Social Media Repeat Ban Blessings

The first time it happened I was disgruntled and angry. Spiteful about how many memories I was losing. Looking up wondering why I can’t just speak my mind. Losing years of hard work and personal adventures because I mentioned something someone didn’t like. What I failed to realize at the time however is these self righteous corporations were doing me a favor.

Putting in years of hard work for them to utilize for profits while my creativity was absorbed by collectivity of what get’s the views. Holding out my phone in unique moments to post online without enjoying my moment in the sunshine. Forgetting what was important, now-a-days I rarely even carry my phone in public. A lesson learned as the blessing is revealed just in time.

It’s so easy to get caught up in modern day drama, the media wants you in fear to spin their next psyop. Some dude wants you imitating their words so he can cash in on the red pill manosphere. Another feminist praises misandry after she hit the wall and becomes miserable. The younger generations sucking on the nipple, ready to digest the radiation from the metaphorical 5G towers.

Being banned from social media multiple times has forced me to jump into new hobbies and interactions. Things I’d never have experienced if I was chasing social validation wanting to be e-popular. Building houses out of clay and sand with my autistic man hands. Many forget we live in a plane of opportunity once you turn off the internet. Whether it’s a few hours carving wood, painting, writing, baking, or just chillin’ with your chickens.

Contemplating ideas and thoughts you never would have explored if you were dancing along to social medias pre-determined outcomes. Philosophy and realm wide wonders being the center of imagination during nights offline, wondering what’s out there becomes the beat of the drum. Questioning what you’ve been told since birth, wondering what this life was all about, maybe there was more than the mundane mainstream mix tapes on radio repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gamer at heart but we forget how real it can be to enjoy a conversation with some random in the street, maybe put away the phone for a little bit of small talkin’ about meats. Let the media larp as we cook up some fish and enjoy some hot dogs in the street. Everyone hiding in their rental agreement with gas prices doubling as we speak. Without community were certainly screwed before your heart drops another beat.

We inject ourselves with the social medias’ hate, divide and conquer is obviously their checkmate. Black vs white, red vs blue, man vs women, hegelian dialectic is their whip in the time of Satan’s seat. Where o’ where are the revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and biblical pastors to get the frogs outa the pot before it over heats. Sensory overload becomes the psychological pain we thought we could beat. Little did we know it was their coals we’ve been burning on with our bare feet.

Narcissistic Bubble

Time to put down the phone and go for a walk, spark up a conversation with some dude on the block. Everyone so scared of the worst case scenario when in reality you might just get some dank food and a good conversation to boot. With more community the ruling elite really stand no chance against the power of some good grilling and conversation from your buddy down the street. Where o’ where are the revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and biblical pastors.

I speak from experience is all I can say, maybe it’s better to lose the internet for a few days of reality meditation. Embrace your individualism and join in on some local community interactions. Everyone needs a hug and some conversational stimulation, the chances of finding that online only come in forms of big payments to OnlyFans. Maybe here too if you join the militia, but I only send feet pics never the nudes.

All I’m saying is maybe you should log off from Twitter, Facebook, Bitchute, Youtube… drop the Instagram, OnlyFans, and the armpit sex attitude. I don’t know, just saw that was trending on Porn Hub. I might have made that up, you’ll never know. But maybe it’s time to disconnect and find something that really makes you passionate about your life here on this satanic realm we call earth. TLDR: Bitch you needa go outside and touch some grass..

“As the world disappears behind their bubble, the mirror is all they see. As they chase internet approval they forget who there were supposed to be.”

Self Censorship: Scared to Think

If you’re scared to speak your mind your voice is irrelevant. In fear of saying the wrong thing, you’re already self policing your own thoughts and mind. Many fail to realize why censorship is so dangerous as they question their own critical thinking in place of conformity bias. Wondering if you might offend some Karen or Nancy holding back your thought process. Whether online or offline society requires self censorship and if you disobey you’re an evil misogynist.

All these movements and marches slicing off junks of the English vocabulary to comfort their accountability. Forced to bite your tongue so some nut bag doesn’t get triggered and throw a temper tantrum. Society being babied and coddled unable to have a debate or conversation without getting emotional. Many topics of interest thrown in the trash to stave of personal responsibility, as the illusion progresses people start to hide from their own reflection in the mirror.

In all aspects of society you’re graded on your ability to turn off critical thinking and go into robot mode. Clinging to the very system that has you depressed and suppressed in some weird Stockholm Syndrome LSD trip. Any new thoughts or ideas are labeled dangerous to your identity kicking off your cognitive dissonance alarm. Quickly reformatting the hard drive back to default so your circuits don’t over load. Freedom of thought is strictly for crazy people and insane asylums as you clock in for your 9 to 5.

Chasing validation and clout on social media and in the workplace your routine becomes programmed to stay inside the conformity bubble. Repeating the same trends and tasks so maybe one day you’ll be rewarded with an employee of the month plaque. Failing to realize your creativity and joy are being sucked out as the mosquitos of censorship buzz around your ears. Living in a state of depression and anxiety all because you’re scared to think for your self.

