramedic on scene. We’re either suicided, drugged out, barely holding on to sanity, or faking it inside the system. We’ve watched everything great, turn into a steaming pile of horse shit. Our childhood could have been amazing if it wasn’t for the shadow hiding behind every thought.

As we grew up we watched people change, society change, social media, internet, faster and faster it went. From beeps and blips of dial-up to modem glitching in Halo 2 multiplayer on the Xbox 360. Never given a choice or solution to the torment we denied beneath. Watching atrocities unfold on the television as they control every aspect of thought. Trying to save the world you just fell for another 9/11 psyop.

We’re the generation no one talks about, black sheep of the family no one gives a fuck about. Speak some truth and even your family beats you down with a hockey stick. We were on OG Myspace trolling the streets before WiFi became a reason for you to cry when the power goes out. The war on consciousness you’ve never thought about, biting down on your retainer of propaganda cool aide and head gear never questioning your reality ya left in the freezer like an icey pop.

Boomers, zoomers, and normies on rotation as the gen y’s take the invasion of internet hate. Thinking for ourselves and questioning your modern day mindset, as your dancing on TikTok trying to get laid by some Instagram thot. Questioning reality as your barking in the comments about the left vs right paradigm. Wake up zaboomer if voting mattered they wouldn’t even let you do it. Decades of life devoted to statism as you spit bars for your presidential savior.

Generation Y is forced to sit back and watch, raising our voice only to be called crazy for the hundredth time. Beta males ruling the system as feminists cheer them on, we have no choice but to hide as the system takes your hand. Turning up PartyBoi69 so the beat can take back our mind, questioning reality as the normies collect their jabs for jobs and cheeseburger voucher collabs.

Wishing we were born in another time period to build a farm with a beautiful feminine lady, snapping back to reality so we can be solicited by empowered women for their Only Fans. The pinnacle of modern women’s success is going viral on social media and selling lewd pictures on the internet or working in an office paying taxes like a man. What a world we live in where the wheel of society is broken yet it keeps going round n’ round.

Everyone needing constant validation for throwing ping pong balls in a cup as their IQ drains out from the 5G microwaves. Running back to their bubble of narcissism so their feelings don’t get hurt. Wondering to myself where is the social contract I’m forced to abide by, meanwhile all my accounts are banned for speaking up about the agenda at hand.

Schizo Meme

It’s amazing how many people prance around this place with no real skill sets or intelligence yet have no problem running their mouth as an expert. Big titties and ass will give you a platform to speak from, as simps line up like minions, only to watch her drag ass across the carpet like a dog with worms. Pathetic cowards giving up critical thinking for a women living on easy mode.

Never forget it was Gen Y that brought you back from the dead, from a zombie larping an ideological pre-made mindset. Downloaded from Netflix or Facebook as you harp some monologue mainstream bullshit. You forgot how to think for yourself silly slave where’s your mind at?

If you can’t question your beliefs with out cognitive dissonance maybe the delusions you believe aren’t true. After spending decades in government run schools how can you even trust your instincts as you take another chemical jab from Johnson and Johnson. Blaming the neighbors you never seem to truly uncover the propaganda that’s been laid out.

People In Costumes

Food for thought…. most think the Constitution is the foundation of the USA. Those people clearly didn’t read it very well because inside that document it clearly states the foundation for the USA is taxes. A group of random people gave the right and authority to another group of random people to tax another random group of people. Why on earth would someone have random authority to tax me? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Most people don’t. They ignore YouTube clips of the IRS literally stating income taxes are voluntary. They live in a state of stupefied zombie land. The only real thing they’ve maintained from their public school education is the adherence to authority. Similar circumstances in college as well, as it’s more of a brainwashing army camp as they deprive those of sleep, funds, and surround them with alcohol and drugs.

Sounds like Vietnam when they tricked a nation into war with yet another country while using it’s soldiers as disposable pawns. Betrayed by the idea of fighting for freedom with no hope upon return. Not only that but gunning down students at Kent State University for protesting the war. Abuse by the government on all sides against even it’s own soldiers and future liberal government lovers.

Men in dresses sit on thrones as they cast judgement on those around them for silly things like fishing without a permit or traveling without permission. They might as well wear a fake wig too and really play the part; one with a bit of curls for their douche bag personality of narcissism to leech off his own local populace.

Similarly his errand boys for revenue collection wear a cute matching uniform depending on their department. They act hard and tough like their James Bond from a terrorist plot, thwarting your bombing attempt when in reality it was just a bag of weed. They march around obeying every order claiming “I’m just doing my job”.

