The Only Thing Men Want

I’ve neglected writing about topics like this for a long time because I was always holding out for the women that wasn’t the same. A girl that actually wants to build something rather than take it with the governments helping hand. A girl that was actually willing to sacrifice and put in the effort. I’m not very prideful but when I look at my skillsets compared to the average female it’s quite easy to see they really don’t know shit.

To put things into perspective here in Mexico 75% of men can build an entire house in about a month, plumb it, get some electricity going, water, while at the same time starting a farm and producing food; and cooking their own dinner from scratch. The average women here wants to be handed money to buy food, cook some low IQ hot dogs in oil, and clean some clothes. That’s it. They have opportunity. They have 30+ colleges in my town and over 70% are women. Women 26+ years old with no real skillsets, no real world practical abilities. I’ve personally watched them waste 5 years in college only to be working as a babysitter or server at a restaurant.

What’s crazy is in the USA this is the scenario on crack. A bunch of skill-less women with degrees pretending they are important while butt fucking every dude they meet with a strap-on. The worst part is the average man is willing to work his hands and knees to the bone to make sure his family has food and a roof. He’s willing to work 18-20 hours a day just so they have something special on Christmas day. Meanwhile the average women is more worried about her career and her image than her own children. Worried about how society will perceive her as she hands her kids a poptart.

At first I thought Latin America was different. Women still seemed to know to cook and take care of the family but the reality is their shit show was just a different flavor. Asking what my job is the very first sentence of a conversation, dollar signs in their eyes as I walk buy. I remember one girl crying when I told her I didn’t even have a passport, guess she had some fantasy of me taking her back to the USA or something.

Watching mothers in every house hold beat their own children and husband into the ground, hell even dogs and puppies. Women and young girls getting upset when you don’t buy them a coke, chips, or candy from the local store. The entitlement among these women is just as bad as the USA just a new angle. Catholicism and the government teaming up with feminism and entitlement I’ve literally seen neighborhood females with 3 maridos in the casa at the same time. 3 dudes being played and used for money and none of them say a thing, working as a team to support their queen.

Another neighbor selling photos of her children around town while her husband is at work all week. (At least she was arrested). In the USA they’d just smile and give them a job in government. Another family unwilling to feed their grandpa as he slowly starved to death sleeping on a mat on the floor of a concrete hut. The reality is family is just as dead in Mexico as it is in the USA. The difference is in the USA they don’t hide it, here in Mexico they pretend and act like they are close and united.

Meanwhile in the street men (the banda) are broken, sad, and alone. That’s probably the only reason I’m still here between them and my animals. They understand what it’s like to give it their all over and over again only to be destroyed by women around them, including their own family. Watching young boys get beaten for playing in the mud while the little girls are handed money to buy anything they want at the store.

It’s pathetic and the reality is modern women are trashy, narcissistic, and delusional as fuck. For men, most simply want to be left alone. Live a simple life, create something within the community, build a smart and healthy family.. They simply enjoy playing with their children and building something real. Filled with skillsets and critical thinking they are met with government brute force and female narcissistic abuse.

Are there great women out there? Of course. Are there shitty men? Obviously. In general however, the percentages are quite clear and real world experience has shown me the ratios are VERY TILTED. Reality is I’ve never seen a man smack a kid in the street yet I’ve seen thousands of women do so here in Mexico. The second a young boy can start working (I’ve seen 12 year old boys selling cigarettes at 2 a.m. at bars downtown) they are put to work by their mother. Not to earn their keep or teach them valuable lessons but merely as another income for her narcissism and abuse.

Lets be real though, for men the abuse starts a week out of the womb.. when a young baby boy receives his first sexual pleasure (nurse cleaning his penis) seconds later followed by mutilating the most sensitive part of a boy by cutting off the most nerve dense piece of the body, the foreskin. Men need to wake the fuck up, and women, please shut the fuck up.

American Circumcision

American Circumcision (2018) Official Trailer | Documentary

Full Documentary

Bizarre History Of American Circumcision - Why Do We Still Do It?

Feminism Kills

We come out of the womb with a pick axe and hammer,
ready to work every day for the rest of our life.

The truth is these mothers have no empathy or sympathy,
creating hell for their families yet I’m expected to have chivalry.

A mere pawn in her game of chess as she pretends to care,
What the fuck was I born into this shit isn’t fair.

Feminism has taught women to join hands attacking men,
treated like an evil grizzly bear we retreat to our den.
Not a shelter or home for men other than the state pen.

