Science Catching Up With Conspiracy Theorists

As the masses mock and tease anyone with critical thinking their precious religion of science is finally catching up with reality. From food to health and back to mental thought the cycle has come full circle. Many unable to question a thing as their television mesmerizes their every thought. Lost in a viscous conformity bias loop their brain is over loaded with toxic chemicals. As they suck up round up and breath in antibiotics they think they’ve won by growing organic crops. Don’t forget about the daily pharmaceutical injections as they chant herd mentality. Like a pack of rats hitting the pleasure button for a piece of cheese they ignore the reality that starts to creep in. As grown men cry over presidential selections they can’t seem to grasp what society has done to them. Spending hours on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter their brains start to melt together with their favorite Netflix personality.

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health - Dr. Zach Bush

Doctor Reveals Truth About Viruses

Doctor Refutes Need For Corona-Virus Vaccines [Shadowbanned Video]

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Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

Healing with 432 Hertz of Music

Many look to the “experts” and doctors for healing as they’re pumped full of injections and chemicals. Wondering why they get sicker and sicker tuning into the radio as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga spit their demonic turmoil. Never understanding the spiritual truths hiding in plain sight they continue on their systematic addiction. Like a crack addict they can’t stop until it’s too late and they’re laying 6ft under a rock begging for some redemption.

The weaponisation of the music that you listen to

Christian Hymns in 432Hz

How Hydrogen Peroxide Heals Naturally

When looking at the phenomena known as H2O2, it’s hard to over look the extreme benefits from bacteria cleaning cuts, to cleaning household goods, mouth wash, or even tooth paste. For centuries it’s been unknowingly used as a way to heal the body and remove toxicity as well. Now a days whenever I find something I really like or find useful I always research a way to create, grow, or find it naturally.

When it comes to H202 it can be quite the process to create in a lab. However in nature it seems, this process was already being carried out. From the sky to the floor H202 is being created and used in ways I never imagined. Behind the scenes the very rivers and lakes we enjoy were being cleaned every time it rained. That small amounts of this H202 were being created in the atmosphere and deposited through rain. [Cloud and Rain-water Measurements of Hydrogen Peroxide]

Hydrogen peroxide is a water molecule with an extra oxygen atom. Our upper atmosphere contains an ozone layer. Unstable ozone gives up its extra atom of oxygen to falling rainwater to form hydrogen peroxide or H202. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring compound found in nature (oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, snow, and plants) and in all life forms. The human body creates and uses hydrogen peroxide to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
Ozone is created when radiation (ultraviolet light) from the sun interacts with oxygen in the atmosphere. O3 is heavier than O2 and falls toward the earth. In the lower atmosphere, ozone encounters water vapor and forms hydrogen peroxide or H2O2. Rain water and snow contain a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide which acts as a natural disinfectant in lakes, rivers and oceans. Hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ultraviolet light are a simple and effective combinations for drinking water sanitation.

I won’t bore you with all the statistics but under different conditions the H202 levels varied providing natural H202 in a way that would have been used to clean the body as well. As most would naturally drink lake, river, and rain water if it were not for corporations forcing bottled water through river and lake contamination or policies. For thousands of years it was quite common to drink water this way and considering the state of modern day health there is a clear connection to drinking acidic – no H202 water, versus alkaline – H202 water.
[Common Water Brands Selling Acid Water]

Essentially, simply drinking natural water, especially rain water, will provide your body with a healthy amount of natural H202. Many people have taken it upon themselves to create their own food grade H202 from store bought scenarios and this works, however this might not always be an option.

Another place this process takes place is in plants. In a study done hydrogen peroxide concentrations were found in leaves under natural conditions. [Study] Leaf tissue and signaling components are explained to be where these deposits of H202 exist. Sort of like the nervous system of a plant or perhaps the communication behind it. This would explain how plant eating animals maintain health in the wild (in most cases) without falling to cancer or other diseases. It would also explain the ability to eat certain meats close to raw, if not raw, when they thrive in high H202 environments and bad bacteria requires acidic environments like those created by man made sugars, GMO’s, and vegan diets.

When looking at the natural system in place it was unreal to see how it was created to maintain a healthy system. The problem today however is greed, pride, and self obsession have destroyed this system and replaced it with that of some new age religion that requires full allegiance to stupidity.

