Vatican is the Same Pagan Priest Class from Rome, Babylon, and Egypt

According to Catholic propaganda, Saint Linus (year 67 – 80) was the second bishop of Rome, succeeding the first “Pope,” Saint Peter. The very first psychological operation started less than 20 years after Jesus Christ walked the earth. Who was behind it? The same Pagan priest class that had been ruling for centuries before, from Babylon to Egypt the symbols and religion remained the same, the worship of Baal, Baphomet, Moloch, Lucifer, and every Pagan devil in between. The Pagan priest class needed to do damage control after their entire system had been threatened by Jesus Christ.

Pagan Sun Rome Nazi Usa Vatican PopePagan Eagle Rome Nazi Usa Vatican Pope

Vatican Pagan Priest Class

Pagan Pinecone Vatican Egypt Priest Class

Vatican Pagan Priests

Pagan Divine Androgyne Witch Craft VaticanPagan Pope Priest Class Egypt Pinecone

Big Bang Theory Evolution Atheist Pagan VaticanAlbert Einstein Pagan Priest Class

Many have their psyops and propaganda ready to refute all these facts with some emotional cognitive dissonance, unable to question their Pagan belief system as they soak up some comfort food and watch the Netflix. Tuning into their favorite programming while articles like this only lasts a few seconds inside the brain.

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