Nagolbud vs The Pope: The Final Battle

01000010 01001111 01010100: As the world’s chaos started to unfold Nagolbud knew his time was running out. With more and more psychological operations being released every day he knew switching from zombie hunting to brainwave hacking would be the only way to free the NPCs. As they held to emotional propaganda their aura of cognitive dissonance reflected all efforts to reverse the brainwashing. With one last idea he hooked up his website to the internet, with the help of his super motorized hemp engine bot, they were ready to chop off the head of the snake. If they can find out who it is..

Super Motorized Hemp Engine

-Bloodborne- Ludwig, the Holy Blade (Synthwave Arrangement)

01000010 01001111 01010100: With an international army of spies and assassins standing in the way it would be near impossible to figure out the truth. A soy boy would turn back but Nagolbud was ready with a blunt and bible in hand. From coast to coast and country to country he searched for the truth behind the chaos and evil. Confronted by those wishing it remain a secret and others trying to profit, taking out each adversary with a puff of smoke and scripture, he would extract information from them along the way. Starting to understand the history behind the curtain, the dots started connecting as the puzzle became visible.

Vatican Controls the WorldDemon Priests

01000010 01001111 01010100: Slipping onto a cargo ship Nagolbud was off for the Bay of Italy. Spending most of his time staring into the ocean’s abyss while smoking a blunt, his plan started to come together. A few days at sea and the walls of Vatican City started to appear on the horizon. Phantoms and gargoyles watching the perimeter with witches and devil dogs guarding the entrance, a sword would do no good here. The only chance he would have is to reveal them with smoke and throw some John 3:16 on em’. The guards at the gate didn’t see it coming as Nagolbud crept up and unleashed a cloud that left them dazed, only to wake up handcuffed and gagged. One by one he took out the guards until he was spotted by a large demon in the courtyard.

Pope Demon DogsPope Warlocks

01000010 01001111 01010100: The more Nagolbud smoked and read the more powerful he became. As the remaining witches and phantoms watched in horror, some started to turn and run. The final demon left standing in the courtyard, staring Nagolbud down as they both reached for their weapons. With one large puff Nagolbud lept into the air covering the demon in smoke like a fire extinguisher. Avoiding the blade as he scrolled through the bible looking for the demon’s weakness. Running out of time as the Pope was making a run for the helicopter pad, Nagolbud tried to slow him down, just as the demon’s sword cut off the tip of his blunt. With no cover he wouldn’t be able to keep dodging as he searched his pocket for the flame. Trying to light it up again he realized the demon’s weakness. John 3:3 he shouted, you must be born again! As the demon fell to his knees frozen like a statue, it’s armor began to crack.

Nagolpilled AgainNinja Demon

01000010 01001111 01010100: With no time to waste, Nagolbud took off to confront the Pope before he could escape. Sword and bible ready to go, he tucked the blunt behind his ear. The hairs on the back of his neck started to peak as he could sense the evil and chaos with every step. Chasing him into the chapel the Pope had no where else to run, as Nagolbud watched his every move, ready to battle to the death. The thunder rattled the panes of glass in the chapel as a flash of light followed the lightning striking near by. Before Nagolbud could charge the Pope opened up with something to say:

Nagolpilled Nagolbud NagolpillerEvil Pope Demon

Pope: I’m surprised you made it this far Nagolbud, but this is where your journey comes to an end. If my propaganda, psyops, and using the Jews as the patsy couldn’t fool you, the sword of the Vatican will surely end the debate.

Nagolbud: I’d never let some little pagan man in a dress beat me in a sword fight, I’m a Dei Liberi! Your ruses will soon come to an end and the entire world will know the truth about your 2000 years of evil!

Pope: Hahahaha poor Nagolbud, do you really think they will care!? As long as they have entertainment, sex, and drugs, left vs right politics, no one will bat an eye. Our following of Catholics has control over each corner of the earth with millions willing to die in the name of the Holy Pagan Father. Many more will do my bidding without even realizing I’m the one in control.

Nagolbud: Once they know who you are, what you are, where you came from, they will no longer stand by your side. There will always be more like me, willing to stand up against the evil and whoever takes your place will meet the same fate as you..

