Narcissistic Mothers In Mexico

It sure looks like feminism and controlling women have dominated society. Especially in mother mary worship catholic land like Latin America. Women can do no wrong. I regularly see little boys beaten while girls are smiled at for the same trouble making.

I see fat women everywhere in Latin America complaining on their cell phones and tiny little skinny dudes pedaling on 3 wheel bikes. Narcissistic mothers have essentially destroyed every aspect of dating and relationships in a lot of these places. From controlling young women into the same patterns, or going to college, they miss out on the chance to be courted by a young man.

Mean while those same mothers are cuddling 15 year old boys on the bus and holding their hands everywhere… essentially turning them into future doormats for some other narcissistic protege. It’s a cycle really, and it’s what happens when women are given “equal” rights. They dominate society and over time it collapses.

Happened in thousands of places in history as well, as it repeats itself. The stories of Jezebel, or Deliliah, come to mind from the Bible.

Not to mention the super controlling mothers that seem to almost sexually molest / abuse their children even in public on the combi bus system. Watching a young man be groped and kissed by his grandma for 20 minutes was one of the most disturbing experiences I’ve witnessed.

7 Tips to Avoid Attracting the Modern Women

Often times men are given tips on how to get laid or attract a female but in this guide I am going to give you some advice to help you go grey man to avoid the disastrous diarrhea encounters with feminist modern women. The reality is men are no longer safe in the office, the bar, or the university. Where ever we go we are looked at as pedophiles, women beaters, rapists, and women haters. What was a friendly conversation is now a women threatening an innocent man or falsifying police reports.

You might think, hey that seems unreasonable. That stuff rarely happens. The reality is I am speaking from personal experience alone! I even have video evidence of such encounters with these types of women. I have had false reports filed against me because the girl was covering me up so her real boyfriend would not find out. I have had ex girlfriends threaten to beat them selves up to file reports of me beating them. I have had women call me a pedophile for taking care of their son while she was taking pills, drinking, and smoking weed watching Trump and Obama clips on YouTube. I have had flirty conversations with random women that demanded me act a certain way or talk to their liking and when I didn’t respond how she wanted she started to lord her government position over me, threatening that she would have them come after me and all kinds of stuff because I raised animals with no “permit”. New’s flash, I don’t need a permit!

In order to avoid drama such as this the only real option is to avoid women as much as possible. I have never in my life ever had this level of crazy drama bullshit come from a man. I’ve dealt with my fair share of narcissist men, money hungry men, con artists, and more; but never the level of bullshit and drama associated with women. Never. The consistent repetitive behavior is unparalleled to anything I could even make up. The stories repeat over and over and not just with me, with a majority of men in society where feminism is forced.

Here are 7 tips to avoid attracting the modern women:

1) Take off all jewelry and watches before leaving home. You do not want them to know you have bling and style otherwise they might try and lure you into a trap. Not only can you save money by doing this but you avoid the bling hunters.

2) Wear glasses as much as possible. If you look like just another nerd you won’t pick up much interest from the alpha attacking feminist. This enables you to coast by a lawsuit where an angry alpha looking man might be subject to a false claim.

3) Stick to neutral colors and sweatpants. Modern women are attracted to flashy and colorful objects so dialing down your clothing color can help thwart that nasty government invasion drama.

4) Be polite but never carry on conversations. Do not talk about your personal life or hobbies. When you begin talking about all the cool things you do they will become interested and start asking questions. This can be avoided by maintaining a friendly but brisk interaction.

5) The buddy system. Find a buddy at work that understands these concepts and always stick together in meetings with female co-workers. Maintain a proper professional relationship and never allow yourself to be alone with the modern women. The buddy system can help thwart job loss and defamation.

6) Playing possum. Social media disasters can occur at any time. To help eliminate this problem never post successful things about your business or life. Only post the negative things happening in your life to social media. This will keep the modern women away as they only look for those they can rip down. If you are already dead, than she will move on to the next victim. False reports can land the police knocking at your door searching through all of your things. It happened to a buddy of mine and they took all of his computers and it is avoidable by copying the possum.

7) Never carry more than what you need. As far as cash is concerned you should never take more than you need. Not only does this eliminate unintended purchases but no googly eyed women will see how much you carry around. I remember one time I had just pulled out money to make a large purchase and I dropped my money clip at the counter. The cashier girl’s eyes lit up like the register and started her flirty routine a second there after. Keep your green hidden and out of sight at all times!

I hope this list of tips and tricks help you avoid the modern women and all of her baggage. Don’t be the next sucker when you could have avoided it all.

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Modern Day Women and Feminism

I’ve been doing a bit of social experimenting on social media and dating apps and it’s really become apparent how delusional modern women have become. They can be pregnant, 200 pounds over weight, no job, living with their parents, and STILL think they deserve Channing Tatum. These women put on 20 pounds of make up, wearing special cut jeans to pull all their fat to their ass, special bra’s to hold their boobs up off the ground in a perky position, when you get all this female gear off they look like a blob out of the movie Flubber.

