Individualism is the Fertilizer

It’s easy for men to get stuck inside the gerbil ball of the red pill loop. Seeing video after video of women acting like narcissists while abusing men can leave your mind tainted with hate. Another politician pocketing your taxes as they destroy the homeland’s heartbeat. As the truth movement slides into sociopathy they parrot emotional psychological operations with a voice that carries no weight. One thing I never understood about MGTOW is how they bash women constantly while claiming to go their own way, some strange beta male obsession with trying to change modern day female nature.

I’ll admit, when I first starting realizing that many modern women are quite cruel and heartless it made me angry. Understanding each relationship and pain suffered because of the trust placed in a women that took advantage of me. Watching society turn politicians into heroes as they robbed them behind the scenes. Young men being sent off to war to fight for the collection of some corporation’s resources and profit.

The same feelings of anger and disdain spread over all aspects of red pill rage. The truth is though, it was a part of me becoming a man. I was wasting way to much time chasing women (even if I got them). Worrying about relationships and if she was cheating, all for my fears to come true. Thinking I could wake up the world to the reality of satanic pedophile elite as they cling to their pride. It was all a waste of time as the world sees what it wants too, hiding behind labels of self defeat.

But what if I had been putting all that time into growing my business or building real networks that would benefit me and my community for years to come. What if I spent all that time practicing a new hobby and becoming an expert at it. What if I stepped outside of society and operated on my own terms to build myself as an individualist, free to think however I please.

That’s where growth and discipline come into play. By making those mistakes and learning from them I was able to find out what was truly important in my life and start focusing on it. To step away from the emotional control arms of the matrix’s spiders and find out who I really was.

The rage and imitation inside the red pill community is what keeps it from growing. When you try and copy another man or put him on a pedestal you’re simply replacing your need for validation from a women onto a man. Or turning a politician into a god as you clap away to the consent of your own community being enslaved.

Militarized police patting you on the shoulder saying ‘good boy’. Spending thousands on MGTOW alpha man’s courses and guru eBooks never taking growth into your own hands. Never picking up a book yourself and reading, a new hobby or daily discipline. The reality is men need to take this emotional rage and turn it into logical direction. Regardless of who’s flinging shit you need to be able to hold up the shield.

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No one is going to be able to tell you exactly what you need to hear to motivate you, only you know where that motivation can come from based on your own stories. If you reject Jesus Christ there certainly ain’t anyone else coming to save you. Yet, imagine rejecting Jesus Christ while embracing the words of a shill, politician, or social media influencer.

It could be as easy as buying some nails, wood, and a saw; to build a new dresser or table in your house. Maybe even a chicken coop as you become more self reliant while food prices skyrocket. Maybe pick up a guitar and play a song for your flock of egg laying hens. Why waste another day trying to copy an internet junkie when you could just be yourself.

When you’re surrounded with other bitter angry men you’ll find your emotions mimicking them. Brain fog surrounding your thoughts as you remain stuck in the mud. Repeating the same propaganda for 80 years without realizing it’s a ruse. All part of their agenda to divide and conquer in some hegelian style.

Mainstream Popular Culture Defined

You might go to the gym and work your 9-5, but mental growth goes unchecked. Never writing a poem or sketching out your dream house. Wasting your nights watching some lame ass pagan Baphomet entertainment. When you let go of the rage you start to see millions of options open up without anything more than your attempt at change; anger and rage being a part of their plan.

The truth is modern women and politicians are not your problem. Why take responsibility for their actions when you have so many possibilities for fulfillment in this short life. Why cry in social media comments about the Jews when you can’t even take care of yourself as you slam down another McDonalds milkshake. Just another Super Bowl with a tranny half time show as you guzzle down a few more Chex Mix and Bud Lights.

That’s one thing many men forget when it comes to the “red pill community” as they strap on the label of this weeks coolaid. Individualism is the most important brick in the foundation of a man’s logical DNA. Labels like MGTOW and red pill are just gatekeepers hiding the key. The JeWs DiD iT rhetoric used to control your mind like hypnosis as you repeat the words of the Pagan priest class clergy.

Getting irrationally emotional over left vs right political rhetoric as their psychological operations fly over head, stuck in the red pill anger cycle of self injected delusions. Most can’t even provide food and water from the land as they cry about politicians larping on CNN. What good is a militia when none of them can live off grid.

The revolutionaries will be searching dumpsters for food as the satanic priest class tighten their grip on societies lively hood. Can’t even sew clothes as the rebels freeze to death eating grasshopper hotpockets trying to take the Capital. What good is a revolution when our keyword commandos outnumber the self sufficient men..