Nagolbud vs the Pope
(Visual Representation of the Proceedings)

01000010 01001111 01010100: Nagolbud heard the footsteps as he was being surrounded by hundreds of pagan men in dresses, each with their very own swords. All doors to the chapel ready to be kicked in before he could take a swing for the Pope’s head. Just as they began charging into the room a rope dropped down from the skylight in the ceiling. “Grab on Nagolbud!” shouted a man from the roof. As they ran to escape, he thanked Nagolbud for defending him against his self destruction, now they were even, and with a nod he disappeared into the night. Little did they both know, it was the start of a brotherhood that would last for centuries to come..

Nagolbud Ninja

Individualism is the Fertilizer for Growing Past Red Pill Rage

It’s easy for men to get stuck inside the gerbil ball of the red pill loop. Seeing video after video of women acting like narcissists while abusing men can leave your mind tainted with hate. Another politician pocketing your taxes as they destroy the homeland’s heartbeat. As the truth movement slides into sociopathy they parrot emotional psychological operations with a voice that carries no weight. One thing I never understood about MGTOW is how they bash women constantly while claiming to go their own way, some strange beta male obsession with trying to change female nature.

I’ll admit, when I first starting realizing that many modern women are quite cruel and heartless it made me angry. Understanding each relationship and pain suffered because of the trust placed in a women that took advantage of me. Watching society turn politicians into heroes as they robbed them behind the scenes. Young men being sent off to war to fight for the collection of some corporation’s resources and profit. The same feelings of anger and disdain spread over all aspects of red pill rage. The truth is though, it was a part of me becoming a man. I was wasting way to much time chasing women (even if I got them). Worrying about relationships and if she was cheating, all for my fears to come true. Thinking I could wake up the world to the reality of satanic pedophile elite as they cling to their pride. It was all a waste of time as the world sees what it wants too, hiding behind labels of self defeat.

But what if I had been putting all that time into growing my business or building real networks that would benefit me and my community for years to come. What if I spent all that time practicing a new hobby and becoming an expert at it. What if I stepped outside of society and operated on my own terms to build myself as an individualist, free to think however I please. That’s where growth and discipline come into play. By making those mistakes and learning from them I was able to find out what was truly important in my life and start focusing on it. To step away from the emotional control arms of the matrix’s spiders and find out who I really was.

The rage and imitation inside the red pill community is what keeps it from growing. When you try and copy another man or put him on a pedestal you’re simply replacing your need for validation from a women onto a man. Or turning a politician into a god as you clap away to the consent of your own community being enslaved. Militarized police patting you on the shoulder saying ‘good boy’. Spending thousands on MGTOW alpha man’s courses and guru eBooks never taking growth into your own hands. Never picking up a book yourself and reading, a new hobby or daily discipline. The reality is men need to take this emotional rage and turn it into logical direction. Regardless of who’s flinging shit you need to be able to hold up the shield.

No one is going to be able to tell you exactly what you need to hear to motivate you, only you know where that motivation can come from based on your own stories. If you reject Jesus Christ there certainly ain’t anyone else coming to save you. Yet, imagine rejecting Jesus Christ while embracing the words of a shill, politician, or social media influencer. It could be as easy as buying some nails, wood, and a saw; to build a new dresser or table in your house. Maybe even a chicken coop as you become more self reliant while food prices skyrocket. Maybe pick up a guitar and play a song for your flock of egg laying hens. Why waste another day trying to copy an internet junkie when you could just be yourself.

When you’re surrounded with other bitter angry men you’ll find your emotions mimicking them. Brain fog surrounding your thoughts as you remain stuck in the mud. Repeating the same propaganda for 80 years without realizing it’s a ruse. All part of their agenda to divide and conquer in some Hegelian style. You might go to the gym and work your 9-5, but mental growth goes unchecked. Never writing a poem or sketching out your dream house. Wasting your nights watching some lame ass pagan Baphomet entertainment. When you let go of the rage you start to see millions of options open up without anything more than your attempt at change; anger and rage being a part of their plan.

The truth is modern women and politicians are not your problem. Why take responsibility for their actions when you have so many possibilities for fulfillment in this short life. Why cry in social media comments about the Jews when you can’t even take care of yourself as you slam down another McDonalds milkshake. Just another Super Bowl with a tranny half time show as you guzzle down a few more Chex Mix and Bud Lights. That’s one thing many men forget when it comes to the “red pill community” as they strap on the label of this weeks coolaid. Individualism is the most important brick in the foundation of a man’s logical DNA. Labels like MGTOW and red pill are just gatekeepers hiding the key. The JeWs DiD iT rhetoric used to control your mind like hypnosis as you repeat the words of the pagan priest class clergy.

