Societies Ultimate Troll

Being a biblical pastor is the ultimate troll to government and society,
In a time where people have the ability to search out anything they want,
From learning to grow weed to curing cancer the internet is a library on fire,
Burning to the ground thanks to political correctness and the local news wire.

People complain about silly things as they spend their time hearting on Instagram,
As they beg for attention on Facebook based off materialistic nonsense,
As they clap for their new presidential CEO to make some political change,
They pretend their voice is being heard through memes with the IQ of a chihuahua with mange,

Its insane to think people actually put merit in a college degree or fiat currency,
As they worship them self and their money they forgot about their soul’s consistency,
Living in a world rushing them to the grave after a 85 hour work week just to pay the mortgage,
Wondering why they have nothing left but dementia in their old age,

When the Bible says the earth is flat yet the Vatican preaches a sphere theory,
Through their ownership of the Britannica Encyclopedia and your local government school books,
They control your mind and where you decide to worship,
Whether that be a false church or yourself,

Sending you off to fight in war after another false flag,
Making fun of the kids telling you about the one world government,
Using the term conspiracy theorist as a weapon to shut down critical thinking,
All along the story was already written,

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible or not,
Your beliefs are based off one book or another,
I always laugh in the face of the atheist when he speaks about the Bible,
As everything he says can be attributed to his own world view and theory of evolution,
Blinded by their own pride and predictive programming,

hard to even have a conversation about any of this,
As most peoples critical thinking has been replaced by a quip from their favorite Netflix series,
Or they heard a false “fact” on the Big Bang Theory and think they’re a scientist,
All this behavior has to be reinforced,

The key to brainwashing is repetition,
As even the worlds largest “telescope” is owned by the Vatican with the name Lucifer,
The entire world believes the most invasive government’s only “space exploration” team,
As NASA creates fake photos and their harness straps break mid float,
The world believes them as they spend another trillion on derpa robots and mind control,

Most zombies can’t comprehend as this shatters their entire world view,
Wondering whether you reading some internet article or sitting in a church pew,
The biblical pastor becomes man made societies ultimate troll.

Faith Alone Born Again Bible Believer

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