We’re expected to be tough and carry the weight,
yet we’re forced to start the game already in checkmate.

Government breathing down our neck to fight a war,
or maybe just put on a police uniform and attack the poor.

Can’t even smoke a joint to escape this reality,
they’ll cuff us and stuff us under an authoritarian fallacy.

Men looking for comfort where do we turn,
society apathetic we’re left in the oven to burn,
heart coming out black when no one shows concern.

Women take turns poking and prodding for some materialism,
as they join hands with government we start to see feudalism.

Government allowing every female to become a princess,
while the peons are forced to work the fields.

We try and treat people with respect and help out,
only to catch false accusations so she can protect her clout.

Sometimes I just want to go to the park and think about this utopia,
until Karen calls the police and I’m accused of pedophilia.

Men dropping out of society at an alarming rate,
my heart breaks every time I see suicide become their fate,
with no where to turn and no one to help I can honestly relate.

As women claim its equality to watch another man fall,
I lean on my faith with my back up against the wall,
thinking about all the broken men ready to uninstall.

Trapped in a coal mine as they wait outside with TNT ready to ignite,
in the end however I’ll keep my composure and do what’s right.
only because Jesus Christ taught me the way, the truth and the light.

I wish there was more I could do in this spiritual war,
but if I were to be honest with you my heart just can’t take anymore.

Focused on my friends and hobbies to carry me to apogee,
But for now I gotta go before the feminists cancel me with their insanity.

Margaret Sanger: The King of Feminism

“But for my view, I believe that there should be no more babies.”
— Interview with John Parsons, 1947

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
— Woman and the New Race, Chapter 5, “The Wickedness of Creating Large Families.”

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”
— Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939, p. 2

“I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan… I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.”
— Margaret Sanger, An Autobiography, published in 1938, p. 366

“I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world, that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically… Delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things just marked when they’re born. That to me is the greatest sin—that people can—can commit.”
— Interview with journalist Mike Wallace, 1957

“The most serious evil of our times is that of encouraging the bringing into the world of large families. The most immoral practice of the day is breeding too many children…”
— Sanger, Margaret. Woman and the New Race (1920). Chapter 5: The Wickedness of Creating Large Families.

“The most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.”
— Sanger, Margaret. (1921) The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda, Birth

“No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.”
— Sanger, Margaret. (1918) When Should A Woman Avoid Having Children? Birth Control Review, Nov. 1918, 6-7, Margaret Sanger Microfilm, S70:807.

“No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood.”
— Margaret Sanger, “America Needs a Code for Babies,” Article 4, March 27, 1934.

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”
— Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932. Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress 130:198.

“Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease…”
— Sanger, Margaret (1922). The Pivot of Civilization.

“All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class… Knowledge of birth control is essentially moral. Its general, though prudent, practice must lead to a higher individuality and ultimately to a cleaner race.”
— Margaret Sanger, “Morality and Birth Control,” Feb-Mar 1918.

Margaret SangerMargaret Sanger

Margaret SangerMargaret Sanger


Narcissistic Mothers In Mexico

It sure looks like feminism and controlling women have dominated society. Especially in mother mary worship catholic land like Latin America. Women can do no wrong. I regularly see little boys beaten while girls are smiled at for the same trouble making.
I see fat women everywhere in Latin America complaining on their cell phones and tiny little skinny dudes pedaling on 3 wheel bikes. Narcissistic mothers have essentially destroyed every aspect of dating and relationships in a lot of these places. From controlling young women into the same patterns, or going to college, they miss out on the chance to be courted by a young man.
Mean while those same mothers are cuddling 15 year old boys on the bus and holding their hands everywhere… essentially turning them into future doormats for some other narcissistic protege. It’s a cycle really, and it’s what happens when women are given “equal” rights. They dominate society and over time it collapses.
Happened in thousands of places in history as well, as it repeats itself. The stories of Jezebel, or Deliliah, come to mind from the Bible.
Not to mention the super controlling mothers that seem to almost sexually molest / abuse their children even in public on the combi bus system. Watching a young man be groped and kissed by his grandma for 20 minutes was one of the most disturbing experiences I’ve witnessed.

The Jezebel Effect

Reading about Jezebel can be anxiety inducing as well as thought provoking. Her life and story paint a picture of what female nature can be and what becomes of it if left unchecked. Essentially feminism on steroids. Some people call her a demon, but the reality is, she was simply female nature at 150%. Often times people talk about her as if she is some mystical being but again, she was simply a women living her life unchecked in any way. Living without taking responsibility for her actions with a husband that not only allowed it, but added fuel to the fire. This deception plays a huge role in modern society as many households have been taken over by a controlling Jezebel type “mother” or “wife”.

