Social Networking or Social Engineering

That is the question. As many fail to realize their opinion being swayed from one corner to the next they go in circles chasing societies next dream. They forget they’re an individual as they dance for likes and attention on a platform with a secondary objective. Wishing to become the next big shot you fail to realize most are corporate picked. Did you really think it was based on skill or insight, rather than a silent corporate knife slicing at reality to get you to confirm to their morality.

Just look at EA games for example, as they dumb down each and every game in the hopes the casual stooge will buy, buy, buy. Don’t you think it would be in their benefit to promote youtubers and streamers playing their game? Or better yet hire some wannabe pro gamer to make retarded videos all day promoting their game and gambling system?

Ever wonder how the entire gaming community can hate a company and game so much yet their content gets millions of views and likes, while the personality on the channel is that of a doctor selling cigarettes in the 60’s. Except there it is, with 5 million views as a literal advertisement for Maddens pay to win model. Mean while the critics and gaming community get under 100k views total as they criticize this corporate pie, tasting like GMO wheat and stale rye. Do you think it would stop there?

As many main stream agendas are pushed, the social economy reaches a cliff. Reality is being created for you rather than you creating your own. Yet all along you think it’s just chance, the evolution of man. On a crash course with a concrete wall you continue to run on the tread mill. Hoping to become the next internet sensation they steal your dignity at at the same time. As they create social movements at the drop of a hat with millions to twitter along, as they like and share society becomes docile like a lamb. Perceiving the minority as a majority they are swept away in the main stream current.

Emotionalism and fear become the calling card. As they control the narrative you forget you even had your own thoughts or opinions. You continue to pedal their propaganda pretending its fact, all to fit in with conformity while killing your own individuality. You don’t have to think because it’s done for you, and reposted by the highest conforming or a simple bot and a few fake accounts. You can buy likes and subscriptions like candy and the world pretends its reality. Reddit is literally a conformity circuit, where only the most socially acceptable answers get promoted.

Government Education System Lies And Propaganda Obey

Never wondering if there was someone behind the scenes like Wikipedia and Youtube controlling everything you see and hear. From pushing pro vax propaganda you think its the majority. As you hop on board you fail to realize you’re the only one there, yet its too late because 1,000 other conformists already took the bait of conformity. Giving the corporations exactly what they need to perceive their authority.

Discovering that this would be the only reason for the creation of these platforms it starts to sink in. As you give away all your information for free to Facebook you scold the telemarketer for the same thing. Willingly giving up profitable information to control your very kin. All along calling people conspiracy theorists for question the social agenda, you never once raise an eyebrow to your own helpless conformity, clicking ‘like’ just to fit in. As ten more social networking psyops hit the internet you’re still chasing attention on Instagram, only having to strip down half nude to get a few likes. Another social media movement created but was there anyone really there?

As every Youtuber becomes a corporate sponsor or mouth piece you simply cheer them on. Rehashing someone else’s content or a few motion captures of a beach and your hypnotized. Entertain me or manipulate me becomes the slogan of every social media minuteman. With the attention span of fly they dart from one agenda to the next, never realizing it was all part of their agenda to control your next move. You jump in line for a time in the hopes you could be the popular on the internet.

Fake News: A Dangerous Love Affair for Your Emotions

In the modern era of rapid information exchange, navigating through the maze of real and fake news is an essential survival skill. However, it is the emotional investment in fake news that can take a serious toll on our psychological well-being and decision-making ability, leading to undesirable social consequences.

Psychological Effects of Emotional Investing
Our mental state can be heavily influenced by the news we consume, particularly when we let our emotions get intertwined with the content. When we allow our emotions to become entangled with fake news, it alters our perception of reality and prompts unnecessary worry and distress. Over time, these interactions with fabricated news can evoke a heightened state of fear or anger.

This manipulates our viewpoint, enabling the propagation of a distorted worldview that is not based on reality but on the deceitful narrative painted by the fake news. This misrepresentation, in turn, cultivates a detrimental cognitive bias, altering how we process information and interact with the world around us. As a result, we can become entwined in a harmful psychological cycle, where the reliance on fake news continues to feed our cognitive bias, further distorting our perception and creating a harmful impact on our mental well-being.