Getting irrationally emotional over left vs right political rhetoric as their psychological operations fly over head, stuck in the red pill anger cycle of self injected delusions. Most can’t even provide food and water from the land as they cry about politicians larping on CNN. What good is a militia when none of them can live off grid. The revolutionaries will be searching dumpsters for food as the satanic priest class tighten their grip on societies lively hood. Can’t even sew clothes as the rebels freeze to death eating grasshopper hotpockets trying to take the Capital. What good is a revolution when our keyword commandos outnumber the self sufficient men..

Sigma Male Grindset

Mega Man X - Sigma Stage 1 [Synthwave Remix]

Predictive Programming for the Mark of the Beast – CHIPPED UP

The atrocity of vaccine injuries, fake viruses, low IQ plandemics, and the cucked ass mouth diapers, but one thing people failed to pick up on were these temperature guns and machines waiting outside every store or travel station. From airport to Arbys these machines awaited your arrival so that you could be scanned, unaware of the central banks digital currency about to role out through your skin. Everyone knows coronavirus can spread through trees, bees, and even the breeze. What happens when it can spread through paper money and bypass the credit card fees. Removing hand to hand transactions and all it takes is a little incision between the eyes, 01010011 01110101 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011, let me scan that CBDC brain wave chip little man.

Mark of the Beast

My body my choice only applies to the club 304 feminists, regardless of your social credit score and digital brownie points on Reddit. Stepping up to the AI temperature reading machine, searching frantically for your vaccine passport and a letter of your travel’s importance. Stamped and approved by the robo cop judge, security allows you to enter the local Walmart. Never questioning a thing as the prices of bread have doubled since packaging requires a few baths in anti bacterial fungicide herbicidal genocide.

Coronavirus Death GunNew World Order

Standing in line to deepthroat a nurses medical swab just to ride the bus back home, if you resist society claims you’re going to kill another thousand NPCs high on the media’s kool aid. Told to pump your body full of six more booster shots and you might be able to live through the current zombie apocalypse, meanwhile censorship cuts off all blood to the brain. Wrapped up tight in a blanket of emotional bias unable to see behind the curtain as you jiggle around like a wooden puppet on stage.

OnlyFans Girls Love CoronavirusCovid 19 Mask

Yes sir yes maam, what else can we do to appease society’s illusionistic ideologistic conforministic soul sucking regime. Better to get in line now so the system knows who’s obedient to demands regardless of how ridiculous they are. Let’s all pretend that wearing surgical masks will save us from the zombies bite while being fed through chemically infused veins. CDC and big pharma laughing all the way to their new central bank digital currency account. Watching the numbers fly through the roof as they high five to the realization that vaccine injury lawsuits only equal a fraction of the profit. What if I can’t conform to their cult like agenda you might ask?

CULT - A Darksynth Synthwave Mix

Exiled from the system as you try to survive, life only gets harder when you deny the psychological operations and attacks on thought waves. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:17-18

A life of disagreeability unwavering against the constant chant of conformity. Millions willing to cull you for the sake of the medias collective medical mindset. The grindset of same think herding souls in search of acceptance as they go along with the narrative unable to question themselves. Skeptics constantly targeted for questioning the rats and snakes selling poison, cancelled and removed from any social platform for expressing concerns for the fellow citizen.

Not only do they hate you for it but many willing to snitch you out to the local government, asking you to get a mobile app tracking program on your where abouts. Friends become enemies over a fake virus that never existed, chased down by soy boys in gas masks willing to take your freedom in return for perceived illusions of safety with a deposit to their CBDC crypto digital douche wallet. Like a narcissist’s delusions of grandiosity their new age of power has turned them into Hitler 3.0, why use chemical warfare when your subjects are willingly injecting over fear.

Addicted to the opinion of experts, many have no clue they’re being played by paid actors promoting an agenda, parroting cognitive dissonance as they drop canisters of gas lighting. Look man I just needed to buy a few things at the grocery store.. Turning to the black market just to buy a few eggs and oranges without partaking in the chipped up experiment of anti biblical nonsense. Unable to stare down the barrel of another temperature gun rebreathing my stank breath over and over again. Wishing I could just pay the water bill without the threat of arrest because I can’t conform with this normie larp fest.