When these type of women are left unchecked, never taking responsibility for their actions, this “Jezebel” personality simply explodes. Often times the husband becomes fully narcissistic as a survival tactic to keep his head above water, similar to Jezebels husband Ahab. In reality, he was a king, he could have had her head chopped off for reaching around his authority or commanding those to take action when he never declared it. However, he chose to be a SIMP and follow her orders instead. Further pushing her into female nature and him into narcissism to simply survive. I see this dynamic playing out in 99% of the households in the USA and starting to play out in Mexico as college and university become more prevalent.

These SIMP men go from being cowards to full blown narcissistic douche bags. Literally adding fuel to the fire in every conversation or debate to simply maintain his position of 2nd in command. Whenever their are scraps of narcissistic supply from the Jezebel mother or wife they are scooped up like icecream for the narcissistic man child. This Jezebel mentality literally stems from FIRST WAVE feminism. Not second wave, not third wave, but the first mention of feminism at all. The entitlement of having authority without earning it or having the logical capacity to decipher truth without emotion is what makes women such terrible leaders, especially of a household. This same concept applies to Jezebel and the way she took control of the throne from her own husband.

These same scenarios are playing out today, as witnessed by millions of narcissistic and sociopathic abuse victims. The father often times takes the back seat approach to parenting as well letting the Jezebel women do whatever she wants. Raising the children to become retarded vegans or social justice warriors. Or worse, a nationalist Trumplodyte with the urge to kill innocent people for crossing an imaginary border. Sound familiar? Perhaps you should read about Jezebel in the Bible because the similarities are plentiful.

Many men are quick to point out female nature and the flaws of women leaders, especially the MGTOW men. The problem with the MGTOW men however is most of them are that narcissistic douche bag. Jezebel simply left them for more money, a house, another man, ect. I don’t condone the behavior of the wife but these men put themselves in this situation. They chose to marry, they chose to have kids with her, and they chose to let her female nature go unchecked. These men sit in a room complaining about women but never mention the FACT that they made the CHOICE to date and marry her. They chose to put their dick in, cum, and make babies. They made that cognitive choice. It wasn’t forced. (Although you could have been tricked you still put yourself in that position. Take responsibility for your actions.)

A lot of men will starting chiming in now, OMG THE COURT SYSTEM, I WAS SCREWED, I CAN’T SEE MY CHILDREN… and yeah, that sucks man. I’m sorry a Jezebel is taking you through the ringers of the feminist legal system in the USA but again, you chose to marry her. You chose to take the governments approach to marriage, you chose secular marriage over Biblical marriage. Ever read the Bible? Notice how they never mention legal contracts for marriage? Ever. Yet how many men sign their name on the line allowed government to become the middle man in their marriage. It also comes back to the selection process. You chose her. You over looked the red flags and married her anyway. I’ve seen first hand on many occasions and there are always red flags, always opportunity, and always the ability to see through the bullshit. But these men chose not too, and instead, played the victim like most narcissists do when outplayed and out manipulated.

Society Is Fake Dont Conform Zombie Apocalypse

Jezebel isn’t some Lucifer demon taking over the conscious of these women, it’s simply female nature unchecked. And female nature goes unchecked when they are with a SIMP or CUCK. A real man doesn’t put up with it for one minute and I certainly would never marry a girl like that. Yet these men want to play the victim and pretend they were innocent children and Jezebel swooped in and murdered their life. It’s simply not true. I don’t condone Jezebel or her actions but instead condone holding up your shield and sword, rather than bowing down for some pussy. Most men don’t want to hear these hard truths, many will get mad, and the MGTOW’s will probably try and hack my website again for saying something that contradicts their cult mentality, if they even made it this far in the article. I don’t say this to shame MGTOW. I say this to free you from the burden of hate so you can truly go your own way. Not MGTOW’s way.

Most Americans can’t even read passed the title without getting butt hurt and crying all over their keyboard let alone reading an entire article on their 8th grade comprehension skills. (Which 90% of the USA has, numeric and reading comprehension of an 8th grader. Which I would argue is actually 3rd or 4th grade based on my experience on Reddit, and the amount of social justice warriors, Title only readers, and cry babies. You can’t even join an Anarchist forum without censorship and bans, let alone MGTOW or any of these other mens “groups”. From my perspective, they’re all pussies and that’s what got them in the position they’re in to begin with. This is evidenced by their narcissistic douche bag rebuttals and attempts at “hurting” me with their “mean words”. The truth remains the same, regardless of your emotions.

