Red Pill Ruse

Gonna get a lot of hate for this one no doubt,
but I think it’s time someone called out these manginas chasin’ clout.

Ya hidin’ behind rhetoric and labels riding some red pill cliche,
gave up women now you’re gettin’ pimped by some dude on YouTube callin’em bay.

Got ya in the kitchen wearin’ an apron cooking his favorite fettuccine,
subscribed on patreon, paypal, and only fans, check’in out pics of his Lamborghini.

Ya think’in ya free as your focus becomes soley on money,
donating half your paycheck to MGTOW man as his lifetime alimony.

Don’t worry though it’s cute watchin’ him tickle your ears,
no critical thinking left you’ll be dancin’ in his web for years.

Gave up ya boat to some internet dude as ya salute callin’ em skipper,
brain becomes hypergamous as you jump to another male stripper.

Suck’in down red pills over dosing on masculine calamity,
part of the manosphere lookin’ like the butler from the Adam’s Family.

Ya online barking in the comments like a dog wearin’ a collar,
good boy Rufus, stay on the path promoting their dollar.

Covered in green rushin’ to wrap presents for Santa like an elf,
what ya needa know kid the first duty of a man is to think for himself.

Let’in these people clip your wings like a damn chicken,
can’t even fly anymore as your legs start to thicken.

Little boys out here actin’ funky fighting over some simp ass label,
at the pub gettin’ slapped around like a cue ball on a pool table.

Your purpose ain’t slavery whether government, women, or man,
time to free the chains and rely on your own fuckin’ wingspan.

If you really want some facts why don’t you open your Bible,
hiding on the internet pickin’ sides like it’s somethin’ tribal.

Burnin’ the book with the Pope like its the year 1202,
swallowing every word he gives ya lookin’ up covered in goo.

I’m all up in yer mind connectin’ nerves like a medieval brain surgeon.
tryna pull out the hook but ya floppin’ around like Canadian sturgeon,

That’s the difference between me and you, I don’t need a crew,
Red pill man lickin’ ya wounds for bitcoins shoulda’ been a clue.

Think’in I’m scared of some new world order political correctness,
you fail to realize I’ve been known to get quite reckless.

If you want the truth then it’s time to open up your ears,
drop societies insecurities and walk away from the fears.

Waitin’ around for some dude on the internet to spoon feed you,
forgot it was the 1st of the month and your Patreon subscription is due.

Like that chick from a few months ago they after your gold,
just look in the search results an you’ll see the story unfold.

Browsin’ Tik Tok for clips to steal for their compilation,
sellin’ anime hoodies and mobile games in their description,
don’t care who you are as long as they get ya donation.

Got ya dressed up cleaning the house lookin’ like a french maid,
wake up son they got you mesmerized with the red pill cool aide.

These clowns never mention female nature is just the tip of the iceberg,
thanking their subscribers as they load up their brand new Mossburg.

Hold on we got a sponsor gonna take a shot at that bank account,
~ thanks viewer 334 your donation is quite paramount. ~

Dropp’in a little validation to keep ya on the hook,
clappin’ yer hands and smiling as ya pull’in out the checkbook.

A clever magician on stage as your funds disappear,
deaf to the ruse as they swap ya out with an artificial ear.

Needing constant affirmation to the cults basic motto’s,
requiring more attention than my field of tomatoes.

Following as you’ve been trained like the perfect repeater,
only skill ya got running ya mouth on twitter as a tweeter.

This is for all you fakes and frauds takin’ advantage of men,
for all the men following this bullshit, wake the fuck up.

Do Not Date or Marry College Women

Traveling around by foot often times gave me a unique view into the living conditions we presently call “society”. Often times contradicting the narrative given by authority and main stream media, it was a real eye opener to the lies society pushes. As many other countries are now adopting the “go to college to be successful” rhetoric on every level, they sell the “American Dream” to everyone they encounter. It’s easy to see the liberal propaganda and brainwashing on every level, the statism and government worship, the denial of common sense and creative thinking.