Emotional Investing in Fake News Affects Your Decision-Making
Emotions are a significant driver behind our choices and actions. The creation and distribution of fake news are often centered around manipulating these emotions, thus influencing the decisions we make. The consequences can be severe and far-reaching, whether it’s a significant political decision swayed by a fraudulent narrative or a health-related choice informed by misleading data.

Fake news tends to exploit our fears and sympathies, pushing us to make impulsive and unconsidered decisions that may not be in our best interests. For example, a false report about an impending climate change could cause unnecessary panic and provoke people to make hasty decisions based on fear rather than facts.

Additionally, the intentional emotional appeal in fake news is designed to bypass our logical reasoning. We are more likely to believe a piece of information if it aligns with our feelings, even if it contradicts facts or logic. This manipulative tactic could lead us to make decisions based on a fabricated reality, resulting in regrettable outcomes.

Moreover, as fake news fuels our cognitive biases, it further entrenches us in a specific worldview, limiting our openness to new ideas or contrary evidence. This restrictive mindset can impact our ability to make informed, objective decisions, leading to potential negative consequences on a personal and societal level.

Social Consequences of Emotional Investment in Fake News
The impact of fake news extends beyond individual effects, causing ripples throughout our society. This form of disinformation can create a climate of fear, suspicion, and hostility, promoting divisions among different groups based on factors such as race, religion, and political leanings. The emotional reactions elicited by fake news can exacerbate these divisions, further fueling discord and resentment. Such divisions can be detrimental to societal unity and cooperative efforts.

Ultimately, when emotional investment in fake news becomes widespread, it can significantly impair the social fabric, creating a climate of distrust and division, and hampering collective progress. Thus, it is essential to address this issue not only for our personal well-being but for the overall health of our society.

How People Manipulate You
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Dealing with Mainstream Disinformation in a Fake Truth Era
A helpful strategy is to cross-check any contentious or surprising information you come across with other reliable sources. If the story is legitimate, other respected news outlets are likely to be reporting on it as well. Therefore, rely on a variety of credible news sources (not mainstream) to get a well-rounded perspective on current events.

Refraining from sharing unverified content is another effective tactic in fighting the spread of fake news. Before you click that share button, take a moment to validate the story. Not only will this keep you from inadvertently spreading disinformation, but it will also discourage the creation of fake news by decreasing its reach and impact.

Finally, be aware of the emotional ploys used in fake news. Understand that these stories are crafted to manipulate your feelings and influence your actions. By acknowledging this, you can better protect yourself from their emotional tactics and maintain a more objective stance while digesting news content. Armed with these strategies, you can navigate through this era of disinformation with confidence and discernment.

Fake News A Dangerous Love Affair For Your Emotions Fake News A Dangerous Love Affair For Your Emotions Fake News A Dangerous Love Affair For Your Emotions

The Manipulative Tactics of Fake Mainstream News
To understand the tricks of fake news, we must first identify the manipulative techniques often employed by those who spread such disinformation. A common method used is sensationalism, where the headline is exaggerated or shocking to capture your immediate attention and induce a quick, emotional response. This is usually accompanied by deceptive practices such as using quotes out of context to mislead or utilizing doctored images to distort the truth.

Mainstream fake news also leans heavily on exploiting the confirmation bias, a psychological tendency where people are more likely to believe information that aligns with their existing beliefs or viewpoints. By pandering to the audience’s preconceived notions, the false information appears more credible and is less likely to be questioned. This tactic not only ensures the viewer’s continued consumption of the misleading content but also fosters an environment conducive to the spread of fake news.

Guarding Your Emotions in the Face of Fake Mainstream News
Building resilience against the emotional manipulation by fake news involves both awareness and emotional intelligence. It’s important to acknowledge that such news stories are specifically crafted to provoke emotional reactions. Utilize this insight as a protective shield for your emotional well-being. When exposed to potentially inflammatory news, practice emotional neutrality and take a step back to authenticate the provided information.

