Building with Natural Materials

Natural building is probably one of my favorite things to do. The idea of being able to take free supplies from nature and creating something of value from that is really the essence of freedom. Not only that but a huge slap in the face to government and banks as it completely side steps the mortgage debt slave life story. The ability to take something as basic as clay, dirt, and straw and turn it into a usable structure, or even house in many cases is absolutely mind blowing. Not only is it far cheaper when you do it yourself but the benefits give you the double barrel shotgun of awesomeness.

For example, with clay, adobe, or earthbags the temperatures maintain themselves. You have huge savings in heating and cooling verse the standard woodchip, glue, and plastic house. You spend far less money and time in repairs than you would with the standard USA home and even places like Mexico where concrete is the material of choice. The benefits of building naturally often demolish any idea of building the standard home.

The problem is however the government makes it a bitch to build naturally. Somehow a hempcrete home isn’t up to standard but a woodchip, glue, and plastic house is with toothpick support beams. Somehow hemp (turns to petrified wood) and lime (turns to limestone) is not strong enough even though it’s 10x stronger than concrete and 6x lighter. At least that’s what the government would tell you.

The reality is they don’t want you to know you could simple grow a field of hemp, cut it down, shred it, throw some lime on it, mix it, and you’d have your foundation. They don’t want you to know your hempcrete walls literally suck carbon out of the air. They don’t want you to know that you could dig a pond for the clay, build a barn or house, and use it all for free. Another option is bamboo, where literally anything is possible. From bicycles to houses bamboo can solve a lot of problems. Not only is it fast growing but far stronger than wood due to it’s hemp like fiber structure.

Building With Adobe
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All of these materials can be harvested naturally, and free if you live in the right location or grow it yourself. No need for a mortgage and perhaps the need to even work 40+ hours a week. What is the point when you can provide yourself with your own shelter and hopefully food as well. It’s the trap we’ve fallen for to live up to the standard of what they tell us. The problem however is not only is it not sustainable but it’s a far worse living condition.

Forced to pay rent or a mortgage when their are millions of untouched acres of land all over in every country. Huge chunks of land untouched outside the city where free food and building materials reside. Instead, people pay for concrete or plastic houses. Literally paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a basic house or a small chunk of land to build it on. Only to pay house insurance, interest rates, and other scams along the way. Was it really worth it?

You could have built your own house at 20-25 and you’d have the rest of your life to not pay a mortgage. You’d never pay a cent in interest. That’s no longer the world we live in as SIMPS and hoes jump through hoops to uphold a system that literally turns them into consensual slaves as they sent out their latest mortgage payment. What a joke society really is when you remove the illusion of the delusion.

Living a retarded lie all for the status or showmanship there of. Wow sweet 500k house, I built one for free and it only took me 6 months. Is it perfect? Not really. But it was my first time ever building with it and I literally had no plan. Not to mention I’m just a dumb hippy. Meanwhile you’re slaving 50 hours a week to pay off those bills and car payment. All so you can feel good as Uncle Sam has you sit on his lap. Never mind that bulge, he’s got your back.

UPDATE: After a few years building with bamboo as well, can confirm it’s just as good if not better. So much fun to build with.