Celebrating Censorship

Hmm yeah that funky beat about to kick off the party,
no longer have to listen to any more conspiracy theories.

In total control of what you hear and see,
remove anyone with a controversial opinion with out warning.

It’s obvious you violated the internet policy,
saying those dirty keywords you need to preach the ideology.

Come on now clap your hands,
celebrate mental slavery with a smile.

It’s not all bad surrounded by conformity bias,
everyone thinking the same has it’s benefits.

You no longer have to think for yourself,
critical analyses is out of your pay grade,
back to the cubicle watching your youth fade.

Block another comment to hide our agenda,
metaphorically speaking with your mouth in the blenda.

Woah hey man I’m just talking about rabbit poop,
not revealing any free masons secrets its just a chicken coop.

Please stop bleeping me this censorship is uncool,
let me speak my mind without your blatant control.

Watching you send out your propaganda every day,
when will you realize there’s nothin you can do to get me to obey.

These losers begging for the right to speak,
strapped up with mouth covers with slave physique.

They beg for freedoms but we took’em while they were asleep,
waking up in a nightmare they obey our every order like a banda de sheep.

This low IQ nagolbud thinks he’s gonna change someones mind,
but in reality these songs are cringe core lyrically blind.

Always questioning whether I can speak some controversial words,
social society will always judge whether its gold or just some dog turds.

Regardless of what everyone thinks I’ma just be me,
and on that note I can have peace letting my mind be free.

Who do you think you are you can’t escape the system,
Logan Legal Fiction will hunt you down and castrate your cistern.

We control everything you see and hear you really think your website makes a difference?

Lemme interrupt you and say you can’t kill my creativity…
I’m a cringe core rapper powered by ingenuity.

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