Nagolpilled Nagolbud Nagolpiller

As the IRL predictive programming continues to crank up it becomes easier and easier to see how they plan to make their agenda effective. Riding the fence only guarantees two things, a sore ass and great view of the apocalyptic destruction of everything you love. Resistance, revolution, a life of depressive misery, it all comes down to who you will choose to be.. puppet, muppet, or a nagolpilled exile..

Dont Be Hitler

Modern Women Look Like Pagan Tranny Demons

Many women seem to think beauty products were invented for them when history proves things like the girdle, makeup, and high heels were created for men acting as females on stage. Throughout history women weren’t on stage as celebrities and all female parts were played by men. This dates back to their androgyne religion of trans humanism where they believe bringing together the masculine and feminine equals being a god. Whether it be the castratos the vatican priests were fucking after they cut off their balls or the greek and hindu gods merging their genders pretending they are powerful beings as they partake in gay orgies.

Androgyne Religion

The reality is nothing has changed in modern society and most of the celebrities that women look up to are indeed male to female trannies. What did you really think Victoria’s secret was? There’s no way you can look at some of these celebrities and think they represent feminine beauty in any way, shape, or form. Lips blown up the size of a chimpanzees looking like a damn clown with eye lashes bigger than dumbos ears. If it weren’t for all the pagan astrology charms hanging from their neck they’d probably fly away when they blink 3 times fast. Fake tits, fake ass, fake hair, 15 gallons of paint on their face… it’s mind blowing society in general worships these weirdos putting them on a pedestal. Not to mention the basic 3/10 female narcissistically thinking they should be idolized all because some simp bots on social media gave them a compliment.

cardi b tranny rihanna tranny cardi b religion

They all wear these stupid outfits and pretend to be gods because low IQ people worship them and play into their religious game. Representing the same power class that’s ruled over the world’s system for centuries, many turn a blind eye as they chase their piece of the pie. Everyone seems to have the same shallow goals yet no creativity or talent. Many thinking they’re a social media celebrity, rapper, model, actor / actress, with a stagnant ass podcast. The most boring people in all of society pretending they have something important to say as they parrot the main stream media and it’s circus clowns. People creating entire channels as they react to people reacting to someone else’s content.

With lyrics lamer than an cracked out beta orbiter they just turn up the auto tuner. Reality is these “gangsters” sucking dick on Hollywood’s casting couch and the only bars their dropping are cum covered turds in P Diddy’s studio. Pretending their some thugged out gang banger while they get tricked out for a contract and a place in satan’s kingdom. Everyone willing to sell their soul to be a part of this goofy new age transhumanist androgyne religion. What ever happened to real artists, creatives, and individuals?

p diddy is gay p diddy gay

The worst part about all of this is women chasing the “ideal” female they see on every magazine cover in the super market. Wanting to be “beautiful” and plastic like every male to female tranny in a Netflix series or poppy occult radio tune. They fail to realize they are beautiful without the makeup, fake eyelashes, fake tits, fake ass, fake hair and yet they try and live up to societies androgyne conception. Never realizing their being played for fools as their depression and anxiety creeps around their self reflection. Surrounded by feminists cheering them on to be man hating internet cunts and validation sluts their pinnacle of success is going viral on social media and starting an only fans. As they grow older all alone until they hit the wall, wondering why they can’t find a good man as they bring the same looks an energy as these manly modern day Babylon whores. Claiming my body my choice as they slaughter another baby in the womb yet when it comes to vaccines it’s my body their choice being hypocritical mental censorship tools.

I always found it strange how liberals claim feminism yet the male to female tranny Margaret Sanger (leader of the feminist movement) was a eugenics racist moron with nothing but hate in it’s androgyne heart. “Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.” — Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198. “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” — Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2

Margaret Sanger: The King of Feminism

At this point the liberals will call me a right wing extremist misoganisty racist bigot but the reality is the United States has never had a female first lady. (I’ve also lived in Mexico for the last 7 years and don’t give one fuck for your identity politics and lame ass dudes begging for a president to save them.) If voting mattered they wouldn’t let you do it and if you go through history it’s quite easy to spot all these freemasons with their tranny wives. Trump is no exception as he’s married 3-4 of these chicks with dicks and no one bats an eye. The entire system is rigged from top to bottom while the normies chase worldly goals and monetary gains. Their success all riding on some social media likes and bank account numbers as the world around them burns. Nothing left of the nuclear family or community as everyone becomes snitches for the world’s androgyne elite. Conservative, republican, liberal, democrat, you’re all statist morons cheering on your own enslavement.