Drinking H2O2, Hydrogen Peroxide. Oxygenating my blood for health and kicking addictions

Make 3% (H2O2) Hydrogen Peroxide from 35% food grade H2O2

My First Day Eating Raw Eggs for Breakfast

It’s hard not to laugh at the people claiming to be vegan and healthy at the same time. They shove “study” after “study” in your face about how people can survive and live being vegan but they never actually use any critical thinking skills as to if it’s actually sustainable or not; whether large or small scale. The delusions grow larger and larger into a don’t kill any animal while they inject themselves with synthetic chemicals just to get some sort of nutrients.

When I say veganism is not sustainable, this has been proven. Vegans literally require injections and supplements. Right away we know it’s not sustainable, healthy, or good in any way. Another reason that it’s not sustainable is people can not grow or produce enough plant matter for a diet on their own. I can grow animals and provide plenty of food for me and my family. To grow these nutrients in this style would take way more calories than you would be producing. A vegan homestead would collapse or the human running the homestead would collapse from lack of nutrients.

My first day trying this I thought I’d start small. Starting with a raw egg breakfast because I have done this before when working out. Now knowing how much healthier it is I plan on doing this every morning. Not only that but I don’t have to clean the pan anymore! On the first day it was however difficult. I noticed that feeling in my stomach like I would throw up. I realized though that it wasn’t my body creating this feeling, rather my mind. I closed my eyes and took one sip. It was like a quality nutrient dense orange juice. I couldn’t believe how nice it tasted. I never remembered it like that.

I opened my eyes and took a look and again received that feeling. This is when I had that realization. That it was in my mind not my body. The programming of cooking the nutrients out of everything I eat. The programming of requiring all of these large corporations just to make breakfast. When in reality I could simply crack the egg and drink it. No pans, no cook stove, no cleaning, nothing. And it tasted so much better. I didn’t have to add anything to my scrambled eggs to choke them down. Drinking them raw had a sweet taste and my stomach felt great.

Marijuana Rabbit Poop Plant Seeds Save Lives Nagolbud Rabbits

I grew up with extreme stomach problems and ultimately stopped eating breakfast and starting smoking weed to cope. The reality was though my body was rejecting fake food. I had to get high just to be able to survive eating this crap. Once I started having eggs alone for breakfast I was blown away by my energy and the feeling in my stomach. Like the eggs were spreading their gooey nutrients all over my stomach lining. Like it was in peace for the first time.

I have raised animals for a long time and have always questioned the narrative about worms and such in rabbits. Upon more research I really realized how beneficial these bacteria and worms actually are. Required for a healthy gut and body, as well as waste removal. I couldn’t believe the obvious that plant matter can’t be digested very well and we are not created to eat it. I was reminded of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. It was a punishment to eat grass. For a lack of humility and honesty. Imagine that!

Raise your glasses of raw eggs in the air and cheers for good health!

Tools for an Adventure Traveler

The definition of a traveler doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the type of traveling I like to do. I have never slept in a hotel and in a lot of cases I slept outside or close to it. I have lived in many places for as little as a month to as long as a year. I have raised animals, worked in internet cafes, and other random things that require a unique mindset on the fly. This also requires a unique tool set. I decided to make a list of the tools that have made it from the beginning and others I have picked up along the way after realizing how useful they would have been.

Food and Food Preparations
This is a rather generic category. There are many many many ways of starting fire, preparing food, and pots to cook in. Although heavy, one of the coolest stoves I have used is the BioLite. I highly recommend some sort camp cook kit and a few different ways to cook food and create fire. When it comes to food and fire you always want at least 2 ways of doing so. It could be raining, it could be snowing, it could be windy, ect. Have a plan in place for as many situations you can come up with.

Food Gathering
Often times I find myself in situations where it would be quite easy to find my own food. Whether that be through fishing, trapping, or picking fruits or berries. I carry two types of fishing setups as well as some tackle box type things as well. The fishing pole is telescopic and extremely lightweight. It’s hardly noticeable and could be used as a potential weapon if need be. I have not created it yet but plan on making my own slingshot as well. This provides a lot of options for obtaining food with little to no investment and perhaps even lunch for a week. For me this is what the adventures all about.