Unknown Prophets - Dive In

Do Not Date or Marry College Women

Traveling around by foot often times gave me a unique view into the living conditions we presently call “society”. Often times contradicting the narrative given by authority and main stream media, it was a real eye opener to the lies society pushes. As many other countries are now adopting the “go to college to be successful” rhetoric on every level, they sell the “American Dream” to everyone they encounter. It’s easy to see the liberal propaganda and brainwashing on every level, the statism and government worship, the denial of common sense and creative thinking.
The reality of this education system didn’t really hit me until I entered Mexico. Colleges are still relatively a new thing for the “common people” to attend. Only around for a couple generations it became easy to see the clear and distinctive difference between college educated and the regular locals. College educated men in Mexico often wore tight trendy pants cutting off circulation to their balls acting like effeminate liberal cucks on every level. Having some even call me a “misogynist” for not believing in the fairy tale of feminism.
The women however, were given a whole new outlook on life. These women would travel from all over Mexico to attend university. They would leave their families, come live by themselves, and do whatever they want. Compared to the traditional Mexican family where girls stayed with the family until they got married and started their own family. This created a hard working intelligent women that was prepared for marriage and a relationship. (Not always). Often times these women can be seen working hard to keep the house hold in shape. From laundry and cooking to playing with the kids and comforting the husband after a long day of work. It was quite common to see cute Mayan ladies washing the feet of her husband after a long day. Something truly adorable about that.
On the other side you have the college girls. Who literally get sent money from their family to go do whatever they want. These same principles apply in the USA but far more common, going un-noticed. The reality is however these women show up to college and really let it fly. They don’t hold back at all. Having sex with multiple partners, partying, getting wasted, doing ridiculously nasty things over and over again. They have hundreds of horny dudes trying to get in their pants at school creating an ego even Hercules couldn’t fight. In comparison, most of the college girls I saw were monkey branching from one dude to the next as they moved up the ladder trying to find the “perfect mate”.
These girls were always controlling, manipulative, and delusional. I experienced both first hand many times and every time the “educated” women was far more slutty, stupid; having no real skills at all. I remember having to teach a “educated” girl how to cook eggs! Another one didn’t know how to cook anything and gained over 20-30lbs while at university for less than a year. Simply because she would go out for greasy food every time, rather than cooking herself. These same women always maintained a mentality of superiority that they were smarter. That they were far more intelligent than everyone around them. They would have 5-6 guys at a time chasing them, texting, flirting, talking, while they have a boyfriend!
When I had a dating app a while back it was funny seeing all the women on there that said “Just looking for friends, I have a boyfriend” but when a “rich gringo” would message them the boyfriend seemed to disappear.
Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t even bother dating a college women.
1) They are narcissistic and spoiled.
2) They have had multiple sex partners.
3) They think of themselves as better than you.
4) They don’t know how to cook or take care of a family.
5) They don’t have any real skills.
6) They have several delusions.
7) By the time they are out of college their eggs are dried up or over fertilized.
8) Their career and job comes first.
9) They require manipulation to maintain their delusion of superiority and intelligence.
10) They are constantly looking to move up, aka monkey branch.
11) There is a 60% chance they will divorce you within 10 years.
I could probably go on for another 10 days with that list but I think you get the idea. There is literally no benefit to dating a college educated women, in fact, there are hundreds of reasons not too. Whether you are trying to build your own business or a family, or something in between, a college educated women will literally tear it down. Her own ego and pride are the root cause of destruction within her own home. Whether it be her own children, or husband, no one is off limits.
Again, there is literally no reason to date a college women. There are plenty of women out there, hard working, intelligent, with a business sense that do not do have any of these traits. For instance, there is an extremely cute girl down the street. Never went to school, never got “educated”, but she is working hard every day, she is helping to keep the family fed and sheltered, she has the ability to have a real conversation about anything, whether it be a flat earth or government. Their mind has not been taken over by the system, nor has it been turned into a self loving, self victimized, narcissistic cunt. She has real skills, for instance, the ability to start a business on a whim and be successful! I go there almost every day for mangos, eggs, and a smile.
One thing is for sure, college educated women are chains unto any free man, and even the society they represent. I have seen it first hand, over and over again. These women destroy the very foundations of family, there by society as well. All the while they suck on the cock of government to uphold these rights, yet they are equal. If men simply walked away, reality would hit them quite hard. Society would collapse over night and these women would be crying to the 911 operator about not having WiFi, food, shelter, water, electricity, refrigeration, plumbing, roads, ect.
So many of these women think their degree makes them educated, that their degree entitles them to some superior intelligence. The reality is these degrees are obtained by anyone with the ability to parrot what they are told. College is not a test of intelligence, rather a test of obedience. I guarantee I could come to your job site and after a week, do your job better than you with no degree and no training. Not because I am something special, but because your delusion is so grandiose. In fact, most college educated people I have met in my life are the dumbest, closed minded, rejects, I have ever met. They have no ability to critical think, no common sense, and no ability to question what they are told. In fact, 90% of the USA function at about 6th to 8th grade competency. This is a fact!