Foster a balanced level of skepticism towards the news and avoid jumping to conclusions based on a single source. Instead, establish a habit of cross-checking information from an array of reputable and trustworthy news outlets. With such proactive strategies, you can effectively manage your emotional responses, maintaining an objective outlook amidst the barrage of misinformation prevalent in today’s media landscape.

Manipulation Through Dichotomy: Crisis Actors and Control

In the sphere of societal dynamics, the manipulation of thought and control of narrative has been used as a powerful tool to shape public opinion and behavior. One method that has found recurrent usage is the dichotomy, or the process of splitting concepts into two opposing camps.

Left vs. Right: Polarization in Politics
The dichotomy in politics, often represented as Left vs Right or Democrats vs Republicans, serves as a classic example of how societies are manipulated. The division is much deeper than policy disagreements, it reaches into the realms of ideology, personal belief systems, and even individual lifestyles.

This separation fuels an adversarial mindset, transforming the opposition from simply individuals with different views into perceived enemies. Politicians and media channels effectively utilize this dichotomy as a tool to sway the masses. This leads to a politically charged atmosphere where reaching a compromise becomes a herculean task and any chances of constructive discussions are replaced with antagonism.

Red vs. Blue: How Colors Shape our Ideologies
In the world of politics, the colors red and blue carry more weight than one might initially think. They’re no longer merely hues on a color spectrum, but symbolic representations of the ideological chasm between two major political parties in America: the Republicans (red) and the Democrats (blue). This simple, yet powerful association has turned into a form of subconscious programming, effectively creating division and arousing partisan sentiment.

The link between colors and party affiliation has proven so powerful, it has the ability to prompt immediate judgments and biases based solely on a color that stands for a political entity. This type of color-coded political labeling provides a quick, visual way of recognizing where someone stands politically, but it also solidifies the dichotomy, further polarizing citizens. By symbolizing complex political ideologies with simple color labels, the true complexities of political issues and ideologies can get lost, reducing nuanced debates to color-coded tribalism.

White vs. Black: Racial Divide as a Tool for Control
The dichotomy of White vs Black, often used to characterize racial dynamics, is another powerful tool of division. By perpetuating and reinforcing racial stereotypes, this narrative serves to fuel racial tensions and hinder societal unity. When societies are divided along racial lines, maintaining control becomes significantly easier, as the focus is deflected towards blaming the ‘other’ rather than addressing systemic and institutionalized issues.

This racial polarization fosters an ongoing cycle of misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility, stripping away the chance to nurture a truly equitable community. It creates an environment where individuals are categorized and judged solely based on their racial identities rather than their individual qualities or actions. This level of racial polarization often obstructs productive conversation and the possibility of bridging the racial divide. Consequently, it obstructs the path towards societal harmony and equality, while securing the power structures that benefit from such division.

How People Manipulate You
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Propaganda and the Power of Narrative
The infusion of propaganda into mainstream channels has been a significant component in fostering dichotomy-based control. A narrative, carefully crafted and maneuvered, has the ability to shift perceptions and dictate behaviors on a mass scale. Major players in this sphere, such as media corporations, political figures, and individuals with widespread influence, wield this power to their advantage. They utilize techniques such as storytelling steeped in emotional appeal, cherry-picking information to fit their narratives, and distorting facts to further their agenda of fake news.

In the current digital age, the constant barrage of information can make it increasingly challenging to distinguish between factual news and propagandistic content. This difficulty often provides fertile ground for the proliferation of dichotomies, with the audience often left in a state of confusion or tension. It’s not uncommon for individuals to form opinions or make decisions based on these narratives, which can lead to polarized public sentiment and behavioral changes. This, in turn, makes it easier for those in power to manipulate the masses and assert control. Through propaganda and the masterful manipulation of narratives, the perpetuation of dichotomies continues unabated, fueling division and discord in society.

Crisis Actors And Control Crisis Actors And Control Crisis Actors And Control

Crisis Actors are the Fuel for Dichotomy-Based Control
Individuals known as crisis actors are often the ignition for dichotomy-based control, acting as key players in the grand scheme of manipulation. These individuals typically play roles as victims or perpetrators during times of crisis, becoming the faces that come to represent specific, often divisive narratives.