It would be one thing if these women were just living their lives, not being feminist, not being controlling, not be manipulative, not being psycho… but they are all of those things. Women have become so full of themselves they will attack any man at will, not just their own husband. They will attack any man that does not kneel down to their commands and demands. No longer is this the minority, it has become the majority. Not just the majority but the almost every single one-ority. Rarely do I ever see a feminine women anymore. Rarely do I see a women taking care of her husband. Rarely do I see a women with hobbies or skills of any kind. Most of the younger ones can’t even cook!

I’ve noticed another trend while living in Mexico that ties into the no cooking and weight issue. These young women in Mexico go to college at 20-23 and within that time gain a huge amount of weight. The reason? They don’t know how to cook! They literally go out every night or eat terrible foods and gain extreme amounts of weight in college. Simply, because they can’t cook. Instead of learning they ignore the health problems of 100 pounds of excess weight and trudge on anyway. The worst part is they still think they are a hot little chick. They are bigger horizontally than vertically yet they still think they deserve a guy with a solid job, a house, a car, nice clothes, ect.

These women will live at home with mom, with facebook as their job, claiming to be something special and of value. They have no hobbies, no skills, absolutely nothing of value to bring to a relationship or family unit yet they still think they are a goddess.

There moms are the same, they have kicked out the husband or boyfriend making him work and send her money. I see this a lot too. So many old fat women sitting on their butt all day watching television playing on their mobile phones barking orders at people while the man is out working all day 6 days a week. If not 7 days a week. Many man working hard in cities other than their families. Only to be cheated on, lied to, treated poorly, yelled at, and more. A common sight in Mexico is a little old man peddling his heart out on a three wheel work bicycle with a big fat old lady yelling and complaining from the cart. These are true stories! I see it daily. I hear old fat saggy ladies with no skills complain about my yard. I’ve had big fat Shrek looking women tell me my parrot is the ugliest parrot she has seen (as I was buying it).

These women have become beyond delusional. They literally have nothing of value to offer society, let alone a family unit. The mentality remains, that they deserve Channing Tatum. Even after a while even Channing Tatum isn’t good enough though. The guy doesn’t make enough, his muscles aren’t big enough, he works out too much.. ect ect. These women have no clue what is going on in the world and every action they take drives society further into the hole.

Scrolling through any dating app in any country, with feminist propaganda in schools and colleges, will show you a never ending supply of old women looking for love. I saw thousands and thousands, pages and pages, of active, old, ugly, wall hitting women with no skills, several kids, can’t even cook, still with a list of demands for men. Wondering why they have ten cats and no boyfriend. This is not a joke, these old bags would message me and tell me about their cats. Their hobbies? Cats. Their pets? Cats. How many? Many. Pictures? Of course. Private Images? Cats. What do you do for fun? Cats. Cats? Cats.

It sounds like a comedy cartoon but it’s sadly reality. I wish I would have taken screenshots of my time behind enemy lines but I didn’t want to spook them in their natural habitat of demanding attention from random men online. Being in Mexico gave me the opportunity to play the rich white investor role opening the door to every women on the app. You have no idea how many fotos of cats were sent to my inbox. How many cat fotos on profiles. How many profiles with lists of demands, requirements, and must do’s for any man just to write her a message. Just to talk to her. These women are beyond delusional and it really is no wonder men have gone their own way.

Seriously women, we don’t care about your cats. Actually, I hate cats. Cats suck. In every aspect of life cats suck. They offer no benefit at all and actually hurt the natural environment a lot. They are destructive for no reason. They have mood swings and will bite for no reason even if you are petting them and they are mid pur. They kill and attack anything that moves. Birds, baby rabbits, poultry, literally anything that moves. They destroy local bird populations. They’ve killed off entire litters of baby rabbits. Not only do they do this but most of the time they kill for fun. Not to eat. Not for survival. They kill simply for fun.

Many of these characteristics can be applied to modern women. Perhaps it’s why they are the only one’s that actually like cats. Love cats. They are exactly like them. Empty inside. They have to use camouflage and sneaky behavior to catch their prey. They will kill dreams for fun. They will turn and attack a loving partner for no reason at all when life is going great. They will attack anything that disagrees with them. They will destroy their own family. They make creepy noises all night looking for a mate. They demand money and pampering without a job.

I got confused about half way through the last two paragraphs because they are so similar. These feminist women have become dead weight on society and worse yet they think they are a princess. They believe they are something special and magical when they literally have no skills at all! They believe they should be treated with respect and have a man spend thousands of dollars on her for the simple fact she is a girl. She has no hobbies, no critical thinking skills, no common sense, no ability to reason. Just one big fat delusion that leaves them alone, crazy, and depressed.