Relationships and family fall apart as little issues become huge with no ability to critically communicate. Problems get shoved under the carpet in fear of retaliation over feelings and emotions. Psychiatrists tickle your ears to keep you on their payment cycle repeating the same self help quotes as they drive away in their Mercedes Benz. Lawyers circling like sharks to take part in the fiat currency feeding frenzy as the system claps along to the beat of the song.

Censorship is far deeper than just cutting words out of the dictionary. Cancelling ideas and voices from being heard in the name of protecting the masses from using their brain. The system has deemed you’re far too stupid to judge things for yourself and act logically to accept or deny.

These groups of cry babies, Karens, and bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to decide what you’re allowed to say and hear. They’ve also decided how you have to interpret what is said and how you receive it. Your entire mind being toyed with as a puppet while they take control of the narrative.

Obey Government

It’s not about saying naughty or provocative words on the internet to incite people but rather the freedom to think and say what you want without fear. To express yourself without the thought of being shamed is what leads to true creativity and validation even if you’re not accepted.

The reality is an artist has no creativity if they are worried about getting cancelled for how they paint their art yet so many are willing to sacrifice themselves for a world of black and white. Never painting their own picture as they remain a robot in the face of political correctness life starts to get quite bland.

The only way to fight back against self censorship is to unapologetically be yourself in the face of conformity and disapproval. People willing to sacrifice their social status to speak up and say what needs to be said without caring about cancellation or personal attacks. To stand on your individualism in the wake of the masses running in the opposite direction.

“In the end, there is no hope for freedom if men of the mind are not willing to truly stand for freedom, to make of themselves Gibraltar-like representatives of its attributes no matter what level of rejection, calumny and injustice is heaped upon them. This is the true role of the intellectual in history, his only role – to stand intransigently for truth and its concomitant of freedom, even in face of a vast social herd of academic pedants, poseurs, and media clowns stampeding the other way.” – Nelson Hultberg

Real Reason Reddit Is Popular

Once in a while I’ll make a throwaway account to do a little “marketing” on Reddit and it always amazes me how petty people are for a few internet likes and “awards”. I thought YouTube was bad for this but after making my first Reddit account I was actually blown away by the amount of grown adults seeking any sort of validation online. The word pathetic doesn’t do justice for how low these losers will go to get some likes in the hamster wheel of conformity bias.

Quite literally, the most popular opinions that everyone agrees with gets shoved to the top of the line. Critical thinking are tucked away in the closet as the weakest minds of society get their voice on a pedestal for other zombies to approve. Every beta can hide behind a user name as they use the Pareto principle as a baseball bat to beat conformity into every user that makes an appearance.

Most of my accounts are at -99 karma by the end of the day because I absolutely refuse to a part of the school of fish and their lack of brain activity. Instead of crying like most Reddit users would, I take it as a seal of proof to how successful I’ve become in the act of individualism.

Reddit users are horrified by this word individualism. Scared to death to be themselves, let alone speak on an opinion that isn’t fully supported by societies band of lemmings. Self censorship is in full swing because people lack the balls to speak out let alone stand for something real.

They are guarded online behind the revolving door of repetition as they get full support for their copy / pasted opinions. Even the Anarchist subreddits have become a place of feminist conformity and female privilege where men have cucked themselves in the name of internet validation.

The funny part is there is no way to argue against this considering Reddit is based off complete conformity. The popular opinion will ALWAYS be forced down the throat of every user regardless of the sub Reddit. The top post will always be what you are SUPPOSED to think.

The Pareto principle must be protected at all costs because the society we have today wouldn’t be able to exist if everyone were an individualist and not a mere brainless zombie. It would crumble over night if everyone suddenly became free thinking and there is nothing the elite would be able to do about it.

They can only control your mind so much through 20+ years of public school education and college but now with these types of social media’s like Reddit they’ve gotten people to self-control themselves adhering to every globalist plan. Get your coronavirus vaccines, abort your babies, obey the government seems to be the main idea.

Government Education System Lies And Propaganda Obey

Every atheist using Reddit as their Bible as they bump along to societies musical beat. They can’t even read this paragraph without calling me an anti-vaxxing flat earth sovereign citizen tin foil conspiracy theorist. They’ve been programmed to do so and have society’s approval to back them up so obviously it must be true right?

As creativity, self expression, and individualism are destroyed these brain dead morons sit by an clap to their conformity wearing it like a badge on their government approved T shirt. As their social justice warrior cape blows in the wind they imagine themselves as a super hero in some cheesy ass comic book.

Sacrificing their own opinions, thoughts, and creativity for the mere chance at getting some internet points they bow down to every mainstream idea. They aren’t allowed to be original as it would destroy their self perceived illusion of narcissistic perfection. As they call me names and laugh I can’t help but feel bad as I try to have a conversation with an empty shell.

