Andale Andale Amigo #Nerdcore

In today’s world many try to use fabricated terms to insults me,
conspiracy theorist, crazy, nerd loco they try and sting me like a bee.

I can’t help but laugh as I stick my hand in the jar of honey,
they live a shallow life believing in the system as they chase fiat currency.

Hiding behind internet avatars as they dish out their hate,
treading water their life is meaningless as they take my bait.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

They think they know me as their sociopathy starts to foment,
when their insults slide off they fall into self torment.

What you fail to realize little homie is I bite back,
like a shark circling it’s prey your dog bark doesn’t pack.

Que onda pendejo, you can’t take out an og internet troll,
you’re nothing but a systematic stripper dancing on a poll.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

Insulting me for questioning the media made narrative,
your delusional mindset is becoming a global imperative.

Matter of fact why don’t you put on your mouth cover before speaking to me,
I don’t want to catch whatever bullshit you’ve injected yourself with.

Pretending your intelligent as you gobble up another state sponsored agenda,
trying to send your crew at me I dropped em all as I score another penta.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

Coming at me with that tuna mentality I wonder donde estan tus huevos maricon,
I’m busy creating an army of nerds for the rebellion like a modern day Genghis Khan.

You wanna to step into the ring with me you better bring your head gear,
after a few slaps to the dome you’ll running out the door in fear.

What you don’t seem to realize in this world of real lies,
denial doesn’t save you from reality it’s time to open your eyes and analyze.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

As you sit online harnessing your anger Ya mi voy por la playa con la banda,
Riding around in a sleigh of propaganda you still believe in lies like Santa.

I take a sip of my tequila with a couple of pretty latinas,
Meanwhile your dancing around on social media like ballerinas.

Let me dip into that cerviche or better yet pass another fish taco,
I keep it real even though I’ve got no flow and that’s my motto.

So if you want to insult me you better come up with a better way,
My mind is always cocked and loaded ready to slay.

Andale andale amigo it’s time to wake up.

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