One thing these women don’t realize, even men their own age do not want to date them. Why would any reasonable 40 year old man date a 40 year old women. Most 40 year old men have a good career setup. A decent living situation. ect. Why would they waste their time with some old, fat, complaining bag when they can go get a younger girl that will respect him and treat him well. See, these women go along in life waiting for prince charming never acquiring skills of their own. Waiting and waiting until they are 40+ only to realize Mr. Right got tired of waiting for your pampered, spoiled, entitled ass that literally brings nothing but sex to the table.

7 Reasons Young Men Should Avoid Relationships

Looking back on my high school experience it’s drilled into your head to get into a relationship, fall in love, get married, get a mortgage, have kids, ect. Many of my friends and old high school buddies were married with children strait out of high school or within a year of being graduated from college. They don’t even give themselves a chance to find out who they are before they are neck deep in a marriage. Here are 7 reasons why men, especially young men, should avoid relationships and marriage.

1) Establishing Your Career
The first reason you should avoid a relationship as a young man is because most women are dream killers. I have experienced this first hand many times. None have ever supported me in my career or building something real. They constantly belittle, nag, and verbally abuse taking you out of your go getter mindset. They will push you to take a career that benefits her the most. Instead of taking any chances and building up your own business or career they want you at something steady and stable where they can easily control you and your paycheck. They don’t want you becoming more successful in most cases because it threatens their comfortable position as boss and CEO of your household. Most men in their twenties are either just figuring out their career or just starting. They are in no place to start a family mentally of financially and instead of enjoying the freedom of their first big pay check they are forced to adhere to their wives demands.

2) Time Lost
I can’t even begin to add up the time I wasted on women in total. From dating and relationships to the every day arguments of living with a nagging women that will never be happy. The nights lost in my beta days wondering if she was cheating and why she couldn’t be honest. The time lost jumping through hoops to make her happy. The time lost walking on egg shells. The time lost on trying to fix it or make it better. The time wasted trying to fix these terrible relationships is endless. An endless loop of throwing your time and energy down the toilet. Imagine what you could have accomplished in that time if you weren’t in that relationship.

3) Money Lost
The scale of money lost can vary depending on your situation. Some men owe life time alimony to their ex wife. Some men owe payments for the next 18 years. Some men throw away money chasing women trying to get into relationships. Over and over, month after month, you question your motives as a young man. Wondering where your retirement has gone. Wondering why you’re living in a trailer. Wondering why your ex is living like a queen while you live like a hobbit. The amount of money wasted on drinks and dinners trying to capture the attention of a black hole.

4) Growth
When you are wrapped up in an unhealthy relationship you aren’t doing things like traveling, taking adventures, or chasing your curiosity. You aren’t chasing new ideas and concepts or trying to grow as a person. Your focus becomes the other person and their needs. You forget about yourself and your own needs leaving your personal growth stagnate. You stop learning new things, you stop trying new hobbies, you stop investing time and energy into things that interest you and instead into her. You never even attempt new ideas leaving yourself as an empty shell to provide a blanket of security for this women. Instead of reading and intellectually self reflecting alone, you’re getting nagged about growing a grass lawn or the dishes not being done. You do not even know who you are or where you are going why would you want to be tied down to a sinking ship.

5) Mental Health
Being in a bad relationship can be mentally draining. It can be financially devastating. When you’ve been through several of these as a young man you are willing to jump into marriage or a relationship with the first girl that “acts” nice. After these relationships end in disaster as well a man is left broken. Mentally he can’t understand how these women continue to treat him like a disposal utility. He can’t understand how he could love a women for 20 years only to have her take his children, home, and money after cheating on him. Mental health is left broken struggling to find any source of help in our man hating society.

6) Friendships
It’s very common for a man to ditch out on his buddies when he goes into a bad relationship. Often times buddies will try and help to no avail but the guy will dive right into a relationship. You lose those friends and you miss out on all the fun times you would have had ice fishing, hunting, or drinking a few beers by the bonfire. Friendship effects every aspect of life. When you push your friends away for a relationship you are left with no one around to talk to grounding you in reality and your left alone after the relationship. This pulls you farther into self destruction as your left alone with no one but the women that is hellbent on controlling you.

7) Future Prospects
Knowing that I will most likely continue to build wealth and wisdom as I get older my prospects get better and better. Imagine marrying your high school sweetheart or college honey and ending up middle aged with a hog of a wife that does nothing but nag and bark orders. Imagine if you had followed this advice. Imagine if you had gone your own way and built yourself up to this point in your life. Imagine the women you could get compared to the women you have. Men are constantly gaining value in the sexual marketplace. Women are on the decline after ages 18-23.

There are many more reasons why men should avoid relationships, ESPECIALLY young men. There are way to many tricks and tips employed by women to sucker you out of these aspects of life. To keep you in a state of survival, rather then growth and success. Steering clear of these leeches is critical to your development and future success in life and settling for one early will most certainly end in your demise.

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