2D to 3D to Big D

In general, I get pretty excited seeing peoples art and creativity in whatever form they choose to express it in. Many talented humans with their own niche hobbies of dedication and growth willing to share their inner most thoughts, desires, or stories. Getting better each time their brush paints some rhymes or sucking you into their book with some story intertwined. Like a time machine blasting you into the past or exploring a dystopian overlord future where robots and Satanists are using magic to send spells through your television set.

To my surprise, it’s doubley exciting to see this artform take on a Nagolpilled extension of the character’s mindset. It all started with one gamertag and a profile pic. It’s as simple as reading it backwards to dub the name of an OG Halo 2 video gamer king. Dropping out of high school for various reasons I was too young for a workers permit, so I had a year to climb the leaderboards and become a goober gun battle rifle nightmare.

Halo 2 Multiplayer

Gaming became my escape to a creatable atmosphere of manosphere comradery where friends could be silly and goof around without society calling the police. When reality went from school hunting clubs to kids hiding under their desk because of some false flag school shooting events.

Unable to build a shed or go fishing without the governments permission, and even then harassed by some Karens for catching a fish dinner. Spinning in circles men have no idea where their creativity is allowed to flourish. Hiding in the man cave like a bear in hibernation, the system doesn’t like it when they unleash their masculine expressions of joy inside hobbies.

When allowed to chase our thoughts it creates positive additions to the community, whether online or offline it doesn’t really matter. Taxes is in place to rob you of this creativity, stuck in the repetitive 9-5 mindset watching the daily dose of its programming. Whether fear or humor, like a porn addiction your meat is red and swollen. Brain unable to handle the millions of tickles from conformities tentacles as you’re overloaded like a circuit breaker.

Nagolbud 2D

But what do I know I’m just a high school drop out with 7 years of college under his belt. Never even got a degree but ended it all by starting my first company, just some neckbeard living in Mexico ranting and raving on the internet. Smoking weed at the beach staring up at the moon from a bowl earth, as society swirls around like a turd of left vs right political paradigms headed out to the septic tank.

Nagolbud 3D

Time to embrace your inner troll and forgot about social norms, let your mind find the beat to your dreams and ignore what the normies think regardless of social media points. Turn off the Andrew Tate freemason shill loopset and design your personalized sigma male grindset. Unfollow the thots on TikTok and start twerking to your own drum line, where lust doesn’t control your thought process.

Better to teach yourself some new hobbies and adventure out of the narcissism bubble. Think outside the box and you’ll find value in something you never knew could have even existed and all it took was a little imagination to get there. Cutting off limbs of society’s Kraken monster as you explore avenues of an art you excel at, smiling at the hardships doubling your hitpoints with a stamina upgrade.

Nagolbud Nude Exposed Nagolbud Outfit

Never letting someone knock you off your horse, keep riding to freedom with your sword and shield ready for battle. Willing to sacrifice temporary pleasure to hunt the demons haunting the doubts surrounding your goals. Increasing in skill you’ll start to see improvement in the success of your plan, adding points to wisdom and strength go hand in hand. Unlike a video game, Gods the one giving out the quests to test your character, don’t worry if you make a mistake though, doesn’t mean it’s game over.

Coming back to life only to watch the world burning down can be a difficult thing to overcome. Sometimes redpill rage and coping became part of the daily routine. Alcohol or drugs can seep into your compost pile, destroying all the beneficial bacteria you’ve been farming for growth. Better to keep it clean and just smoke some homegrown green, mixing animal manure back in, the best happens to be rabbit poop.

Nagolpilled Nagolbud 2 Nagolpilled Nagolbud

Planting seeds and watching it grow like soldiers standing strong ready to take on the world, even after a storm the flowers come out to shower in some rays of sunshine. Ideas start to foment as old habits die off like weeds as you pull them one by one from the garden soil. Grabbing the bucket to harvest the fruits of your labor, throwing the scraps to the chickens for an organic backyard feast.

A step in the right direction as you become more self reliant with no fear of the current political psyop provisions. Throwing out your portions of the statist delusion to build a high quality homestead, looking back at the main stream societal circus scratching your head. By fate or providence you have found yourself reading this article wondering what path in life you’ll stumble down. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter as long as your machetes sharp and you’re prepared for the adventure.

Just think about where you’re sitting right now..

