Corona Culture Shock #Nerdcore

Gotta go to town today gonna take the bike instead,
gives me a bit of time to play-around in my head.

I pull up to the store and lock up my ride,
some lemming tells me I need a mouth cover to get inside.


Fuck man I just need to buy a new windshield wiper,
out in public lookin’ like your eating shit from a diaper.

Enforcing regulations on society like we’re cattle at the farm,
they say just a mouth cover for a couple weeks don’t sound the alarm.

Believing the news and government like their preaching gospel,
virtue signaling for society you’re really quite awful.

Whatever dude I just won’t drive in the rain,
hop on the bike as I light one up to relax my brain.

Everyone out in public wearing plastic shields and surgical masks,
what if you kill my grandma because you don’t conform some lady asks.

Beautiful day I think I’ll stop by an relax a minute at the park,
Fuck I see the 5-0 rolling up and I know things are about to get dark.


Look man I’m just out here tryin’ to enjoy the breeze,
Citizen don’t you know cornavirus can spread through trees,

It’s our job to protect you from the viruses nature,
don’t try and refuse either because we’ve got the legislature.

Are you fucking kidding me dude I’m just gonna go home,
new video game I’ll take out my frustration on the enemy teams dome.

Running inside I lock the door behind me like it’s doomsday,
zombie apocalypse is here and I don’t think it’s going away.

Communities falling one by one as they shred your brainnnns,
whatever though I’m just gonna roll one up and play some gammmes.


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