Nihilism, Black Pill, or Self Promotion

I’ve been working on this website for about 10 years now. It was always my place to escape. My safe space. I could write, say, post, draw, design, larp, idk, anything I want. I’ve been banned from mainstream platforms hundreds.. if you include my fake accounts for trolling, thousands of times. It’s almost like wanting to disappear but you put that energy into disrupting the brainwaves of your normie e-neighbors. You really don’t care what happens, because the reality is society has always been dead.

I can work a job, with my hands whether carpenter or SEO specialist. Had my first salary career after dropping out of community college. Self taught in basic internet code and charisma I had a high paying job. Honestly though my only comfort zone was – with a mask on I used to train police science to be on a SWAT team. Got busted by some fag cop and decided to change my routine to hippy professor studying animal enzymes. Only to discover evolution and the system are the only dimes.

Dropped out of college 5 times in 3 years, 12 degrees, still searching for answers.’ Said fuck it all and sold the Audi’s for a propane powered van. Headed to the forest gonna construct me a homestead. Hey bitch, don’t you know you need special permissions to build with on property materials. Adobe house and log cabin ready only to be attacked by badges dick licking authority for pesos.

Shovel in hand evicted for not promoting the right house registration. With the power of the state at hand, violence and weapons ready to apprehend. What do you mean you don’t have a mortgage for 250 grand. You built a house in 2 years off the land? We can’t allow that because our bosses demand. I’ve gotta reach a quota or else I’ll be in big trouble by the sergeant. Fags in costumes dictating my life, what are you gonna do when the douches come for you about it.

Self Sufficiency Mini Farming
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Normies don’t care as they prance around in mouth diapers. Shit spilling off their lips as they parrot the main stream media. Corona virus gonna eat you and it spreads through butterflies, running to your room ya hypnotized. I guess today they’ve got elections but I’m in Mexico laughing at the patreons. Signed up monthly for their income tax never second guessing their government wax. Ass hairs plucked clean their masculinity looking like a 7 year old baby boy.

What else is there to say, we live in a broken society. Normies propping it up to maintain their endless supply of cool aide. Don’t question a thing as you watch the screen. Sometimes the crazies understand but your too busy gassing yourself up in the mirror. Narcissists and atheists eating societies cock for a little respect in mainstream context. Who are we kidding they won’t challenge the media made narrative without engaging their gag reflex.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

How will you survive as the zombie invasion grows out of control? The only way to make sure you’re one of the living, rather than one of the undead, is to prepare yourself beforehand. Will you pass the TEST to ensure your survival during the most dangerous time in human history?


Zombie Apocalypse

With our brains preoccupied with psyop attacks, it’s easy to forget the zombie invasion exists in real life. And they’re coming for us. The question is, are you prepared?


Zombie Apocalypse

They’re always hungry. Zombies are never satisfied with just one human, they want as many as they can get their hands on! Zombies will keep coming after you until they get what they want: BRAINS!


Zombie Apocalypse

They can outrun you, they can climb fences, and they’re relentless in their pursuit of you. It’s not enough to just be prepared with food and water when zombies come at you from all directions, you have to be ready.


Zombie Apocalypse

They’re relentless. They’re never going away. And they’re coming for you, your family, your neighbors, and all of your friends. It’s time to take action and start preparing now before it’s too late!


Zombie Apocalypse

I know you’re thinking, What? Zombies? Yes, zombies. They’re everywhere these days. And if you don’t believe me, just look at our culture. Zombies are everywhere! Society is filled with them.


Zombie Apocalypse

It seems like they’re spreading. They can be anywhere and come from any direction. If you don’t want to become zombie food (which is totally understandable), then you need to prepare yourself now.


Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are getting smarter and more cunning. They’re coming after you with weapons and traps. What’s worse is they have a plan, and they know how you think, they’ll use that against you!


Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are a lot of things. They’re fast, they’re relentless, and they don’t seem to tire out. They have numbers on their side too, which can make them very difficult to deal with if you don’t plan ahead.


Zombie Apocalypse

They’re actually very strategic in their approach and will always attack from behind when possible. Zombies do not need sleep, so they’ll always be on the lookout even during daylight hours!


Zombie Apocalypse

With a strong leader, zombies are well-organized, coordinated and efficient. The two biggest reasons why you need to prepare for the zombie invasion.

A) They have a plan. B) They have an agenda.