Nagolpilled Nagolbud Nagolpiller

Generation Y 1989

We’re the ones that spawned from the narcissistic baby boomers. The first generation to hit reality while at the same time being the first paramedic on scene. We’re either suicided, drugged out, barely holding on to sanity, or faking it inside the system. We’ve watched everything great, turn into a steaming pile of horse shit. Our childhood could have been amazing if it wasn’t for the shadow hiding behind every thought.

As we grew up we watched people change, society change, social media, internet, faster and faster it went. From beeps and blips of dial-up to modem glitching in Halo 2 multiplayer on the Xbox 360. Never given a choice or solution to the torment we denied beneath. Watching atrocities unfold on the television as they control every aspect of thought. Trying to save the world you just fell for another 9/11 psyop.

We’re the generation no one talks about, black sheep of the family no one gives a fuck about. Speak some truth and even your family beats you down with a hockey stick. We were on OG Myspace trolling the streets before WiFi became a reason for you to cry when the power goes out. The war on consciousness you’ve never thought about, biting down on your retainer of propaganda cool aide and head gear never questioning your reality ya left in the freezer like an icey pop.

Boomers, zoomers, and normies on rotation as the gen y’s take the invasion of internet hate. Thinking for ourselves and questioning your modern day mindset, as your dancing on TikTok trying to get laid by some Instagram thot. Questioning reality as your barking in the comments about the left vs right paradigm. Wake up zaboomer if voting mattered they wouldn’t even let you do it. Decades of life devoted to statism as you spit bars for your presidential savior.

Generation Y is forced to sit back and watch, raising our voice only to be called crazy for the hundredth time. Beta males ruling the system as feminists cheer them on, we have no choice but to hide as the system takes your hand. Turning up PartyBoi69 so the beat can take back our mind, questioning reality as the normies collect their jabs for jobs and cheeseburger voucher collabs.

Wishing we were born in another time period to build a farm with a beautiful feminine lady, snapping back to reality so we can be solicited by empowered women for their Only Fans. The pinnacle of modern women’s success is going viral on social media and selling lewd pictures on the internet or working in an office paying taxes like a man. What a world we live in where the wheel of society is broken yet it keeps going round n’ round.

Everyone needing constant validation for throwing ping pong balls in a cup as their IQ drains out from the 5G microwaves. Running back to their bubble of narcissism so their feelings don’t get hurt. Wondering to myself where is the social contract I’m forced to abide by, meanwhile all my accounts are banned for speaking up about the agenda at hand.

Schizo Meme

It’s amazing how many people prance around this place with no real skill sets or intelligence yet have no problem running their mouth as an expert. Big titties and ass will give you a platform to speak from, as simps line up like minions, only to watch her drag ass across the carpet like a dog with worms. Pathetic cowards giving up critical thinking for a women living on easy mode.

Never forget it was Gen Y that brought you back from the dead, from a zombie larping an ideological pre-made mindset. Downloaded from Netflix or Facebook as you harp some monologue mainstream bullshit. You forgot how to think for yourself silly slave where’s your mind at?

If you can’t question your beliefs with out cognitive dissonance maybe the delusions you believe aren’t true. After spending decades in government run schools how can you even trust your instincts as you take another chemical jab from Johnson and Johnson. Blaming the neighbors you never seem to truly uncover the propaganda that’s been laid out.

Disagreeability Unwavering Against the Constant Chant of Conformity

The atrocity of vaccine injuries, fake viruses, low IQ plandemics, and the cucked ass mouth diapers, but one thing people failed to pick up on were these temperature guns and machines waiting outside every store or travel station. From airport to Arbys these machines awaited your arrival so that you could be scanned, unaware of the central banks digital currency about to role out through your skin. Everyone knows coronavirus can spread through trees, bees, and even the breeze. What happens when it can spread through paper money and bypass the credit card fees. Removing hand to hand transactions and all it takes is a little incision between the eyes, 01010011 01110101 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011, let me scan that CBDC brain wave chip little man.

Mark Of The Beast

My body my choice only applies to the club 304 feminists, regardless of your social credit score and digital brownie points on Reddit. Stepping up to the AI temperature reading machine, searching frantically for your vaccine passport and a letter of your travel’s importance. Stamped and approved by the robo cop judge, security allows you to enter the local Walmart. Never questioning a thing as the prices of bread have doubled since packaging requires a few baths in anti bacterial fungicide herbicidal genocide.

Coronavirus Death GunNew World Order

Standing in line to deepthroat a nurses medical swab just to ride the bus back home, if you resist society claims you’re going to kill another thousand NPCs high on the media’s kool aid. Told to pump your body full of six more booster shots and you might be able to live through the current zombie apocalypse, meanwhile censorship cuts off all blood to the brain. Wrapped up tight in a blanket of emotional bias unable to see behind the curtain as you jiggle around like a wooden puppet on stage.