A Case Against Statism Refuting Government
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People in costumes running around with some preconceived public education authority as if they have any right or authority to tell another human being they can’t smoke weed or carry a gun for self defense. Pretending they have some parental control over every human being they meet because the “government” told them it’s their job. At no point in history has this ever ended on a positive note. You will not find a single civilization in history that could maintain “government”. The reason is because it’s an illusion sold to the people to turn them into willing consensual slaves.

No one in their right mind would willingly give over their hard earned money for taxes, especially income taxes which go directly to war funds. This is where the cognitive dissonance comes in. Most can agree they don’t want to pay taxes but they make up some stupid excuse about paying for schools and “educating children” just like them! They’re so educated they pay a percentage of their income to the government for war!

Wow I wish I was so edumacated I could pay taxes too! I wish I was so educated I could get permission to build a home. Boy golly I wish I was super smart enough to get that piece of plastic that says I have permission to drive a commercial vehicle just for personal travel. Interesting how I’m too stupid to figure out that fishing permit form. I really wish I was educated like you in your fancy skool so I was so super smart.

Obey Government

When you really just sit back and think about it. Washington D.C. doesn’t even make sense. Washington District of Colombia. Seriously just stop and think about it. Really. It doesn’t even make sense. Not even a little. And that little district claims political and legal authority over the rest of the country. What’s even funnier is if everyone in your town turned off their mainstream media and politics they would be free.

If everyone in the entire state turned off their television, political left vs right paradigm. Turn offed their government worship and just went about their life… literally things would only get better. You would still have the do good white knight willing to protect his community, as would many good fathers. And you would still have thieves and murderers ignoring the law of the land. The fight of good vs evil doesn’t disappear with government, but certainly a large evil disappears when living without government. A freedom to build and create your own life.

The reality is with government it’s almost impossible to simply survive for the lower class. And the leading cause of death, of all time, of everything. Government is literally the leading cause of death in history, and under legal fictions, roman curia, or similar Vatican law, governments are mere corporations. Let that sink in next time you clap for your political puppet.

01010 Nagolbud vs The Pope 01010

01000010 01001111 01010100: As the world’s chaos started to unfold Nagolbud knew his time was running out. With more and more psychological operations being released every day he knew switching from zombie hunting to brainwave hacking would be the only way to free the NPCs. As they held to emotional propaganda their aura of cognitive dissonance reflected all efforts to reverse the brainwashing. With one last idea he hooked up his website to the internet, with the help of his super motorized hemp engine bot, they were ready to chop off the head of the snake. If they can find out who it is..

The Adventures Of Nagolbud And Ace - Hemp Powered Rant Room

01000010 01001111 01010100: With an international army of spies and assassins standing in the way it would be near impossible to figure out the truth. A soy boy would turn back but Nagolbud was ready with a blunt and bible in hand. From coast to coast and country to country he searched for the truth behind the chaos and evil. Confronted by those wishing it remain a secret and others trying to profit, taking out each adversary with a puff of smoke and scripture, he would extract information from them along the way. Starting to understand the history behind the curtain, the dots started connecting as the puzzle became visible.

Vatican Controls The WorldDemon Priests

01000010 01001111 01010100: Slipping onto a cargo ship Nagolbud was off for the Bay of Italy. Spending most of his time staring into the ocean’s abyss while smoking a blunt, his plan started to come together. A few days at sea and the walls of Vatican City started to appear on the horizon. Phantoms and gargoyles watching the perimeter with witches and devil dogs guarding the entrance, a sword would do no good here. The only chance he would have is to reveal them with smoke and throw some John 3:16 on em’. The guards at the gate didn’t see it coming as Nagolbud crept up and unleashed a cloud that left them dazed, only to wake up handcuffed and gagged. One by one he took out the guards until he was spotted by a large demon in the courtyard.

Pope Demon DogsPope Warlocks

01000010 01001111 01010100: The more Nagolbud smoked and read the more powerful he became. As the remaining witches and phantoms watched in horror, some started to turn and run. The final demon left standing in the courtyard, staring Nagolbud down as they both reached for their weapons. With one large puff Nagolbud lept into the air covering the demon in smoke like a fire extinguisher. Avoiding the blade as he scrolled through the bible looking for the demon’s weakness. Running out of time as the Pope was making a run for the helicopter pad, Nagolbud tried to slow him down, just as the demon’s sword cut off the tip of his blunt. With no cover he wouldn’t be able to keep dodging as he searched his pocket for the flame. Trying to light it up again he realized the demon’s weakness. John 3:3 he shouted, you must be born again! As the demon fell to his knees frozen like a statue, it’s armor began to crack.