The reality of this education system didn’t really hit me until I entered Mexico. Colleges are still relatively a new thing for the “common people” to attend. Only around for a couple generations it became easy to see the clear and distinctive difference between college educated and the regular locals. College educated men in Mexico often wore tight trendy pants cutting off circulation to their balls acting like effeminate liberal cucks on every level. Having some even call me a “misogynist” for not believing in the fairy tale of feminism.

The women however, were given a whole new outlook on life. These women would travel from all over Mexico to attend university. They would leave their families, come live by themselves, and do whatever they want. Compared to the traditional Mexican family where girls stayed with the family until they got married and started their own family. This created a hard working intelligent women that was prepared for marriage and a relationship. (Not always). Often times these women can be seen working hard to keep the house hold in shape. From laundry and cooking to playing with the kids and comforting the husband after a long day of work. It was quite common to see cute Mayan ladies washing the feet of her husband after a long day. Something truly adorable about that.

On the other side you have the college girls. Who literally get sent money from their family to go do whatever they want. These same principles apply in the USA but far more common, going un-noticed. The reality is however these women show up to college and really let it fly. They don’t hold back at all. Having sex with multiple partners, partying, getting wasted, doing ridiculously nasty things over and over again. They have hundreds of horny dudes trying to get in their pants at school creating an ego even Hercules couldn’t fight. In comparison, most of the college girls I saw were monkey branching from one dude to the next as they moved up the ladder trying to find the “perfect mate”.

These girls were always controlling, manipulative, and delusional. I experienced both first hand many times and every time the “educated” women was far more slutty, stupid; having no real skills at all. I remember having to teach a “educated” girl how to cook eggs! Another one didn’t know how to cook anything and gained over 20-30lbs while at university for less than a year. Simply because she would go out for greasy food every time, rather than cooking herself. These same women always maintained a mentality of superiority that they were smarter. That they were far more intelligent than everyone around them. They would have 5-6 guys at a time chasing them, texting, flirting, talking, while they have a boyfriend!

When I had a dating app a while back it was funny seeing all the women on there that said “Just looking for friends, I have a boyfriend” but when a “rich gringo” would message them the boyfriend seemed to disappear.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t even bother dating a college women.
1) They are narcissistic and spoiled.
2) They have had multiple sex partners.
3) They think of themselves as better than you.
4) They don’t know how to cook or take care of a family.
5) They don’t have any real skills.
6) They have several delusions.
7) By the time they are out of college their eggs are dried up or over fertilized.
8) Their career and job comes first.
9) They require manipulation to maintain their delusion of superiority and intelligence.
10) They are constantly looking to move up, aka monkey branch.
11) There is a 60% chance they will divorce you within 10 years.

I could probably go on for another 10 days with that list but I think you get the idea. There is literally no benefit to dating a college educated women, in fact, there are hundreds of reasons not too. Whether you are trying to build your own business or a family, or something in between, a college educated women will literally tear it down. Her own ego and pride are the root cause of destruction within her own home. Whether it be her own children, or husband, no one is off limits.

Again, there is literally no reason to date a college women. There are plenty of women out there, hard working, intelligent, with a business sense that do not do have any of these traits. For instance, there is an extremely cute girl down the street. Never went to school, never got “educated”, but she is working hard every day, she is helping to keep the family fed and sheltered, she has the ability to have a real conversation about anything, whether it be a flat earth or government. Their mind has not been taken over by the system, nor has it been turned into a self loving, self victimized, narcissistic cunt. She has real skills, for instance, the ability to start a business on a whim and be successful! I go there almost every day for mangos, eggs, and a smile.

One thing is for sure, college educated women are chains unto any free man, and even the society they represent. I have seen it first hand, over and over again. These women destroy the very foundations of family, there by society as well. All the while they suck on the cock of government to uphold these rights, yet they are equal. If men simply walked away, reality would hit them quite hard. Society would collapse over night and these women would be crying to the 911 operator about not having WiFi, food, shelter, water, electricity, refrigeration, plumbing, roads, ect.