Onlyfans Girls Love CoronavirusCovid 19 Mask

Yes sir yes maam, what else can we do to appease society’s illusionistic ideologistic conforministic soul sucking regime. Better to get in line now so the system knows who’s obedient to demands regardless of how ridiculous they are. Let’s all pretend that wearing surgical masks will save us from the zombies bite while being fed through chemically infused veins. CDC and big pharma laughing all the way to their new central bank digital currency account. Watching the numbers fly through the roof as they high five to the realization that vaccine injury lawsuits only equal a fraction of the profit. What if I can’t conform to their cult like agenda you might ask?

Exiled from the system as you try to survive, life only gets harder when you deny the psychological operations and attacks on thought waves. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:17-18

Millions willing to cull you for the sake of the medias collective medical mindset. The grindset of same think herding souls in search of acceptance as they go along with the narrative unable to question themselves. Skeptics constantly targeted for questioning the rats and snakes selling poison, cancelled and removed from any social platform for expressing concerns for the fellow citizen.

Forced Vaccines

Not only do they hate you for it but many willing to snitch you out to the local government, asking you to get a mobile app tracking program on your where abouts. Friends become enemies over a fake virus that never existed, chased down by soy boys in gas masks willing to take your freedom in return for perceived illusions of safety with a deposit to their CBDC crypto digital douche wallet. Like a narcissist’s delusions of grandiosity their new age of power has turned them into Hitler 3.0, why use chemical warfare when your subjects are willingly injecting over fear.

Addicted to the opinion of experts, many have no clue they’re being played by paid actors promoting an agenda, parroting cognitive dissonance as they drop canisters of gas lighting. Look man I just needed to buy a few things at the grocery store.. Turning to the black market just to buy a few eggs and oranges without partaking in the chipped up experiment of anti biblical nonsense. Unable to stare down the barrel of another temperature gun rebreathing my stank breath over and over again. Wishing I could just pay the water bill without the threat of arrest because I can’t conform with this normie larp fest.

Nagolpilled Nagolbud Nagolpiller

As the IRL predictive programming continues to crank up it becomes easier and easier to see how they plan to make their agenda effective. Riding the fence only guarantees two things, a sore ass and great view of the apocalyptic destruction of everything you love. Resistance, revolution, a life of depressive misery, it all comes down to who you will choose to be.. puppet, muppet, or a nagolpilled exile..


Dont Be Hitler

Unmasking the System: Propaganda Over Creativity in Video Games

The video game industry, once a haven for the creative minds and innovative concepts, now finds itself caught in the web of corporate influence and subtle propaganda. Where does this leave the realm of creativity, the once driving force behind this immersive art form?

The Corporate Influence and its Impact on Creativity
As the video game industry began to burgeon, corporations were swift to infiltrate this realm, manipulating its direction to serve their strategic aims. With their entry, a significant shift occurred wherein the primary focus tilted towards profits, superseding creativity. In this business-centric environment, novel and potentially disruptive game concepts are frequently overlooked in favor of safer, proven models that assure a good financial return.

This financial prioritization has, unfortunately, led to a sort of standardization of video game content, with corporations outlining what they deem to be ‘winning’ structures and styles. This overbearing corporate influence has resulted in an observable dilution of diversity in video games, as unconventional, creative ideas often find themselves shelved to make way for more formulaic, guaranteed-success approaches.

The Subtle Art of Propaganda in Video Games
In a world consumed by digital narratives, video games stand as a potent platform for the subtle diffusion of propaganda. Unlike blatant political agendas or clear ideological endorsements, this form of manipulation is discreet, operating under the guise of immersive storytelling and gameplay. As players navigate these virtual worlds, interact with its characters, and make a myriad of choices, they are subtly exposed to specific beliefs, biases, and worldviews.

The real power of propaganda in video games lies in its subtlety. A storyline can be carefully constructed to normalize certain ideologies, or a character can be designed to reinforce stereotypes. Even the choices offered to players within the game can often be a means of propagating specific perspectives. While the player may feel they are freely exploring an immersive narrative, they may not realize they are also subtly being influenced by it.

It’s not about black and white messages, rather it’s the gradual conditioning of the player’s thoughts and behaviors through the medium of the game. This allows corporations to promote certain ideals and agendas under the cover of entertainment. Be it a narrative subtly promoting consumerism, a character echoing violent tendencies, or gameplay options that favor certain moral choices, the traces of propaganda can be found embedded throughout the gaming experience.