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Learning How to Grow After Red Pill Rage

Getting hit with a sledgehammer hurts. Just dropping one on your toe can be painful. Now imagine having 5 large men come into your home and hit everything in your house with a sledgehammer and boomeranging them at your head before they leave. This is about the equivalent to waking up. Taking the red pill will change your life forever. The moment your delusions come crashing down and reality hits you can be devastating. It can also be extremely liberating. It’s hard to describe this exact feeling. As if you’ve been wearing blinders your entire life and someone rips them off and your left seeing everything you had been ignoring for so long.

Most of the people reading this article will know this feeling. They will know the anger, the frustration, the anxiety, the emotional roller coaster of seeing our reality. All of these feelings are justified. Being angry at corruption and evil is righteous. Getting angry about liars, manipulators, and game players is nothing short of reasonable. It becomes a problem when you get stuck on these emotions though. When you get hung up on these realities.

When you dwell on these things it simply eats you up from the inside out. Slowly you become more and more angry taking out frustrations on innocent people. Understanding how and when to step back and look at yourself is key to growing as a human being. Changing your behavior or reading a self help book won’t work. The reality is you need to understand why you do something in order to stop doing it and grow. You wanting to quit smoking will be extremely difficult if you don’t understand the reasons that cause you to want a cigarette.

I wish I could give you a list of things to do to grow. With plants it’s easy. I simply have to water them and give them some rabbit poop / fertilizer and put them in the sun. Simple. Effective. Humans however, it’s not that easy. Wanting to grow comes with the reality of taking responsibility for your actions, reflecting on yourself and how you treat people, and analyzing your goals.

It comes from looking at your past, present, and future while being able to confront yourself and search out truths that may or may not contradict your entire reality. If you can’t question what you believe without getting emotional perhaps there’s a reason for that. Perhaps there’s a reason you get emotional before questioning your belief system. Perhaps there’s a reason you feel hot, angry, and tempered over certain topics of politics, religion, or Jesus Christ. Have you ever asked yourself WHY?

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Looking at yourself in the mirror is not an easy thing to do. To question your motives for why you help someone or why you were willing to do something for them. Was it for your own gain? Was it simply to help them? Was it to get one over on them so they owe you a favor? See, most people will help others in a hard spot, but most people aren’t doing it simply to help. Most people have an agenda. I’ve noticed this in myself as well.

I often say there are no good people in this world, and the best of the bunch simply have good intentions. Example: If I pull over to help someone change a tire it might be because I simply want to help. When I notice that she’s a beautiful, curvy, foreign real estate agent my motives my sway from helping to getting a phone number. What started as me wanting to help ended in me going after some tail. We have good intentions but our human nature gets in the way.

Another thing you will learn about yourself when you look in the mirror is that you are not much different from the people you dislike. It’s often your own qualities that you find yourself hating in other people. When you take the time to self reflect it humbles you. It brings you back to the reality that you aren’t much different than the blue piller. They are simply one truth behind you. You’ve paid the same illegal taxes, you’ve supported the same corrupt military industrial complex, you’ve voted the same slave masters, you both clap when a grown man throws a rubber sphere into a basket. We are all guilty of these things. The thing to remember though is even a plant can’t grow in the dark.

Seeing things as they are and reflecting on yourself creates a peace and joy in your life. You don’t get as angry about others faults or mistakes. Just like a plant, we need food; we need truth and red pills. We also need sunshine. Hiding who we are or what we are stops growth. Analyze yourself in full light and see how much faster you will grow. You can’t self reflect when you’re hiding your worst traits. Most people get stuck in their emotional red pill rage because they expect the world to change. They expect things around them to change because they woke up.

The reality is that it’s not going to. That it will only get worse and being angry about it only hurts you. It only stops YOU from growing. The hot girl next door riding the cock carousel getting a free dinner every night doesn’t care that you woke up. She doesn’t care about red pills. Neither does the Vatican or their fake jew bankers. Like a freight train slowing down for a kitten on the tracks, it’s not going to happen. Accepting this gives you peace and the desire to want to grow yourself.

Red Pill Rage Porn

A lot of men try to attach their stigma’s of having to be this or that to be MGTOW. The reality is there is a huge diversity of men inside the MGTOW movement with different thoughts and personal interests. For me, the only thing that draws the line on a fake MGTOW is a man using female nature himself.

This can come in a variety of ways and the most obvious is a manipulative man that uses many female tactics to try and control other men. After watching several youtubers in the MGTOW genre I soon realized many of these “MGTOW” men were nothing but jackasses turning their viewers into money. A lot of them have been on the same red pill rage porn topics for several years. The reason they stick to this topic is because it generates more views and more money. There’s nothing wrong with getting money until you cross that line of using female nature to do so.

