Disagreeability Unwavering Against the Constant Chant of Conformity

The atrocity of vaccine injuries, fake viruses, low IQ plandemics, and the cucked ass mouth diapers, but one thing people failed to pick up on were these temperature guns and machines waiting outside every store or travel station. From airport to Arbys these machines awaited your arrival so that you could be scanned, unaware of the central banks digital currency about to role out through your skin. Everyone knows coronavirus can spread through trees, bees, and even the breeze. What happens when it can spread through paper money and bypass the credit card fees. Removing hand to hand transactions and all it takes is a little incision between the eyes, 01010011 01110101 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011, let me scan that CBDC brain wave chip little man.

Mark Of The Beast

My body my choice only applies to the club 304 feminists, regardless of your social credit score and digital brownie points on Reddit. Stepping up to the AI temperature reading machine, searching frantically for your vaccine passport and a letter of your travel’s importance. Stamped and approved by the robo cop judge, security allows you to enter the local Walmart. Never questioning a thing as the prices of bread have doubled since packaging requires a few baths in anti bacterial fungicide herbicidal genocide.

Coronavirus Death GunNew World Order

Standing in line to deepthroat a nurses medical swab just to ride the bus back home, if you resist society claims you’re going to kill another thousand NPCs high on the media’s kool aid. Told to pump your body full of six more booster shots and you might be able to live through the current zombie apocalypse, meanwhile censorship cuts off all blood to the brain. Wrapped up tight in a blanket of emotional bias unable to see behind the curtain as you jiggle around like a wooden puppet on stage.

Onlyfans Girls Love CoronavirusCovid 19 Mask

Yes sir yes maam, what else can we do to appease society’s illusionistic ideologistic conforministic soul sucking regime. Better to get in line now so the system knows who’s obedient to demands regardless of how ridiculous they are. Let’s all pretend that wearing surgical masks will save us from the zombies bite while being fed through chemically infused veins. CDC and big pharma laughing all the way to their new central bank digital currency account. Watching the numbers fly through the roof as they high five to the realization that vaccine injury lawsuits only equal a fraction of the profit. What if I can’t conform to their cult like agenda you might ask?

Exiled from the system as you try to survive, life only gets harder when you deny the psychological operations and attacks on thought waves. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:17-18

Millions willing to cull you for the sake of the medias collective medical mindset. The grindset of same think herding souls in search of acceptance as they go along with the narrative unable to question themselves. Skeptics constantly targeted for questioning the rats and snakes selling poison, cancelled and removed from any social platform for expressing concerns for the fellow citizen.

Forced Vaccines

Not only do they hate you for it but many willing to snitch you out to the local government, asking you to get a mobile app tracking program on your where abouts. Friends become enemies over a fake virus that never existed, chased down by soy boys in gas masks willing to take your freedom in return for perceived illusions of safety with a deposit to their CBDC crypto digital douche wallet. Like a narcissist’s delusions of grandiosity their new age of power has turned them into Hitler 3.0, why use chemical warfare when your subjects are willingly injecting over fear.

Addicted to the opinion of experts, many have no clue they’re being played by paid actors promoting an agenda, parroting cognitive dissonance as they drop canisters of gas lighting. Look man I just needed to buy a few things at the grocery store.. Turning to the black market just to buy a few eggs and oranges without partaking in the chipped up experiment of anti biblical nonsense. Unable to stare down the barrel of another temperature gun rebreathing my stank breath over and over again. Wishing I could just pay the water bill without the threat of arrest because I can’t conform with this normie larp fest.

Nagolpilled Nagolbud Nagolpiller

As the IRL predictive programming continues to crank up it becomes easier and easier to see how they plan to make their agenda effective. Riding the fence only guarantees two things, a sore ass and great view of the apocalyptic destruction of everything you love. Resistance, revolution, a life of depressive misery, it all comes down to who you will choose to be.. puppet, muppet, or a nagolpilled exile..


Dont Be Hitler

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