More Fake Wars to Get the Normies Emotional

You know for a while I just got tired of pointing out the obvious. As people kick and scream on social media with their emotions throttling their logic it becomes unbearable to even try to communicate with them. Picking sides like it’s a sports game, buying jerseys and clapping like lemmings as the entire thing becomes a clear theatre of bullshit.

It’s not hard to figure out all of this is propaganda, psyops, staged events, theatre, fake news, ect. It’s really not. It’s so blatantly obvious it becomes low hanging fruit to even point out these facts.

^ This dumb cunt can barely remember her script as she oozes out every emotional stab to control your thought process. As they stand around in their brand new clean uniforms, press passes, and retarded little helmets. People actually buy into this larp? Insanity.

^ Same dumb shit taken from the Ukraine vs Russia playbook. Fake wars supported with buildings being taken out with demolition just like 9/11 in the USA. Perfectly collapsing buildings to larp the narrative of elite. How no one sees this is beyond me, as the world clings to their emotional propaganda it becomes boring to watch.

I’ll keep posting videos like this here, just to prove my point, but I’m tired of writing about this stupid shit, it’s mundane, boring, repetitive, and beyond obvious as to what their doing. I mean at least get some decent crisis actors and invest in some better CGI. These psyops are just getting lame.

Osama Bin Laden Actor Cia

^ Just some pagan satanists tickling your ears with emotional propaganda ^

Fake And Gay

Russia Invading Ukraine [Emotion War, Psyops, Crisis Actors]

Just posting this article to try and grab some keywords. Would love to see some more evidence on this subject because there are way too many strange things going on with this “Invasion”.. and the internet has been pumped full of disinformation, false narratives, low IQ psyops… it’s really insane. This bring up the idea of the internet is dead AI and how this has become so easy for them to manipulate the world and society. With the entire world plugged into the World Wide Web they’re merely waiting for the spider to drink their blood.

When the psyop is too psyop for the psyop….

Fake Ukraine War

Literally everyone, in every country, has a smartphone and/or television in their home. It is so easy for them to create entire scenarios and movie sets on the internet that almost every normie would believe. I don’t really look at these things as a skeptic or conspiracy theorist… I just notice things that don’t match up to reality or what you would expect to see in certain situations.

If something doesn’t make sense I want to find out why.. and many times it comes back to the entire situation was faked or frauded. Whether it be 9/11, the Israeli ship that bombed a US ship so the US could invade Vietnam, or the false flag in Panama that brought about American genocide in Panama.. it’s all propaganda psyops.

Zelensky - Dancing in Heels. The President of Ukraine dances on heels #shorts