So many of these women think their degree makes them educated, that their degree entitles them to some superior intelligence. The reality is these degrees are obtained by anyone with the ability to parrot what they are told. College is not a test of intelligence, rather a test of obedience. I guarantee I could come to your job site and after a week, do your job better than you with no degree and no training. Not because I am something special, but because your delusion is so grandiose. In fact, most college educated people I have met in my life are the dumbest, closed minded, rejects, I have ever met. They have no ability to critical think, no common sense, and no ability to question what they are told. In fact, 90% of the USA function at about 6th to 8th grade competency. This is a fact!

Women Can't Find Dates with Mr. Perfect: It's Men's Fault. Of Course It Is

How Feminism Set Men Free

A-Sexual Intelligence and the Side Effects

I never really had a word for this concept until this morning. A girl recently moved in near by and whenever I walk to the store she seems to be outside checking me out. She is extremely cute with an incredible body. Each time I’ve seen her though she is getting dropped off by some dude. This morning however she was dropped off in club dress at about 5 a.m. by Chad driving a speedster car in the neighborhood.

You see, most men that are thirsty for any type of attention or play, would ignore these signals and try and move in. However based on what I’ve seen and know about women, these signals would indicate a monkey branching modern day women. Out partying on a Thursday night in scandalous outfits being dropped off by Chad at 5 a.m. on his way to work. The way this women looks at me indicates she thinks she would have a chance but my intelligence kicks in reminding me of the realities this women is living under.

Prior to this understanding I would have seen these Chads as competition or easily out foxed and moved in anyway. It seems the more I sit back and use my logic the less sexual my mind becomes. This girl is beautiful with a bangin’ body but I have literally no interest in even talking to her. No interest in romantic conversation, nor anything more. No interest in asking her out on a date or sparking up conversation. Nothing. I know eventually I’d be the “guy dropping her off from a date” or “the guy dropping her off from the club / my house before work”.

As she monkey branches her way up failing to realize the wall is coming up. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a young horny adult has gone completely A-sexual when looking at a modern day beautiful women. It’s normal for a man to fantasize about sex and women quite often during the day but these realities have taken this mindset almost completely. I’ve had women essentially throwing them selves at me, or rather simply asking for the hot sex, and my mindset simply sees them for what they are.

The sex isn’t because they care about me or have compassion for me in any way. It’s a simple manipulation technique or a way to get what they want. It’s never something used to express passion or relieve stress. There is always a hidden agenda attached literally stealing any passion from any situation. The hotness fades away when you realize the reason they are throwing them self at you is to control your future decisions. Some may say this is paranoia, but consistently I dealt with these things on a personal level as well as seeing them everywhere in women in society.

When I first arrived in Mexico I didn’t speak any Spanish at all. My only means of communication came from watching every action, flinch, facial expression, and movement to try and decipher what they were saying. Essentially a masters degree in non verbal communication and body language. Many of the ideas I had formulated were shown to me in real time. There was no denying what was playing out before my eyes, from married women chatting me up to beautiful sluts trying to bang their way to celebrity status. Their actions and motives were transparent.

This leaves most men in a state of intellect induced A-sexual’ness. In a lot of situations this can be beneficial for a young man, to focus on more important things like establishing a trade or business. Although a state of narcissism can arise from this if you are not careful. When you are too focused on your self and your own dreams you forget about the rest of the world. You forget about other men that are going through hell, to chase your own desires.

It’s not your job to save the world, but reminding your self that others need help will keep you grounded from your A-sexual induced narcissism. It’s easy to shrug off these types of modern women but remember the statistics next time you notice a man living in discomfort. The fact is, 76% of suicides are men. 85% of homeless are men. 70% of murder victims are men. 92% of deaths in the workplace are men. 97% of war deaths are men. 14% of men get custody after divorce.