Women Can't Find Dates with Mr. Perfect: It's Men's Fault. Of Course It Is

How Feminism Set Men Free

Confessions of the Modern Woman

“So do i. i’m a pro athletes worse nightmare. these men are so damn stupid. i call it “insurance”.” – Ashley Del Rey
“I actually never really liked any of my boyfriends. I was only with them for money. Matter of fact, I only like men for dick and money. Don’t really care too much for their personalities. Bitches are weak.”
“I’ve cheated on every guy I’ve ever been with (usually w/ a more powerful guy), I have no remorse, and I would do it again.”
“I’m cheating on my boyfriend right now. I’ve been going out on dates with different men to see if I can upgrade. This new guy in particular is more successful so I’m seeing if I can get something more from him before I leave my current. Of course, none of the new guys know I’m taken.”
“I’ve been cheating on my husband with 20-25 year olds who live out of state. I prefer men who look that age. I had an affair with one for 5 years. He wanted to marry me, but I broke up with him. He had no idea I was married that whole time.”
“I’ve used them all for either quick cash or improvements in my social status/career opportunities… they think I actually love them until I break up with them (or go ghost) for the next dude. I don’t think I’m actually capable of love like that. :dead: I don’t even care for them like friends. I feel indifferent toward them.”
“At the party my long term side piece walked up to me and whispered in my ear to come over his house after the club. I went and we had the best sex ever. I didn’t even shower or brush my teeth after receiving boat loads of semen in my hair, mouth and on my stomach. We used condoms but snatched them off when he was ready to blow. I got up. Went home and laid in the bed next to my boyfriend and didn’t even care.”
“When I was in a relationship with my ex I became friendly and slept with his favorite musician who was well known in his genre. He knew we were talking. I’m 90% sure he knew about the hooking up but neither of us discussed that elephant in the room. I feel awful about it, especially because i rarely ever had sex with my ex because i couldn’t bear how bad it was. Way to make a guy feel inadequate.”
“This guy I’m seeing tells me he loves me, but I’m really just in it for the money. He pays my bills, takes me traveling whenever he gets a vacation, and buys me stuff.”
“I like doing fucked up things to people. I think it’s my mental illness that makes me like that. I’m sleeping with a dude in a relationship. Every time I see his girl I smile knowing that I fucked her dude and she doesn’t know. I’m going to fuck his homeboy just to piss him off.”
“I was 8 years old when my dad got married. I felt like she hated me because she didn’t say much to me and i found myself wanting her approval. She eventually warmed up to me, we became close. My dad worked nights, so it would be me and her home alone. One night she ask me if she could sleep in the bed with me because she hated sleeping alone. I told her yes and she only had on a t shirt and panties. She wrapped her legs around me to where her private area touch my butt. I was laying on my side with my back faced her. She then start humping me lightly and moaning in my ear. Men didnt give me much attention as a child but women did.”
“Well my husband (back then my bf) doesn’t know the real reason he made it through his pledge process is because I fucked his dean and 3 other frat brothers (not all at once) while he on line. Matter of fact one night while he was in a secret “location” on line in a warehouse I was outside fucking his dean lol.”
“I’m sleeping with a married man who pays my bills, and I have another man I really like who I’m seeing, but he’s broke so I just keep him on the side for good sex.”
“I cheated on my husband when we were at our happiest. We had a lot of bad times but then we were happy. I thought the man I cheated with was the one but he treats me like shit.”
“I keep a secret relationship with someone I dated in college. It isn’t physical and we never had sex mostly because I never thought he was stable and I need security from a man and to feel safe. I have a fiance and love the man I’m with but I still care about the other guy and like being friends and when he comes to town we have lunch and catch up. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this and I don’t think I’m cheating but my fiance has always been threatened by our relationship because I was dating both of them at the same time at one point unexclusively.”
“I’m secretly physically attracted to women. I plan to marry rich and cheat with women. The attention of married or taken men makes me feel good. I’ll flirt with men and lead them on just for attention. The whole time I know that it’s not going anywhere.”
“The fat men thread makes me ashamed that I cannot get this fat guy I used to date out of my head. I have a boyfriend!! But when I see that he’s been out with someone else, I will send him a text just to make him all excited to hear from me. Then he’ll go on to try to meet up with me for a few weeks before realizing that I am not giving him any attention. Once a few weeks have gone by without hearing from him, I’ll send him another text. It’s not that I like him, I just don’t like it when he’s no longer showing interest in me. I need him to be interesting in me always. The sad part is that he doesn’t even have a big dick. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.”
“I’m actively pursuing a married man. I’m breaking him down and will turn him into my sponsor. I feel bad for his wife, but I’m not trying to replace her. I just want him and his money.”
“The crazy part is no one knows about this side of me. I go to church every Sunday and bible study every Tuesday. I appear to be such a sweet innocent young lady but if people only knew. And the crazy part is I’m only 22. I’m really surprised I’ve never been pregnant or gotten an STD. I really need to slow down but I can’t. Well when I’m an old saggy boobed lady I’ll have these memories to look back on.”
