Red Pill Ruse #Nerdcore

Gonna get a lot of hate for this one no doubt,
but I think it’s time someone called out these manginas chasin’ clout.

Ya hidin’ behind rhetoric and labels riding some red pill cliche,
gave up women now you’re gettin’ pimped by some dude on YouTube callin’em bay.

Got ya in the kitchen wearin’ an apron cooking his favorite fettuccine,
subscribed on patreon, paypal, and only fans, check’in out pics of his Lamborghini.

Ya think’in ya free as your focus becomes soley on money,
donating half your paycheck to MGTOW man as his lifetime alimony.

Don’t worry though it’s cute watchin’ him tickle your ears,
no critical thinking left you’ll be dancin’ in his web for years.

Gave up ya boat to some internet dude as ya salute callin’ em skipper,
brain becomes hypergamous as you jump to another male stripper.

Suck’in down red pills over dosing on masculine calamity,
part of the manosphere lookin’ like the butler from the Adam’s Family.

Ya online barking in the comments like a dog wearin’ a collar,
good boy Rufus, stay on the path promoting their dollar.

Covered in green rushin’ to wrap presents for Santa like an elf,
what ya needa know kid the first duty of a man is to think for himself.

Let’in these people clip your wings like a damn chicken,
can’t even fly anymore as your legs start to thicken.

Little boys out here actin’ funky fighting over some simp ass label,
at the pub gettin’ slapped around like a cue ball on a pool table.

Your purpose ain’t slavery whether government, women, or man,
time to free the chains and rely on your own fuckin’ wingspan.

If you really want some facts why don’t you open your Bible,
hiding on the internet pickin’ sides like it’s somethin’ tribal.

Burnin’ the book with the Pope like its the year 1202,
swallowing every word he gives ya lookin’ up covered in goo.

I’m all up in yer mind connectin’ nerves like a medieval brain surgeon.
tryna pull out the hook but ya floppin’ around like Canadian sturgeon,

That’s the difference between me and you, I don’t need a crew,
Red pill man lickin’ ya wounds for bitcoins shoulda’ been a clue.

Think’in I’m scared of some new world order political correctness,
you fail to realize I’ve been known to get quite reckless.

If you want the truth then it’s time to open up your ears,
drop societies insecurities and walk away from the fears.

Waitin’ around for some dude on the internet to spoon feed you,
forgot it was the 1st of the month and your Patreon subscription is due.

Like that chick from a few months ago they after your gold,
just look in the search results an you’ll see the story unfold.

Browsin’ Tik Tok for clips to steal for their compilation,
sellin’ anime hoodies and mobile games in their description,
don’t care who you are as long as they get ya donation.

Got ya dressed up cleaning the house lookin’ like a french maid,
wake up son they got you mesmerized with the red pill cool aide.

These clowns never mention female nature is just the tip of the iceberg,
thanking their subscribers as they load up their brand new Mossburg.

Hold on we got a sponsor gonna take a shot at that bank account,
~ thanks viewer 334 your donation is quite paramount. ~

Dropp’in a little validation to keep ya on the hook,
clappin’ yer hands and smiling as ya pull’in out the checkbook.

A clever magician on stage as your funds disappear,
deaf to the ruse as they swap ya out with an artificial ear.

Needing constant affirmation to the cults basic motto’s,
requiring more attention than my field of tomatoes.

Following as you’ve been trained like the perfect repeater,
only skill ya got running ya mouth on twitter as a tweeter.

This is for all you fakes and frauds takin’ advantage of men,
for all the men following this bullshit, wake the fuck up.

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