Nerdcore Rap [Cringewave] FULL ALBUM

With all the censorship happening and 95% of my accounts getting deleted it’s getting harder and harder to keep my content online. Their AI system has gotten very intelligent and fast the last couple years making it almost impossible to reach people outside of my website. It’s easy to see the agendas being played out right now watching who and what goes trending as if the elite are playing a mighty game of chess. Many unable to see past the gimmicks and sharades they throw in front of you. In the mean time, here’s some of my old music to enjoy as the world collapses.

MTV Classic
Nagolbud – Nerdcore Rap [Cringewave]

The Hubris of Mankind

Crossing Borders

Red Pill Ruse

I’m the CEO

#DoNotObey: It’s Time To Attack

Nerdcore Revolution

Embrace Your Inner Troll

Kabuto the Python Dis Record

Dropkicking Corruption: FINISH HIM!

Red Pill Romance

City Farmin’ Movement

Corona Culture Shock

Gringo in Mexico

Feminism Kills

Sleepless In Statism

Andale Andale Amigo

Taking My Dog for a Walk In Mexico

Don’t Look Up

Un Poquito Más.. Dinero, Dinero, Dinero

Counter-Strike, I’m Breaking Up With You

OK ‘Ssuka – Get Your Farm’On Before You Be Starv’On

Narcissism Is Societies Protege

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    Kabuto the Python Dis Record
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    Andale Andale Amigo
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    Nerdcore Revolution
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    Embrace Your Inner Troll
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    City Farmin’ Movement
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