We know these modern women don’t have our backs, and are actually hellbent on destroying the ones that love them the most. It is not our job however to save them or fix them. It is not our role to turn them into a housewife. It’s not our job to protect them from their own decisions. No longer will we take responsibility for their bad life choices. Never again will we open our pocket book up to a women playing damsel in distress as she collects from the government, baby daddy, and her current toy.

Imagine how we’d look as a whole, if these intelligent men were helping each other. Imagine if these same men opened their pocket books up to other fighters and truth seekers instead of some bimbo in a slick dress. Imagine if you spent that time chasing another mans dreams to help him achieve something great instead of throwing it at a modern day women. Imagine having the ability to invest knowledge and value with these types of people. Instead we allow feminism to control our mind through the flesh of women. The only thing they have left to offer.

Men have been tricked into thinking the other is competition. When reality shows it’s far from the truth. From race, creed, and motto the media tries to divide. From the orders of the Jesuit’s Hegelian Dialectic men fight and fetter. Never questioning the reality we are fed, only to fall victim as we are led. So pack your bags, it’s time to leave the plantation and start your own adventure. Whether that is starting an ice cream parlor, traveling, or a fishing charter. The options are endless when you’ve got your mind back.

Escape (Synthwave - Retrowave - Chillwave Mix)

Modern Day Women and Feminism

I’ve been doing a bit of social experimenting on social media and dating apps and it’s really become apparent how delusional modern women have become. They can be pregnant, 200 pounds over weight, no job, living with their parents, and STILL think they deserve Channing Tatum. These women put on 20 pounds of make up, wearing special cut jeans to pull all their fat to their ass, special bra’s to hold their boobs up off the ground in a perky position, when you get all this female gear off they look like a blob out of the movie Flubber.

It would be one thing if these women were just living their lives, not being feminist, not being controlling, not be manipulative, not being psycho… but they are all of those things. Women have become so full of themselves they will attack any man at will, not just their own husband. They will attack any man that does not kneel down to their commands and demands. No longer is this the minority, it has become the majority. Not just the majority but the almost every single one-ority. Rarely do I ever see a feminine women anymore. Rarely do I see a women taking care of her husband. Rarely do I see a women with hobbies or skills of any kind. Most of the younger ones can’t even cook!

I’ve noticed another trend while living in Mexico that ties into the no cooking and weight issue. These young women in Mexico go to college at 20-23 and within that time gain a huge amount of weight. The reason? They don’t know how to cook! They literally go out every night or eat terrible foods and gain extreme amounts of weight in college. Simply, because they can’t cook. Instead of learning they ignore the health problems of 100 pounds of excess weight and trudge on anyway. The worst part is they still think they are a hot little chick. They are bigger horizontally than vertically yet they still think they deserve a guy with a solid job, a house, a car, nice clothes, ect.

These women will live at home with mom, with facebook as their job, claiming to be something special and of value. They have no hobbies, no skills, absolutely nothing of value to bring to a relationship or family unit yet they still think they are a goddess.

There moms are the same, they have kicked out the husband or boyfriend making him work and send her money. I see this a lot too. So many old fat women sitting on their butt all day watching television playing on their mobile phones barking orders at people while the man is out working all day 6 days a week. If not 7 days a week. Many man working hard in cities other than their families. Only to be cheated on, lied to, treated poorly, yelled at, and more. A common sight in Mexico is a little old man peddling his heart out on a three wheel work bicycle with a big fat old lady yelling and complaining from the cart. These are true stories! I see it daily. I hear old fat saggy ladies with no skills complain about my yard. I’ve had big fat Shrek looking women tell me my parrot is the ugliest parrot she has seen (as I was buying it).

These women have become beyond delusional. They literally have nothing of value to offer society, let alone a family unit. The mentality remains, that they deserve Channing Tatum. Even after a while even Channing Tatum isn’t good enough though. The guy doesn’t make enough, his muscles aren’t big enough, he works out too much.. ect ect. These women have no clue what is going on in the world and every action they take drives society further into the hole.