Instances of this can range from situations steeped in political scandal to incidents that ignite racial tensions or even events believed to be false flag operations. Each crisis becomes an opportunity to exploit and amplify societal divisions. By tapping into raw, powerful emotions such as fear and anger, these actors, whether knowingly or unknowingly, help to mold public perception and sentiment, adding fuel to the fire of division.

The narratives surrounding these crises can be manipulated and spun in a way that serves the interests of those in power, allowing for greater control over the population’s reactions and beliefs. By understanding the role of crisis actors in this manipulative dichotomy, we can better recognize and resist such tactics, staying aware of the potential for distortion and misinformation that feeds societal division.

Counteracting the Divide and Conquer Strategy
To counter the pervasive divide and conquer strategy, heightened awareness is critical. One must comprehend the strategic tools of manipulation and the objectives they serve. Be a diligent consumer of information, question prevailing narratives, and challenge the inherent dichotomies that often come with them. Foster conversation rather than competitive debate, and promote understanding in place of division.

Look beyond the binary oppositions of political affiliations, racial divides, and ideological differences. It’s important to remember that these dichotomies are often designed to divide us and thus make us easier to control. Instead, seek out common ground and shared values, recognizing the diversity and complexity within each individual. Understand that reducing people or beliefs to simple dichotomies limits our perspective and hinders productive dialogue. As we strive to move beyond these dichotomies, we can begin to dismantle the tools of manipulation and control, replacing division with unity.

Ultimately, it’s unity in diversity that shields us from manipulative tactics, and our shared human experience is a stronger bond than any artificial division. Through awareness and understanding, we can counteract divisive strategies and work toward a more harmonious society.

Monetizing Your Child’s Death

It’s getting to the point where literally most of these stories have to be fake. There is no way so many shootings could take place in America with no death certificates shown, no obituaries, no funerals. Nothing. The only thing that pops up after a school shooting or mass shooting are Go Fund Me campaigns for the heroes and families that lost a child. I know the first thing I want to do when my child dies is get paid. I want publicity, I want politics, and I want money. I would be smiling prior to press conferences because it was my shot at fame, knowing I’d cash in big from my child’s death. My chance at stardom.

Seriously? What a joke the media has become. What an even bigger joke the American people have become. What a scum bag parent to create a GoFundMe days after their child’s death. And you people believe this is real? Fake tears, smiles on camera. You literally believe anything and everything posted to social media regardless of facts or any type of basis in reality.

Meme about a man being a rapist? That’s now fact. Meme about politics? Fact. Meme about life? Fact. Meme about evolution? Fact. People have become so damn stupid and oblivious to any sort of reality it’s hard to even scroll through social media websites like Instagram without wanting to punch all these race baiting idiots in the face.

To hold back that uppercut on all those Clinton supporters that turn a blind eye to her bat shit crazy personality. Wanting to bitch slap all those Trump supporters that blindly follow as the USA invades ANOTHER country for dropping the U.S. dollar as it’s currency. Funny how everyone in the world is a terrorist except for Americans. Funny how the whole world is filled with terrorists, from Panama to Vietnam. Countries and countries of terrorists.

Of course they aren’t defending their homes and families when they fight back against invading forces; they are terrorists! Clearly by definition the USA is not the terrorist and the mud hut living natives are! Clearly the natives of Iraq and Afghanistan are trying to push a world wide agenda of democracy and peace with puppet regimes, CIA rebel forces, and political sabotage. Wait……

This is how dumb these people are. It doesn’t matter the president or the politics, the agenda remains the same. Cheering on for elections and the illusion of freedom as you vote for your chosen candidates. Why do they always come from the same families? You only get to choose between Bush, Clinton, or some corporate financed puppet who is clearly sociopathic just like past presidents like Obama. Putting on a show for all the ignorant fuck boys to chant around like they are part of the high school football team.