The art of propaganda in video games is about strategically exploiting the game’s immersive and interactive nature to subtly influence a player’s perceptions and attitudes. And given the pervasive reach and popularity of video games, this covert mechanism of influence demands a more vigilant and critical approach from players, industry watchdogs, and society as a whole.

The Rise of Corporate Propaganda in Video Games
Corporations have been successful in transforming video games into conduits for their propaganda through meticulous control. Dominating the financial facet, they possess the power to dictate game development’s trajectory. This ability to navigate the creative process enables them to maneuver game narratives to align with their corporate agendas and push ideologies that complement their economic motives.

One might observe this through themes that subtly foster consumerism. Consequently, video games have evolved to focus more on delivering a carefully crafted message rather than offering a truly unique and entertaining experience for the players. It’s a calculated process. By subtly weaving their preferred narratives and themes into the gaming experience, corporations ensure their messages are seamlessly integrated into the storyline and gameplay.

It’s not about blatant messaging but rather about subtle conditioning over time, which players may be oblivious to. This undercover propagation has changed the landscape of the gaming industry, shifting it from a platform of creativity and innovation to a vessel for strategic corporate communication.

But how are these corporations able to subtly weave their agendas into the gaming narratives? The answer lies in their control over the resources, game development directions, and to an extent, the creative liberties of the game developers themselves. With a firm grip on these aspects, corporations can subtly, yet effectively, engineer the gaming experience to serve their interests. It’s a silent transformation that, if left unchecked, could change the very essence of this immersive medium.

Propaganda as a Tool for Influencing Player Behavior
Beyond shaping narratives and pushing ideologies, propaganda in video games is also a powerful mechanism for nudging player behavior. This subtle influence can be seen in how game mechanics are designed and implemented by corporations. For example, the incorporation of loot boxes and microtransactions is a strategy aimed at fostering a culture of spending within the game environment. These features, while often advertised as optional, are intentionally woven into the core gameplay, pushing players towards a continual investment of real-world money for in-game rewards and advancements.

These strategies reflect a calculated approach by corporations to subtly condition players’ actions, decisions, and attitudes within the game environment. It’s not just about players engaging with a narrative, but how their behavior is gently guided towards specific outcomes that align with corporate agendas. This manipulation can be so subtle that players might not even recognize the influence exerted upon their gaming behavior. Thus, the tool of propaganda extends beyond the game narratives, becoming an integral part of the gameplay mechanics themselves, influencing not only the way players engage with the game but also the choices they make within it.

Propaganda Over Creativity In Video Games Propaganda Over Creativity In Video Games Propaganda Over Creativity In Video Games

Dangerous Link Between Propaganda and Player Psychology
Video games, with their engaging and interactive design, have a unique psychological impact on players. Participants are not mere observers but active drivers of the narrative, experiencing the world of the game firsthand. This immersive participation can amplify the effect of propaganda embedded within the game. The ideologies, attitudes, and behaviors subtly endorsed by the game can be internalized by players, influencing their perceptions beyond the virtual realm.

This is particularly concerning when we consider that many games are played by impressionable young audiences, whose views of the world are still forming. They may unknowingly absorb the biased perspectives and actions presented in the game, carrying these influences into their real-world interactions and decision-making processes. This underscores the significant potential for propaganda in video games to shape societal attitudes and norms.

The psychological imprint left by these games can be far-reaching, subtly yet profoundly altering players’ worldviews over time. As such, it is imperative to recognize and critically evaluate the subtle influence of propaganda within video games, especially considering the potentially powerful psychological impact on the player’s mind.

Impact of Propaganda on Politically Correct Gaming Culture
The encroachment of corporate control and subtle propaganda has undeniably influenced the cultural dynamics of video gaming. A discernible trend toward politically correct content has been observed, with companies steering their narratives towards safer, commercially appealing territories.

This approach has an underbelly, often serving as a means for these corporations to shape narratives and subtly reinforce their ideologies. Games that dare to challenge mainstream beliefs or probe sensitive issues are frequently sidelined or suppressed, creating a climate of conformity and stifling innovation.

This preoccupation with politically correct gaming can, therefore, result in a homogenized gaming landscape, where diverse perspectives and unconventional narratives are marginalized. Recognizing the influence of this insidious form of propaganda is crucial to maintaining the diversity and creative freedom that lie at the heart of the gaming medium.