Scrolling through any dating app in any country, with feminist propaganda in schools and colleges, will show you a never ending supply of old women looking for love. I saw thousands and thousands, pages and pages, of active, old, ugly, wall hitting women with no skills, several kids, can’t even cook, still with a list of demands for men. Wondering why they have ten cats and no boyfriend. This is not a joke, these old bags would message me and tell me about their cats. Their hobbies? Cats. Their pets? Cats. How many? Many. Pictures? Of course. Private Images? Cats. What do you do for fun? Cats. Cats? Cats.

It sounds like a comedy cartoon but it’s sadly reality. I wish I would have taken screenshots of my time behind enemy lines but I didn’t want to spook them in their natural habitat of demanding attention from random men online. Being in Mexico gave me the opportunity to play the rich white investor role opening the door to every women on the app. You have no idea how many fotos of cats were sent to my inbox. How many cat fotos on profiles. How many profiles with lists of demands, requirements, and must do’s for any man just to write her a message. Just to talk to her. These women are beyond delusional and it really is no wonder men have gone their own way.

Seriously women, we don’t care about your cats. Actually, I hate cats. Cats suck. In every aspect of life cats suck. They offer no benefit at all and actually hurt the natural environment a lot. They are destructive for no reason. They have mood swings and will bite for no reason even if you are petting them and they are mid pur. They kill and attack anything that moves. Birds, baby rabbits, poultry, literally anything that moves. They destroy local bird populations. They’ve killed off entire litters of baby rabbits. Not only do they do this but most of the time they kill for fun. Not to eat. Not for survival. They kill simply for fun.

Many of these characteristics can be applied to modern women. Perhaps it’s why they are the only one’s that actually like cats. Love cats. They are exactly like them. Empty inside. They have to use camouflage and sneaky behavior to catch their prey. They will kill dreams for fun. They will turn and attack a loving partner for no reason at all when life is going great. They will attack anything that disagrees with them. They will destroy their own family. They make creepy noises all night looking for a mate. They demand money and pampering without a job.

I got confused about half way through the last two paragraphs because they are so similar. These feminist women have become dead weight on society and worse yet they think they are a princess. They believe they are something special and magical when they literally have no skills at all! They believe they should be treated with respect and have a man spend thousands of dollars on her for the simple fact she is a girl. She has no hobbies, no critical thinking skills, no common sense, no ability to reason. Just one big fat delusion that leaves them alone, crazy, and depressed.

One thing these women don’t realize, even men their own age do not want to date them. Why would any reasonable 40 year old man date a 40 year old women. Most 40 year old men have a good career setup. A decent living situation. ect. Why would they waste their time with some old, fat, complaining bag when they can go get a younger girl that will respect him and treat him well. See, these women go along in life waiting for prince charming never acquiring skills of their own. Waiting and waiting until they are 40+ only to realize Mr. Right got tired of waiting for your pampered, spoiled, entitled ass that literally brings nothing but sex to the table.

Standing Your Ground Against Feminism

Dealing with the feminist mindset can be exhausting. Like fighting your way through a tornado only to find out there’s a hurricane on the other side. Growing up in a home with an “educated, masters degree, independent, great, women” of a mother, which is actually code for self entitled, self absorbed, feminist, narcissistic sociopath, I started to develop an anti-feminist mentality. Not based on hate or anger, but based on reality and logic. Having encounters with these types of woman through out life help me identify a lot of the causes and reasons. Even when these women are merely friends with no sexual attraction or friction they still carry out their man hating attacks. Whether aggressive, passive aggressive, bi-proxy, ect.

What is bi-proxy you ask? Well that is when a manipulative college educated women uses her vagina and sex appeal to trick a man into having the same opinion as her. A quote from a permaculture dude named Paul Wheaton, “Most people NEED to hear their own opinion from all other people and are frustrated that they don’t have the might to make it “right.” And it is so true in the subject of feminism, and the modern women. The reality is most women do not admit to being a feminist but certainly hold to the ideals and values feminism brings.