You see, red pill rage, when given over and over and over again creates a very disillusioned mindset for a man. These youtubers have become a sense of validation for men to remain in red pill rage. My beef comes when these men are using this mindset to generate revenue at the expense of MGTOW and MGTOW men. They have no interest in seeing other men grow or build themselves up. Their interest is the money. Many of these blue pill simps have seen successful MGTOW youtubers giving quality advice and good red pills and tried to mimic it in their blue pill way.

They simply parrot “female nature” and fuel red pill rage to the point of no return. They enter any google hang out and chat group and change the topic to women bashing and how women act. Most of these men are on their 3rd or 4th divorce or they have never been laid. Two extremes giving out advice in an area clearly they don’t have a very good understanding in. How can you give advice about female nature when you’ve only dated one women? How can you give advice about female nature if you’ve never had sex or been intimate with a women? How can you give advice about female nature when you continually get married and divorced throughout your life falling for their games?

To me, these things contradict each other. These men are not giving out real advice, merely parroting what they have heard in an attempt to collect resources. They do this on the backs of real men that HAVE dealt with many women or men that have been through hell giving real solid advice. They steal and rob these men blind while stealing their knowledge and turning it into profits for themselves. They dish out the same repetitive red pill rage videos over and over followed by begging for money on patreon or donations. Since when do MGTOW men ask for donations for warning other men of our system? That seems pretty plue bill to me. Very baptist preacher like.

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Getting back to the community of MGTOW, and the real victims of this red pill rage bullshit. I get it, most women have heads the size of a T-Rex with the same stupid little arms flailing around pretending to be equal to men with the bite that’ll leave you without legs. I get it, and everyone should have some red pill rage time. The problem becomes when that couple of weeks of red pill rage turns into years of anger.

Where does that leave YOU? Where does this red pill rage leave YOU? What do you gain from continual red pill rage? I gain nothing from bashing women. I gain absolutely nothing from continually telling you how shitty their behavior is. Where I do gain advantage though is when I toss that red pill rage aside and start putting that energy into myself and helping others. My neighbor going through a divorce knows how shitty his wife’s behavior is, what he doesn’t know is how to turn that anger into something valuable. He doesn’t know how to take it to a place of growth. Red pill rage doesn’t do anything to help a man, rather it hurts him.

Some men will take this as an attack, that I am not “true MGTOW” because I don’t bash women 24/7 talking about female nature attacking every women that shows female nature. These are your blue pill simps using projection to hide the light that’s just been shined. These men are dangerous to the MGTOW mindset in that, they use female nature, hone and improved on, in male form. They do this with one motive, MONEY. They don’t hide it.

They don’t offer any new insight for men or any ways to grow as a human being. They simply offer the same red pill rage day after day and they’ve been doing it for years! You can look through any of these youtubers top videos and it will be related to red pill rage. This is where the money is. If you look at some of the other MGTOW youtubers that talk about growth and other harder topics they have barely any subs. Yet their content is an A+ compared to the D- of the red pill rage by some narcissistic moron.

That’s really one of my biggest pet peeves with these men. They claim all this red pill rage female nature while at the same time using it themselves. Some of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever meet are the red pill rage factories on youtube and Claiming all kinds of things about female nature, which is generally true, but the moment you questions or raise a concern they attack relentlessly with shame, guilt, verbal abuse, accusations, defamation, lies, ect. These men are literally no different than a die hard feminist and why I often times say atheist MGTOW are fake MGTOW.

They are guilty of this without a doubt. Sure there are some NAAALT’s out there, (Not all atheists are like that) but for the most part its about 99% that use this extreme female nature to manipulate conversations and censor opposing views; proven time and time again. The funny thing is, most of the men on youtube and that do this type of red pill rage for money are atheists. They didn’t join MGTOW to help men, they joined for the gold rush known as red rage pills or the narcissistic supply of egg heading other men that are in a weakened mindset from a shitty divorce or relationship.

Watch out fellas, these men are the flying monkeys of the female nature witches. These are their children. These are the atheistic children of the extreme female nature mothers that adopted the state as their parents from a early age and why they believe so hard that evolution is a fact. Their parents have been telling them it for the last 18 years in public school. Mix that with a terrible single mother and you get an atheist MGTOW dishing out hate and red pills against anything that contradicts their delusion out for only himself, willing to discard any man for the chance at some profits. THE GOLD RUSH IS HERE!