Learning How to Grow After Red Pill Rage

Getting hit with a sledgehammer hurts. Just dropping one on your toe can be painful. Now imagine having 5 large men come into your home and hit everything in your house with a sledgehammer and boomeranging them at your head before they leave. This is about the equivalent to waking up. Taking the red pill will change your life forever. The moment your delusions come crashing down and reality hits you can be devastating. It can also be extremely liberating. It’s hard to describe this exact feeling. As if you’ve been wearing blinders your entire life and someone rips them off and your left seeing everything you had been ignoring for so long.

Most of the people reading this article will know this feeling. They will know the anger, the frustration, the anxiety, the emotional roller coaster of seeing our reality. All of these feelings are justified. Being angry at corruption and evil is righteous. Getting angry about liars, manipulators, and game players is nothing short of reasonable. It becomes a problem when you get stuck on these emotions though. When you get hung up on these realities.

When you dwell on these things it simply eats you up from the inside out. Slowly you become more and more angry taking out frustrations on innocent people. Understanding how and when to step back and look at yourself is key to growing as a human being. Changing your behavior or reading a self help book won’t work. The reality is you need to understand why you do something in order to stop doing it and grow. You wanting to quit smoking will be extremely difficult if you don’t understand the reasons that cause you to want a cigarette.

I wish I could give you a list of things to do to grow. With plants it’s easy. I simply have to water them and give them some rabbit poop / fertilizer and put them in the sun. Simple. Effective. Humans however, it’s not that easy. Wanting to grow comes with the reality of taking responsibility for your actions, reflecting on yourself and how you treat people, and analyzing your goals.

It comes from looking at your past, present, and future while being able to confront yourself and search out truths that may or may not contradict your entire reality. If you can’t question what you believe without getting emotional perhaps there’s a reason for that. Perhaps there’s a reason you get emotional before questioning your belief system. Perhaps there’s a reason you feel hot, angry, and tempered over certain topics of politics, religion, or Jesus Christ. Have you ever asked yourself WHY?

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Looking at yourself in the mirror is not an easy thing to do. To question your motives for why you help someone or why you were willing to do something for them. Was it for your own gain? Was it simply to help them? Was it to get one over on them so they owe you a favor? See, most people will help others in a hard spot, but most people aren’t doing it simply to help. Most people have an agenda. I’ve noticed this in myself as well.

I often say there are no good people in this world, and the best of the bunch simply have good intentions. Example: If I pull over to help someone change a tire it might be because I simply want to help. When I notice that she’s a beautiful, curvy, foreign real estate agent my motives my sway from helping to getting a phone number. What started as me wanting to help ended in me going after some tail. We have good intentions but our human nature gets in the way.

Another thing you will learn about yourself when you look in the mirror is that you are not much different from the people you dislike. It’s often your own qualities that you find yourself hating in other people. When you take the time to self reflect it humbles you. It brings you back to the reality that you aren’t much different than the blue piller. They are simply one truth behind you. You’ve paid the same illegal taxes, you’ve supported the same corrupt military industrial complex, you’ve voted the same slave masters, you both clap when a grown man throws a rubber sphere into a basket. We are all guilty of these things. The thing to remember though is even a plant can’t grow in the dark.

Seeing things as they are and reflecting on yourself creates a peace and joy in your life. You don’t get as angry about others faults or mistakes. Just like a plant, we need food; we need truth and red pills. We also need sunshine. Hiding who we are or what we are stops growth. Analyze yourself in full light and see how much faster you will grow. You can’t self reflect when you’re hiding your worst traits. Most people get stuck in their emotional red pill rage because they expect the world to change. They expect things around them to change because they woke up.

The reality is that it’s not going to. That it will only get worse and being angry about it only hurts you. It only stops YOU from growing. The hot girl next door riding the cock carousel getting a free dinner every night doesn’t care that you woke up. She doesn’t care about red pills. Neither does the Vatican or their fake jew bankers. Like a freight train slowing down for a kitten on the tracks, it’s not going to happen. Accepting this gives you peace and the desire to want to grow yourself.