Both sides of the equation need to be punched in the face, and several times. If you are pushing any sort of politics at this point you’re a brain dead statist and should be hung for supporting anti-freedom agendas. If you support any war over seas you should be hung for violating your Oath of defending the people of America. Even the Constitution itself calls for NO standing army. Only a defense militia of the people by the people. No standing army was ever to be formed and that’s why they used your consent and income tax to get into most wars with the illusion of “America is Big Brother protecting the world”.

It’s all fraud but that doesn’t stop the conservative, republican, liberal, or democrat for cheering on war and death of anyone that doesn’t make the claim of being a USA citizen. Which actually means SLAVE. Citizen literally means subject to the state you low brow morons. Go ahead and look up the definition as you pull your guns on those “non-citizens” who have more right to be on the Americas than your European fag ass does.

Pushing your superiority laws as you condone the death of anyone that questions the authority. Absolutely pathetic how these people play the left vs right paradigm pretending their politics matter. Nothing but a bunch of statist idiots parroting what they heard on social media and the television. Perhaps they even got an anti Trump quote from their favorite Netflix series. People posting the most contradictory thing, one after another in the face of all truth and facts relevant.

The majority of the USA are braindead zombies with no ability to think for them selves as they swallow everything the media says as gospel truth. They have no ability to question the narrative nor do anything about it. The country itself was built and founded on lies and death of millions of natives while they pretend they have some God given authority to run the world. Going to be a beautiful judgement day when these hellbound fools get what’s coming to them.

Almost every post I come across on social media regardless of it’s origin, whether vegan, liberal, conservative, anti gun, republican, pro trump, anti trump, feminism, evolution, science, space, ect. It’s all provably wrong and total bullshit. Simple common sense destroys 99% of the memes and posts on social media yet there is no shortage of douche bags with 100+ accounts posting their delusions.

Some how these idiots think they are “making change” or effecting the outcome but in reality they are just wasting away their life chasing some stupid bullshit they saw on television. How much would politics even matter if everyone cut off their television and ignored them? How much power would they have when communities simply said no, and tuned them out.

They would be limited to their shithole country known as Washington District of Colombia, but in reality the American people swallow this republic democracy bullshit as fact and adhere to any and all politics pretending their vote counts. It’s seriously pathetic to think some of these people waste years of their life posting political memes on social media.

What a joke the entire population of the USA has become. Whether your pushing black vs white, anti gun, or any other bullshit you are a complete moron. These truths are ignored as the next wannabe celebrity makes his GoFundMe for the death of yet another fake child’s death and all the idiots post about it on social media. Take the guns!

I’m convinced most of the news is 100% fake and a lot of it can be attributed to fake actors and actresses trying to get rich and famous.

More Fake Wars to Get the Normies Emotional

You know for a while I just got tired of pointing out the obvious. As people kick and scream on social media with their emotions throttling their logic it becomes unbearable to even try to communicate with them. Picking sides like it’s a sports game, buying jerseys and clapping like lemmings as the entire thing becomes a clear theatre of bullshit.

It’s not hard to figure out all of this is propaganda, psyops, staged events, theatre, fake news, ect. It’s really not. It’s so blatantly obvious it becomes low hanging fruit to even point out these facts.

^ This dumb cunt can barely remember her script as she oozes out every emotional stab to control your thought process. As they stand around in their brand new clean uniforms, press passes, and retarded little helmets. People actually buy into this larp? Insanity.

^ Same dumb shit taken from the Ukraine vs Russia playbook. Fake wars supported with buildings being taken out with demolition just like 9/11 in the USA. Perfectly collapsing buildings to larp the narrative of elite. How no one sees this is beyond me, as the world clings to their emotional propaganda it becomes boring to watch.

I’ll keep posting videos like this here, just to prove my point, but I’m tired of writing about this stupid shit, it’s mundane, boring, repetitive, and beyond obvious as to what their doing. I mean at least get some decent crisis actors and invest in some better CGI. These psyops are just getting lame.

Osama Bin Laden Actor Cia

^ Just some pagan satanists tickling your ears with emotional propaganda ^

Fake And Gay