World Wide Web is Complete and You’re Not the Spider

Whether you want to admit it or not, Coronavirus Covid-19 changed your life to some degree. Whether you think it was all a hoax, a Chinese bio-lab virus, or it’s some apocalyptic end of the world infection that requires mouth diapers and booster shots. Common sense and a bit of research proves it’s one big psyop as a virus isn’t living, can’t pass from person to person, and certainly can’t kill someone as viruses are created inside the body to fight off infection and disease.

I wrote “PsyOp Behind the Coronavirus Covid-19” the day after they released the Covid-19 psyop but it quickly became impossible to find real information on the subject. Banned for spreading the truth regardless of your title or profession. Many expert opinions swept under the rug of cointel pro and disinformation, all thought processes tucked away neatly inside the web of censorship as the arachnid blood suckers spin you ’round and ’round.

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by it’s victims. The most perfect slaves are therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”

Covid 19 Mask

“When persons being held as slaves were accused by their masters of insubordination, or of eating more than their allotment of food, they might expect to be fitted with an iron muzzle.”

Coronavirus has proven that regardless of community, friends, and a freedom fighter mindset, they do in fact have the complete and utter power to control every inch of the world. From corner to corner their shills are in place to write policies, their corporations and mall cops ready to enforce the fallacies, their manipulation fomenting on every television screen as the normies take two jabs of the conformity spider’s venom filled fangs.

Question the narrative at the threat of losing your social status, raise awareness and find yourself looking through the wanted ads for a new job, unwilling to wear a mouth diaper only to be ridiculed by NPC’s power tripping over fear. A few months after it’s over everyone forgets how easily they were controlled, never an apology for treating others as cattle while most were pole dancing on big pharma’s crocodile tears. Over 70% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine according to the most recent studies.

The threat of another apocalyptic death laser alien virus always on the forecast, social distancing and tracking apps will save the day as Elon Musk prepares his beta orbiter psyop to Mars. Andrew Tate tickling the ears of simps to get them to join his freemason money making course through the vortex of matrix parables.

Let’s all forget that for 3 years our lives were put on hold for death dust and go back to watching rigged sports games and downloading pics off OnlyFans. No one seems to give a shit about that spider in the corner of the room spinning his web. Bigger and bigger the trap begins to unfold, with 8 eyes staring down your every move, programmed to attack at the slightest sign of apathy. Just another day in the self induced twilight zone.

Forced Vaccines

Living in an internet bubble as the only options left for fulfilment in the real world come through total pleasure or complete pain. Hiding in the web doesn’t seem so terrible as you watch another one get wrapped up like a burrito by the arachnids in power. Scared to speak your mind conformity becomes the only option, waving others in like a parking lot attendant at a Justin Bieber concert.

Larping about some retarded shit like the race war, gender war, political war, deep throating hegelian dialectic as divide and conquer become the higher education. Miserable and alone listening to some furry with fake boobs lick plastic ear holes just so you can experience affection for the first time in years.

Adapting the Stockholm Syndrome as part of your morning routine, defending the very system that’s left you in pain. As you lay there watching the spider suck out your blood you become a zombie of repetition ready to carry out the agenda of the masters without the blink of an eye.

Embracing your inner narcissism all thoughts become cloudy and cold as survival becomes the reactionary action to maintain your ego and pride. Anything to take your mind off reality as the illusions come crashing down. Societies belly bloated and ready to unleash a mudslide of shit through every city, community, and neighborhood, regardless of your plan. Complacent conformity won’t save you this time.

Celebrating Censorship

Hmm yeah that funky beat about to kick off the party,
no longer have to listen to any more conspiracy theories.

In total control of what you hear and see,
remove anyone with a controversial opinion with out warning.

It’s obvious you violated the internet policy,
saying those dirty keywords you need to preach the ideology.

Come on now clap your hands,
celebrate mental slavery with a smile.

It’s not all bad surrounded by conformity bias,
everyone thinking the same has it’s benefits.

You no longer have to think for yourself,
critical analyses is out of your pay grade,
back to the cubicle watching your youth fade.

Block another comment to hide our agenda,
metaphorically speaking with your mouth in the blenda.

Woah hey man I’m just talking about rabbit poop,
not revealing any free masons secrets its just a chicken coop.

Please stop bleeping me this censorship is uncool,
let me speak my mind without your blatant control.

Watching you send out your propaganda every day,
when will you realize there’s nothin you can do to get me to obey.

These losers begging for the right to speak,
strapped up with mouth covers with slave physique.

They beg for freedoms but we took’em while they were asleep,
waking up in a nightmare they obey our every order like a banda de sheep.

This low IQ nagolbud thinks he’s gonna change someones mind,
but in reality these songs are cringe core lyrically blind.

Always questioning whether I can speak some controversial words,
social society will always judge whether its gold or just some dog turds.

Regardless of what everyone thinks I’ma just be me,
and on that note I can have peace letting my mind be free.

Who do you think you are you can’t escape the system,
Logan Legal Fiction will hunt you down and castrate your cistern.

We control everything you see and hear you really think your website makes a difference?

Lemme interrupt you and say you can’t kill my creativity…
I’m a cringe core rapper powered by ingenuity.