The Normal Citizen

It’s understandable why so many live in fear, as they listen to the main stream media and fake news their normalcy is adjusted to ludicrousy. They don’t question or discern anything they hear, but rather formulate opinion based on conformity bias. Never even stopping to think about the longevity of their life style. Never thinking about the consequences of their very own actions.

Whether working 5 days a week cheering from your cubical as hump day becomes your only source of excitement based on an age old sexual innuendo relieving you of your depression for a moment as you wait for Friday. This cycle repeats of course because your thought process has remained the same. Your identity is based on an illusion that continues to disappoint you.

Life flies by as you continue climbing the ladder in hopes of reaching success based on what society has taught you. Never understanding that this society you care to impress, is nothing more than a narcissistic parent watching you jump through hoops as you waste away on trivial pursuits of materialism or pride. All in hopes of appeasing those that wish to see you fail regardless of your own heart, leaving your identity behind as you give part.

Wondering why life is so boring as you live under the security blanket of society and all its plunders. Stealing resources from all the 3rd world countries just to live like a queen in the moment, you forget how to achieve anything real. As your boss claps as you swallow up another company in a merger, all for some profits and approval. Is it really a wonder or rather the consequences of your very own choices.

You look on and get jealous of anyone doing something real because you, yourself, are scared. You’re filled with fear and anxiety from a society that would have you dead in a ditch before it let you become an individualist. The reality is you were just being a little bitch. A conformist saluting the statue of society as you shine their boots and collect approval from your master. All along clapping as you admire.

Modern Day Slavery

Like any hobby or passion, whether it be adventure or music, you’re always limited by one simple factor. Following the trend or jumping through circles instead of creating your own, you fail to realize what’s really important in any journey. Coming to the realization that you can create from either perspective opens the door, but remains a choice in the end. Whether or not your faith endures will fall on each warrior in the face his own dragon.

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