Public School Doesn’t Fill Your Belly

Often times society, family, and friends will exclaim,
that college and school is the only way to learn,

They never mention the topics you’ll retain,
that studying and school will remove the local pain,

Teachers telling you evolution and authority are important,
as you watch another starve you receive university reinforcement,

Never learning how to grow a simple vegetable or raise a chicken,
pretending to be educated you’re entire village is stricken,

Government Education System Lies And Propaganda Obey

Living in poverty without the ability to feed,
those pretending to help are absorbed by their own greed,

As they peddal propaganda that never allows freedom,
another slave is created without food or shelter,

Modern Day Slavery

When in reality the answer was their all along,
that food and shelter are free and you’ve been a ding-dong,

Believing government and colleges as an almighty god,
remove the illusion and it’s just another screaming braud,

Government Hates Free Food

Telling you that starvation and disease are a way of life,
that clean water can only be provided with a corporate knife,

Wondering how you’re people became enslaved to this lie,
look in the mirror and you might realize you’ve been the ally.

Public School Education System