“Lied to this guy that had a crush on me, told him I needed money for an abortion, even though it wasn’t his baby & we had never fucked, he offered to give me the cash but he just needed time to get it together, but I was so impatient, he started getting suspicious, I think he figured out I was a lyer so he made up an excuse that he couldn’t get the whole amount but he still gave me some money.”
“I don’t really believe in putting all of your eggs into one basket unless a wedding date is set. My boyfriend is very aware that I feel the way that I do because men will waste years of your life waiting on a ring. We will be spending the 23rd-jan 2nd alone on vacation…we told our families a while back that we were going to spend the holidays with each other, and that they were free to tag along, but both sets of parents say we are grown and to not worry about them. I may just dump him if he doesn’t propose during the holiday.”
“I used to fuck 3 different guys at my uni, i used to fuck at my uni staircase/classroom, ive fucked mulptile guys in one day/hours, i once fucked a guy on my birthday in the morning then a different guy later. it was awesome. had this guy eat my pussy an hour after someone else had came in me.”
“Ex boyfriend’s house, party going on, had sex with mutual friend on boyfriend’s bed while he ran up to the store for 20 minutes… had sex and slept with boyfriend the same night.”
“Somehow ended up with a rich but stingy mofo, told the idiot i got pregnant 2 different times so he’d give me money for an abortion 1k+ each time. i have never been pregnant lol lied so many times about emergencies that needed money.”
“I am also dating other people. One is flying out to hang out with me soon. He told me to make reservations wherever I wanted to eat so he better be prepared to drop a lot of money lol.”
“I went on a date with a potential sugar daddy, we had dinner and he thought he was getting some . When he got out of the car to take a smoke. I took all the money in his wallet, club soda drink and bounced. Got off with $2,368,I left the quarters.”
“He filed for divorce yesterday and told me and two mutual friends today. We are the only ones who know and he said he’ll start letting others know as the holidays get closer. He has been trying to see me and now thinks I’ll be open to it since he’s getting his own place. Don’t know how to tell him that I will never take him seriously and am not interested in anything casual until I know if she’s going to leave him with any money or not. I don’t want to have a casual fling with no broke dude”
“Ugh I can’t wait till college really turns me into a hoe so that I can post in here too. I love thiis.”
“I have slept with my boyfriend and an ex in the same took me out for lunch and fukked, the other took me out to dinner and fukked.”
“I was sleeping with a married man a few years back and was getting bored with him.I lied and said that i was pregnant and didnt have enough coins for an abortion.He asked me how much one was and i told him that it was $1,500.00.The dummy didnt bother to even google to find out.hisself,and just forked the cash over.He asked could he go and i told him that the clinic had a strict policy about people coming that werent getting procedures done.Later that day i texted him and said ‘done’ then blocked his number.I went and got a bomb ass sew in,nails and feet done,took myself out to eat,bought some clothes and laughed the whole way home.”
“If a man wont give me money or pay my bills I stop talking to them.”
“I used to on dating sites and apps and catfish guys with pictures of my friends. It’s not that I’m ugly or anything. I just did it when I was super bored and had a nothing else to do with my life. It was like a game to me.”
“I use men for money all the time and don’t feel bad about it. I wont date you if you are broke. Thats the number 1 quality i look for. I think I have cheated on every one of my bfs and lied about it.”
“I had 5 abortions between 15 and 17. I feel horrible now. At the time I felt desperate to keep my youth.”
“My boyfriend is 51 but he is also a millionaire financing my life. I usedcheat on him knowing he wouldn’t leave me. I worked as an escort twice in my life and still do the sugar daddy thing. I lied about being pregnant. I lie a lot , I don’t know why I do it but I just do. Sometimes I think I have it in me to kill someone, just sometimes I wonder if someone will ever piss me off enough for to plan the perfect murder, off them, and get on with my life. I wonder if I have enough of a conscience to feel anything if I ever did, or if ill brush it off like other dirt I’ve done in my life.”
“I had sex with two of my teachers while a senior in HS.I had sex with three professors in college. I’m planning on seducing one of my grad school professors just because he’s a challenge and I love challenges. Since I was 16, I have used my sexuality, body, and looks to get whatever I want. I escorted for 3 years during college and made so much money that my parents started to get suspicious. I currently have a sugar daddy who is a CEO of a major and well-known corporation who finances my lifestyle. The number of men I’ve slept with in 23 years is well into the 100’s.”
“Freshman year of college I was fuckin two guys. Went home on winter break, smashed another dude and got preggo. Back at school I told one of the guys it was his and I needed money for the abortion…which I didn’t get right away. I ended up meeting ANOTHER guy (I was such a hoe lol) and was fuckin him while the other guy got the abortion money together. None of them ever knew the truth.”
“He brought me favorite bottle of perfume and 2 pairs of victoria secret underwear. I’m sure he thought I was going to fuck him but fat chance and thanks for the perfume and undies which never got to smell or see me in SIMP!!”
“Hooked up with two cousins in one night i was so fucked up i thought that they were the same person.”
“Had an affair while married and got pregnant by my lover. Me & my husband are black; lover was white. The baby came out looking just like my lover.”
“I have had sex with three different men in one day. One was married. One came to eat and the other stayed the night and we got it on the next morning.”
