Red Pill Romance #Nerdcore

Hmm, Yeah,

Just washed up with a nice warm bath,
got rose pedals laid down as a cute little path.

Romantic night setup, time to start cookin’,
neighbors heard me last night they keep lookin’.

Got a little wild as my hands slipped over her curve,
finger sliding down the wheel excited like a perv.

Causing her to move she danced around changing up the view,
starts to get steamy as I move my hand and turn up the hue.

Get out the compressed air and give’er holes a blow,
don’t worry baby it’s your first time I’ll take it slow.

Gettin’ into the match my aim is on point,
hittin’ every head shot without droppin’ the joint.

Don’t get too excited ladies I’m talking about my computer,
you seem confused because honestly I ain’t your suitor.

Feminism killed femininity and I’m not interested in a man,
with all that social media you’ll just try an make me into a fan.

This FPS Due Process shows me love and affection,
meanwhile your tryna put me in the friend zone section.

Got better things to do than be your instant validation,
you do you though, create that beta orbiter nation.

Happy hangin with my bro’s killin terroristic pixels,
wishin you could go back in time with your witch craft crystals.

Sorry babe but it’s too late the wall takes no prisoners,
regardless of your following on social media they’re just listeners.

So I’ma stick to my guns an link up with the boys savin’ the world,
we’ve got a competitive match tonight and I ain’t tryna get swirled.

You want me to cook clean and bring home the bacon,
meanwhile you’re thot’n it up at the club gettin’ raked on.

Holding your cats at 30 years old tryna balance on the wall,
still searching for Chad and Tyrone on Tinder using that push up bra.

Painted on makeup I didn’t realize your face was a birthday cake,
why don’t you use some of that frosting in the kitchen an learn how to bake.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but you need a reality check,
out here cuttin up men as you devour their soul like some Jezebel Aztec.

Using the government like big daddy to do your bidding,
wondering where the good men are at I think it’s quite fitting.

Ya thinking I’m a misogynist with toxic masculinity,
postin’ your reply taggin’ it with Kill All Men to affinity.

Reality is all I had to do was question your femininity,
sorry sweetheart but you just lost your red pill virginity.

Hmm, Yeah.

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