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01000010 01001111 01010100: As the world’s chaos started to unfold Nagolbud knew his time was running out. With more and more psychological operations being released every day he knew switching from zombie hunting to brainwave hacking would be the only way to free the NPCs. As they held to emotional propaganda their aura of cognitive dissonance reflected all efforts to reverse the brainwashing. With one last idea he hooked up his website to the internet, with the help of his super motorized hemp engine bot, they were ready to chop off the head of the snake. If they can find out who it is..

The Adventures Of Nagolbud And Ace - Hemp Powered Rant Room

01000010 01001111 01010100: With an international army of spies and assassins standing in the way it would be near impossible to figure out the truth. A soy boy would turn back but Nagolbud was ready with a blunt and bible in hand. From coast to coast and country to country he searched for the truth behind the chaos and evil. Confronted by those wishing it remain a secret and others trying to profit, taking out each adversary with a puff of smoke and scripture, he would extract information from them along the way. Starting to understand the history behind the curtain, the dots started connecting as the puzzle became visible.

Vatican Controls The WorldDemon Priests

01000010 01001111 01010100: Slipping onto a cargo ship Nagolbud was off for the Bay of Italy. Spending most of his time staring into the ocean’s abyss while smoking a blunt, his plan started to come together. A few days at sea and the walls of Vatican City started to appear on the horizon. Phantoms and gargoyles watching the perimeter with witches and devil dogs guarding the entrance, a sword would do no good here. The only chance he would have is to reveal them with smoke and throw some John 3:16 on em’. The guards at the gate didn’t see it coming as Nagolbud crept up and unleashed a cloud that left them dazed, only to wake up handcuffed and gagged. One by one he took out the guards until he was spotted by a large demon in the courtyard.

Pope Demon DogsPope Warlocks

01000010 01001111 01010100: The more Nagolbud smoked and read the more powerful he became. As the remaining witches and phantoms watched in horror, some started to turn and run. The final demon left standing in the courtyard, staring Nagolbud down as they both reached for their weapons. With one large puff Nagolbud lept into the air covering the demon in smoke like a fire extinguisher. Avoiding the blade as he scrolled through the bible looking for the demon’s weakness. Running out of time as the Pope was making a run for the helicopter pad, Nagolbud tried to slow him down, just as the demon’s sword cut off the tip of his blunt. With no cover he wouldn’t be able to keep dodging as he searched his pocket for the flame. Trying to light it up again he realized the demon’s weakness. John 3:3 he shouted, you must be born again! As the demon fell to his knees frozen like a statue, it’s armor began to crack.

Nagolpilled AgainNinja Demon

01000010 01001111 01010100: With no time to waste, Nagolbud took off to confront the Pope before he could escape. Sword and bible ready to go, he tucked the blunt behind his ear. The hairs on the back of his neck started to peak as he could sense the evil and chaos with every step. Chasing him into the chapel the Pope had no where else to run, as Nagolbud watched his every move, ready to battle to the death. The thunder rattled the panes of glass in the chapel as a flash of light followed the lightning striking near by. Before Nagolbud could charge the Pope opened up with something to say:

Nagolpilled Nagolbud NagolpillerEvil Pope Demon

Pope: I’m surprised you made it this far Nagolbud, but this is where your journey comes to an end. If my propaganda, psyops, and using the Jews as the patsy couldn’t fool you, the sword of the Vatican will surely end the debate.

Nagolbud: I’d never let some little pagan man in a dress beat me in a sword fight, I’m a Dei Liberi! Your ruses will soon come to an end and the entire world will know the truth about your 2000 years of evil!

Pope: Hahahaha poor Nagolbud, do you really think they will care!? As long as they have entertainment, sex, and drugs, left vs right politics, no one will bat an eye. Our following of Catholics has control over each corner of the earth with millions willing to die in the name of the Holy Pagan Father. Many more will do my bidding without even realizing I’m the one in control.

Nagolbud: Once they know who you are, what you are, where you came from, they will no longer stand by your side. There will always be more like me, willing to stand up against the evil and whoever takes your place will meet the same fate as you..

(Representation of the Proceedings)

01000010 01001111 01010100: Nagolbud heard the footsteps as he was being surrounded by hundreds of pagan men in dresses, each with their very own swords. All doors to the chapel ready to be kicked in before he could take a swing for the Pope’s head. Just as they began charging into the room a rope dropped down from the skylight in the ceiling. “Grab on Nagolbud!” shouted a man from the roof. As they ran to escape, he thanked Nagolbud for defending him against his self destruction, now they were even, and with a nod he disappeared into the night. Little did they both know, it was the start of a brotherhood that would last for centuries to come..

Ninjemon Paradigm Politics

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