I have actually had this happen to me many times. I have had grown men call me a misogynist with their girlfriend or wife sitting next to them with a smirk on her face. I have asked these grown men, what is this word misogynist, can you give me a definition. Most look at me like a deer in the headlights. Like they’ve been discovered as the true coward they are. They have no clue what a misogynist is but they heard the vagina they want say it so they are trying to look good. To protect her. Her knight in shining armor. The reality is this man feels and looks like a total coward. He knows that I have discovered his lies and that he has no idea what he is talking about. He is merely a mouth piece for the vagina.

You know feminism is ingrained in the heads of every educated women because when they try and debate or argue they are shot down with logic and reason. They get angry that their entire philosophy can be attributed to the Jesuits as a way to destroy the feminine, empathetic, caring, women. They used feminism to create total chaos in the families of every home. Whether through television, media, or the government school system they slowly poisoned the minds of women.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if these feminist maintained their viewpoints outside of government; but since this is a direct agenda from the people that own government they have used it in their favor. This mentality has resulted in thousands of men losing their bank accounts, children, dignity, and sanity. It has resulted in a government full of educated women that hate men. That are given a free pass to do anything they want. Considering most voters are women as well, it leaves for little room for change in a positive way for men. I only see it getting worse.

This mentality carries to every vagina mouthpiece. This mentality is grabbed up by every college women. It gives them the ability to have sex for free on the tax payers dime. It gives them the ability to kill their own child. It gives them a sense of undeserved entitlement and sovereignty. They take whatever they want, do whatever they want, and the law supports them.

Another problem that stems from these vaginas and their mouth pieces is that gossip and slander. They can’t just have an argument or debate. They feel the need to talk about it to everyone they know. To change what you said and manipulate your opinions to fit their narrative. Now of course this leaves you outside the group, with them all believing a bunch of non-sense and never questioning the feminist narrative. I have seen it many times, where I obviously destroy a silly feminist argument and instead of a rebuttal, they go into shaming, guilting, hate, ect. And when they are done with that, they go tell everyone that will listen how I am women hating man. That I am misogynist. And then you have the vagina mouthpiece say it to my face. I have seen these women literally lose it over a debate like this. Drunk and passed out on the sidewalk 2 hours later.. cognitive dissonance.

See, the reality is most feminist and modern women have no accountability. They never blame themselves for their destructive ways. They never look in the mirror. They just blame men and patriarchy. Then they pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, put on their mask, and look for a new prey. The only way to actually win is to always stand your ground.

When I say stand your ground it doesn’t mean you pull out a club and starting beating people. What I mean is to have your thoughts well articulated and grounded in reality and truth. This way when an emotional educated women starts losing her shit you can simply recite truths in a calm manner. This to me, is the best way to awaken other men to the reality. What’s the next thought a deer has after it’s caught in the headlights? Oh fuck. Then? RUN.

When you stand your ground you not only need to stand against this feminist non-sense, but also the women worship by their mouthpiece. These men need to see other real men standing their ground. These men have had their confidence and dignity shattered at an early age by, most likely, their own mother. This results in the blue pill man chasing validation from a women. Why else would a grown man call another man a misogynist?

The reality is a grown man should never even use this word. The reality is the word itself makes no sense at all. Probably just another feminist invention to shame men that stand their ground. Let’s look at the definitions of these words:

a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.

having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.

preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Okay, so by definition if a man is giving first hand experience of these things it CAN NOT be misogynist or prejudice against women. It is simply the truth. Misogynist would be a man that does not like woman but has never talked to one, dated one, seen one in his life, married one, lost children to one, lost his bank account to one, ect. So by definition this word doesn’t even make sense. In reality, when you change the word women to men. It fits the bill for a feminist.

Most feminists do not have experience with losing their children to a man, they have no experience losing their bank account to a man; most feminists have never been raped yet they accuse all men of raping and starting a rape culture. Feminist’s absolutely hate stay at home moms and traditional women as well. So by definition feminists and modern women are more misogynist than Men Going Their Own Way men.

Or maybe it needs its own word? Femogynist.