Afraid To Be Yourself

I never quite understood the mentality of believing or worshiping something that brought you anxiety or fear. I spent my entire childhood doing it but once I learned where mine was coming from I was able to start eliminating those things from my life. For example, even if evolution was true, it leaves many with a world view with them selves as a mere cripple trying to survive. Their lives and world is over run with anxiety because they are stuck believing they have no real purpose or reason to be here.

Anxiety itself stems from the unknown. Thinking you have to know everything because society has created the demand for perfection. This anxiety plagues us because we are trying to predict the future when there’s really no way of doing so. This leads to excessive thoughts and an overwhelming feeling of not being able to do what you have created in your mind as required for you to do. These are obstacles you, yourself, have placed in your own path that lead to your own anxiety.

Depression follows this when you can’t live up to your own expectations. You might wonder how someone so intelligent as yourself fell for some silly propaganda like eating dead grass soaked in corporate corn syrup as healthy. You might wonder how you became so obsessed with a relationship you forget who you were yourself. There are ample reasons as to why we would create this anxiety and depression for our selves that keeps us from being who we really are.

Left in a room to wallow in pity as we try and figure out this anxiety never looking at the foundation of where the depression came from. Trying to find solutions and band aids only leaves you further in this state of depression. Thinking that if you get that job or degree you will actually be happy. Maybe when you’re making big money with that degree you’ll be happy. Or perhaps when you buy the boat in 20 years after saving up. Maybe you’ve created a ridiculous list of requirements for a relationship.

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Spending your time surrounded by this will make it worse as well. Logging into Facebook every day will literally compile your anxiety and depression as thousands of people of social media put on a show of how great their life is. Never admitting they spend insane amounts of time for a simple Instagram picture. Then you look at it wondering why you can’t be “this beautiful” or this “buff” or anything else based on appearance when in reality some of these people live very sad lives. If not most of them. They spend their time jumping through social media hoops just to remain relevant. How depressing, yet viewers from the outside see popularity, success, and money.

When it boils down to it anxiety and depression are based on the foundation of lies. Delusions. And once you begin building on a bad foundation everything else is going to be off as well. There will be cracks letting in water and bugs. The roof will crack at the seems as the foundation sinks letting in rain and other wildlife. The wood will start rotting form the inside and you’re left with a collapsing casa.

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Slapping on a few shingles or filling in the cracks with concrete might work as a temporary solution but eventually it will succumb to natural collection. This is what most people try and do in their real lives. They subscribe to a “life coach”, or join a new group, perhaps even create their identity out of politics or the newest #hashtag movement. These people turn their anxiety and depression into rage and anger simply masking their intentions as they march and attack anyone with a differing opinion even if they belong to the same group.

The end result is collectivism. A society of conformist people so afraid to be themselves they’d rather live in anxiety and depression just to fit in. They absorb the qualities of others only to fit in. Their foundation, essence, and idea of who they really are comes from the media or their college classmates. They’d rather live in this state of frustration than walk individually. This is what I don’t understand. The want to fit in at the expense of your own soul and mind. Is it really worth it in the end?

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