Nagolpilled AgainNinja Demon

01000010 01001111 01010100: With no time to waste, Nagolbud took off to confront the Pope before he could escape. Sword and bible ready to go, he tucked the blunt behind his ear. The hairs on the back of his neck started to peak as he could sense the evil and chaos with every step. Chasing him into the chapel the Pope had no where else to run, as Nagolbud watched his every move, ready to battle to the death. The thunder rattled the panes of glass in the chapel as a flash of light followed the lightning striking near by. Before Nagolbud could charge the Pope opened up with something to say:

Nagolpilled Nagolbud NagolpillerEvil Pope Demon

Pope: I’m surprised you made it this far Nagolbud, but this is where your journey comes to an end. If my propaganda, psyops, and using the Jews as the patsy couldn’t fool you, the sword of the Vatican will surely end the debate.

Nagolbud: I’d never let some little pagan man in a dress beat me in a sword fight, I’m a Dei Liberi! Your ruses will soon come to an end and the entire world will know the truth about your 2000 years of evil!

Pope: Hahahaha poor Nagolbud, do you really think they will care!? As long as they have entertainment, sex, and drugs, left vs right politics, no one will bat an eye. Our following of Catholics has control over each corner of the earth with millions willing to die in the name of the Holy Pagan Father. Many more will do my bidding without even realizing I’m the one in control.

Nagolbud: Once they know who you are, what you are, where you came from, they will no longer stand by your side. There will always be more like me, willing to stand up against the evil and whoever takes your place will meet the same fate as you..

(Representation of the Proceedings)

01000010 01001111 01010100: Nagolbud heard the footsteps as he was being surrounded by hundreds of pagan men in dresses, each with their very own swords. All doors to the chapel ready to be kicked in before he could take a swing for the Pope’s head. Just as they began charging into the room a rope dropped down from the skylight in the ceiling. “Grab on Nagolbud!” shouted a man from the roof. As they ran to escape, he thanked Nagolbud for defending him against his self destruction, now they were even, and with a nod he disappeared into the night. Little did they both know, it was the start of a brotherhood that would last for centuries to come..

Ninjemon Paradigm Politics

Jewish Kippah Comes From the Pagan Zucchetto Skullcap

That little Pagan Zucchetto Skullcap which you see on the heads of Jews, Catholic religious leaders, and Muslims, was anciently called the Cap of Hermes, the Cap of Cybelle, or the Zucchetto Skullcap; and is one of the oldest Pagan symbols of their religion. The Babylonians wore them, the Egyptians wore them, the Romans wore them, the Greeks wore them, literally every Satanic Pagan cult civilization of the past, has worn them.

Pagan SkullcapPagan SkullcapPagan Skullcap
Pagan Skullcap
Jewish Kippah Comes From The Pagan Zucchetto SkullcapPagan Kkk White Supremacist Vatican Catholic Church
Pagan Skullcap
Pagan MuslimsPagan Jews

This cap was worn by high-ranking Pagan priests underneath various ceremonial headdresses such as the Mitre of Dagon or Cap of Attis which is today worn by Roman Catholic cardinals and Popes. It was also worn by Pagan penitents undergoing ritual purification pilgrimages (which is where the KKK outfit comes from) and was worn by Pagan Greek scholars, a tradition still continued in the hats worn by school, college and university graduates, though incorporating the Masonic square as well, giving the ‘mortar board’ Freemason checkboard pattern.

Freemason Graduation Hat
Freemason College

Vatican is the Same Pagan Priest Class from Rome, Babylon, and Egypt

According to Catholic propaganda, Saint Linus (year 67 – 80) was the second bishop of Rome, succeeding the first “Pope,” Saint Peter. The very first psychological operation started less than 20 years after Jesus Christ walked the earth. Who was behind it? The same Pagan priest class that had been ruling for centuries before, from Babylon to Egypt the symbols and religion remained the same, the worship of Baal, Baphomet, Moloch, Lucifer, and every Pagan devil in between. The Pagan priest class needed to do damage control after their entire system had been threatened by Jesus Christ.

Pagan Sun Rome Nazi Usa Vatican PopePagan Eagle Rome Nazi Usa Vatican Pope

Vatican Pagan Priest Class

Pagan Pinecone Vatican Egypt Priest Class

Vatican Pagan Priests

Pagan Divine Androgyne Witch Craft VaticanPagan Pope Priest Class Egypt Pinecone

Big Bang Theory Evolution Atheist Pagan VaticanAlbert Einstein Pagan Priest Class

Many have their psyops and propaganda ready to refute all these facts with some emotional cognitive dissonance, unable to question their Pagan belief system as they soak up some comfort food and watch the Netflix. Tuning into their favorite programming while articles like this only lasts a few seconds inside the brain.