Jewish Kippah Comes From the Pagan Zucchetto Skullcap

That little Pagan Zucchetto Skullcap which you see on the heads of Jews, Catholic religious leaders, and Muslims, was anciently called the Cap of Hermes, the Cap of Cybelle, or the Zucchetto Skullcap; and is one of the oldest Pagan symbols of their religion. The Babylonians wore them, the Egyptians wore them, the Romans wore them, the Greeks wore them, literally every Satanic Pagan cult civilization of the past, has worn them.

Pagan SkullcapPagan SkullcapPagan Skullcap
Pagan Skullcap
Jewish Kippah Comes From The Pagan Zucchetto SkullcapPagan Kkk White Supremacist Vatican Catholic Church
Pagan Skullcap
Pagan MuslimsPagan Jews

This cap was worn by high-ranking Pagan priests underneath various ceremonial headdresses such as the Mitre of Dagon or Cap of Attis which is today worn by Roman Catholic cardinals and Popes. It was also worn by Pagan penitents undergoing ritual purification pilgrimages (which is where the KKK outfit comes from) and was worn by Pagan Greek scholars, a tradition still continued in the hats worn by school, college and university graduates, though incorporating the Masonic square as well, giving the ‘mortar board’ Freemason checkboard pattern.

Freemason Graduation Hat
Freemason College

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