Nagolbud Sigma Stoic Troll Merch and Gear

Browse the freedom fighter store for slave outfits for your battle against the system. I don’t get much for these, I just think it’s funny to imagine people using this gear among normies in “society”.

RedBubble also has an affiliate program where you can make commission selling products; sign up here and just make a link. If you need any help setting it up or making some advertisements just send me an e-mail.

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Some Old Advertisements

Some old videos from back in the day using some random marketing to get my website out there trying to bypass the censorship. They’ve recently slashed away 99% of my social media which in return essentially killed a lot website traffic. Google has become very biased when it comes to serving it’s listings and at this point most of my views come from 3rd party sharing or privacy minded search engines like DuckDuckGo.

Some Old Advertisements

Cute Librarian Learning English by Reading “The Adventures of Nagolbud”

“Farmers are the Backbone of Society and We Need Real Fresh Food” – Smart Guy from India

HI NAGOLBUD! You Are Such a Awesome Guy! You Are My Best Friend!

My Cringecore Hip Hop Music Went Viral on Tik Tok [Everyone Dancin’]

So I Found This Website… [Nagolbud Fan Art]

Smoke and Dance with Nagolbud [Meme Game]