“I’ve had a monetary relationship with my old landlord where he would pay me for sex and the sex was pretty good and he was good looking but I would nevr let him hit w/o some kind of money involved.”
“Years ago, in my mid twenties, I went to a guy friend’s house and had sex with him and a ton of his friends. So many that I lost count. I think it was at least 5 or 6 guys, probably more.”
“Back in the day my Santera told me to collect my period blood and feed it to my guy. I made five oatmeal cookies and gave them to him. He ate one and left the rest on the counter. his grandmother stopped by later that day and took the rest.”
“My ex and i were broken up at the time and he was trying to reconcile. What he didn’t know was i had started seeing someone and we were having sex. My ex convinced me to go out with him and one thing led to another and we had sex. I got pregnant and I knew it was not my ex’s baby but I led him to believe it was. He was all torn up about me getting an abortion . He paid for it and accompanied me to the clinic. I know I was wrong but i needed $$ to pay for the abortion since the new guy I was seeing was being a dick about it.”
“Had sex with 2 different guys within 2 hours of each other. One was my steady fwb and the other dude was some dude I met that was coming to visit me from out of town.”
“I’m 27 and trying to get pregnant by my guy…I want to have my first child before 30, no bc just plain ol condoms, any tip ladies plleeaseee msg me!”
“I was an escort, zZomg! Never big time, just off Backpage, Craigslist and Redbook. I fucked a man with one leg, a few millionaires, a murderer, cops, tons and tons of married men. I fucked married men in their marital homes in broad daylight. They like doing it in the living room. I don’t think I’ve fucked in a marital bed though. Just on their couch.”
“Last semster i was failing my math class, so i put on my tightest dress & went to my professor’s office. I stripped for him & he fucked me in his office on top of his desk. He also ate my ass. i got an “A”!”
“I want to fuck my homeboy’s daddy. Well, really he’s not my homeboy, I only pretend to be cool with him so I can get close to his dad.”
“Gave a man who was secretly fucking my sister herpes on purpose. He knew I had it and still wanted unprotected sex so while I was having an outbreak I fucked him raw. My outbreaks just look like an ingrown hair not like the pictures you see online so he couldn’t tell anyways.”
“Slept with 3 men over the course of a weekend at a my male friends house. He had feelings for me, wasn’t feeling him. But I let a dude fuck me in his laundry room, another one in his living room, and another one in his bed. They found out a few days after, and all three were incredibly salty.”
“I tried tricking to get money to pay my cousin’s cell phone bill…yes, yes, I know. I started crying in the middle of the sex and begged him to stop. He did.”
“I miss having a sugar daddy. I had a sugar daddy that was famous, wealthy, wrote a book and owned his own company. I broke things off but I high key regret it all especially now when I need the money. That being said, I am glad I experienced it all and got to let my freak flag fly in college.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once when I was 23.”
“I would get dressed, go to a popular club with a knot of cash, eye out the guy who spent the most money and seduce him, we would leave together and my guys would follow, at his house they would jump out the car, surround it and rob the dude, they would also pretend to kidnap me.”
“Slept with my English professor. Fine as hell, looked like a lumberjack, first and last white man I’ve dealt with. We had a weeklong break from school due to heavy snow (I’m a GA font). He let me stay at his house, cooked for me, and we fucked all week. I shed a tear for him sometimes. I see him around occasionally, but I lost interest. There was a time where he would ask to visit him in his office, and he’d just give me head or spank me. He’s written me wonderful recommendations for when I go into grad school.”
“Now I haven’t posted on Backpage since last year but I still see my regulars (they dont know I had a baby) and my business line is still open so I get calls from time to time from repeat customers. So I guess those are regulars too.”
“I had sex with 3 guys at once but I never gave them any head. two were eating my pussy at the same time while one I was just kissing and he was sucking on my tits. Then they took turns fucking me and whenever one would cum another one would eat my pussy right afterwards.”
“I’ve had lots of trips and hotel stays paid for me, thanks to my kitty-kat. I’ve travelled to the Bahamas, Barbados and Florida numerous times and had a hell of a time, lots of sex, sightseeing and being taken care of. I miss that life so much. I toned down for this guy who isn’t into that sort of thing, and haven’t been able to afford to travel in like three years.”
“in all honesty i don’t want to work anymore. i tried getting a job but got fired because again i didn’t give a flying fuck and was being ungrateful. so now i’m just gonna lie on my resume and say i’ve been working remotely for one of his companies *shrugs* get in where you fit in. i don’t suggest doing this, it’s emotionally draining and my mom knows i’m lying out my ass about what i’ve been doing in my new city.”
“By the time I was 16, I participated in over 5 threesomes. All MMF. Had two that were MMMF.”
“So, what are some tips to meet high profile men. I’ll escort with no problem, but I ain’t fucking with any broke dudes. I want it to be well worth it.”
“I feel raped by the first guy because I was drunk, I kept going back for at least 5 months when he finally treated me like ho I was woke up but I was belligerent.”
“I was sleeping with one of the maintenance workers for my apt building and had him steal 2 $500 air conditioners for my apartment. My apartment building was selling them to the tenants. I will not fuck a man if I don’t benefit from it in some sort of way.”
“I used to fuck the owner of a salon so that I could get my hair done for free. I would go in his back office and fuck him then leave, he started talking about having babies so I had to leave him alone.”