Michelle Obama Dances With Ellen and shows her stuff - seriously!

First Ladyboys of the United States of Androgynes

Most Banned Video on YouTube Exposing the Illuminati

Understanding Freedom

Living outside the USA for a couple years now it becomes even more obvious to the rampant statism on both the left and right of politics. Looking in from the outside it’s easy to see the delusions of both Trump supporters, Clinton supporters, and all the past presidents that people have supported. It’s easy to see how hypocritical and two faced each and every political advocate is.

Twisting facts and emotions to fit their own agenda that was in fact created for them. Conservatives and republicans parade around with their new libertarian friends proclaiming freedom while they advocate prison like public school systems, murder at the border, while ignoring clear indicators that Trump himself is just another puppet. Liberals and democrats are on the same boat, but rather on the opposite side, making them selves into victims as they harp on emotions to feel safe. Both sides are delusional yet they both think they are right. Both sides have had their opinions and thoughts created for them with little to no thought.

Many of these political idiots don’t really even grasp the fundamentals of freedom itself. What freedom actually means, and where it comes from. They love their 1st and 2nd amendment but in reality it offers nothing but a security blanket for the weak minded. All along never realizing that these amendments are privileges granted by a government, as it’s become quite obvious it’s not to “hold” government in check. They do whatever they want, and since the war powers act the president has had CEO power over the entire corporation. Did it ever occur to you that every human being has the right and power to defend them self? Regardless of what some random pieces of paper say? Did you know every human being has a right to build shelter, forage for food, and survive without permission from a group of douche bags in the city..

Conservatives will tell you how free they are as they go to the local gun store to ask for permission to fish, hunt, or buy a gun. They then jump through 50 loop holes, permits, taxes, stamps, and more permission just to get special types of weapons or a basic suppressor (that can be built with a damn oil filter for 12 bucks). The funniest thing about these conservatives is they don’t even understand the basics of law and government. They claim to be free while begging for permission to keep their guns. They beg for suppressors, AK’s and AR’s in the voting booth while claiming they live in a republic and their “rights” are secured under the Constitution. If that were truly the case you wouldn’t have to vote, donate to the NRA, or anything like this. If it was truly a republic your “rights” granted by a government, which in reality is a privilege can be taken away by the stroke of a pen by any politician.

What an oxymoron to be a right winger telling everyone to donate to the NRA to keep your gun rights. How stupid can you possibly be? If the NRA is protecting your gun rights what is the point of the 1st and 2nd amendment? If the 2nd amendment protects your gun rights why are you voting and cheering on politicians? The entire thing is a shit show strait off some drama reality TV show. Claiming to be awake these people are just as dumb as the liberals they make fun of.

They don’t even change up their Hollywood political show either, it’s the same drama year after year. Every time a new president is in office they create drama for the opposite political realm to harp on as they continue the governmental agenda. With Obama it was his birth certificate. With Trump it was working with Russia. Clinton it was a sex scandal and now we see the same with Trump. It’s all low brow drama to fuel the delusion of left vs right politics. To keep the engine running as they fulfill their agenda with both left and right creating the foundation that will crush both sides.

Complaining about stupid shit like corporation created borders, claiming the need to shoot innocent people in search of shelter and food. Total sociopaths hiding under nationalism while claiming to be conservative. An entire culture founded on murder, invasion, and the theft of resources from innocent people wants to cut off all other people from “their land”. To be honest the entire lot of these Euro Americans should head back to Europe. Claiming to be Americans they know little of the ways of freedom let alone how to practice it. Clinging to a story of revolution against the British the reality is they were conducting their own genocide on the very grounds they claim are theirs. To be a conservative republican in modern days is nothing short of a liberal. Begging for government intervention on every corner, you’re no different than the one you point your fingers at yet you don’t look in the mirror.

Every human being has the right to shelter, food, and happiness. So get off Trumps dick already and start questioning the narrative as you unravel the truth about freedom and the lie you’ve been sold.