Sleep and Comfort
Many people use lightweight tents, modern hammocks, or some new crazy tent hammock design. (Which are actually really cool). I would never carry all that and I could never find comfort in those modern hammocks. Once I arrived in Mexico for the first time and experienced my first old school hand made hammock I will never look back. It has earned a life time place in my pack and will be used for the rest of my life. I even sewed up a custom mosquito net to fit over my hammock. In Latin America most houses come with hammock rings built in so it makes for easy accommodation with new friends or random people you meet along the way. Another great thing is it can be used between trees just the same as a regular hammock. The best thing is it’s extremely comfortable and I never have back pain. If you live near Mexico or ever vacation there don’t hesitate to pick up one of these hammocks. The nice big ones run about 600-900 pesos. Other than the mosquito net and hammock I don’t need much else to get a great comfortable nights rest anywhere. A small emergency poncho is also a good thing to have somewhere in your pack just in case.

Clothing and Shoes
I have no set style of clothing. I usually just pick things up along the way and wear them out. Then go get some new stuff. I typically have one pair of cold weather clothes and about a weeks worth of warm clothes. I don’t wear underwear anymore and I rarely wear socks except for as slippers on cold mornings. I also no longer travel in cold climates so this is more of a warm weather list. The only thing I really have fell in love with is the Feivue shoes. (If you are ever in Latin America bring me a pair, it’s really hard to ship shoes in.) The roads are crazy in Latin America and having a grounded shoe makes walking so much easier. I also have a belt with a hidden pocket on the inside and that works great as another storage space or a place to hide things. Other than that it’s all basic.

Hygiene and Health
I carry a few items for hygiene and health that you may not have ever heard about. The basics as soap and toothbrushes are obvious but other things like Petro Carbo First Aid Salve and the JR Watkins Foot Repair Salve. They also make a menthol type cough salve that works great. They work amazing and their title says it all. One is a fix all natural first aid salve and the other is for repairing your feet after a long or wet day on the road. I also carry a baking soda tooth powder instead of toothpaste. It lasts much longer, has no strange chemicals, and is much more light weight.

Tools and Maintenance
Inside of my cook kit I keep many random tools that are small and pretty random for my use. I carry many knives from self defense to cooking and fishing type blades. Even a small machete inside a leather pouch. I also carry a foldable saw for cutting wood and branches. I recently acquired a manual hand drill because drilling holes is extremely difficult without any sort of tool. It’s a bit heavy but worth the weight. One tool that has never left my side is the Leatherman Wave. I’m not sure if it’s the best multi tool but I love it. Any sort of multi tool is a must have. I have used it countless times for the screw driver to the pliers and knife. It is extremely useful and lightweight for the tools you get. I also carry a small knife sharpener for quick sharpening on the fly. With those basic tools I can pretty much build anything from cages to tables or even a house. One thing every man should know how to do is sew. I have a sewing kit that has been used more times than I can even count. From mosquito nets to fixing clothing it is a skill measured in gold. I even created my own adventure traveler waist band from an old elastic waist band holster. It now holds my self defense blade, a every day use blade, a fire starter, and a flash light. I can wear it with any type of clothing and it was created to be used with gym shorts style clothing.

Back Pack
I have used a few different style of bags and by far my favorite is the Osprey (I don’t remember the name, the green one). I like a small sized bags because it keeps me from collecting random crap I don’t need. It also makes for a much more enjoyable travel as I can go do anything anytime even with my pack. It’s easy to move and it’s a great workout. This is another reason to keep your pack weight down and a way to do that is with a smaller bag. I see many travelers along the way with huge bags and I always wonder what they keep in there. Traveling with a dog and myself his gear took up a lot of my pack and even then the small bag was fine. Perhaps I have become more minimalist than I realize. I use the green Osprey and love it.

Your Brain
This is by far my most useful tool when traveling. Learning new hobbies and skills is how you refine this tool so that you don’t have to carry as many items. Using one item for many things is a great feeling and removing dead weight from your bag is quite liberating. It means you have obtained enough skill or ability to do something without that tool. Learning new recipes and cook styles that can be used create a better living standard as well. The mindset is by far the most critical in all of this. Being able to adapt (not evolve) to a situation allows you to not only have more fun and enjoy your travels but it also is much cheaper! Learning how to do many of these things can be free and learning how to do it for free means you don’t need to spend money on that item. If you can build a bed in 30 minutes in many environments perhaps you wouldn’t need any sleep gear. If you can build your own tools from nature than perhaps you don’t need as many knives and saws as I do. These are just a couple examples of how your knowledge is far more important than the tools you carry.