7 Tips to Avoid Attracting the Modern Women

Often times men are given tips on how to get laid or attract a female but in this guide I am going to give you some advice to help you go grey man to avoid the disastrous diarrhea encounters with feminist modern women. The reality is men are no longer safe in the office, the bar, or the university. Where ever we go we are looked at as pedophiles, women beaters, rapists, and women haters. What was a friendly conversation is now a women threatening an innocent man or falsifying police reports.
You might think, hey that seems unreasonable. That stuff rarely happens. The reality is I am speaking from personal experience alone! I even have video evidence of such encounters with these types of women. I have had false reports filed against me because the girl was covering me up so her real boyfriend would not find out. I have had ex girlfriends threaten to beat them selves up to file reports of me beating them. I have had women call me a pedophile for taking care of their son while she was taking pills, drinking, and smoking weed watching Trump and Obama clips on YouTube. I have had flirty conversations with random women that demanded me act a certain way or talk to their liking and when I didn’t respond how she wanted she started to lord her government position over me, threatening that she would have them come after me and all kinds of stuff because I raised animals with no “permit”. New’s flash, I don’t need a permit!
In order to avoid drama such as this the only real option is to avoid women as much as possible. I have never in my life ever had this level of crazy drama bullshit come from a man. I’ve dealt with my fair share of narcissist men, money hungry men, con artists, and more; but never the level of bullshit and drama associated with women. Never. The consistent repetitive behavior is unparalleled to anything I could even make up. The stories repeat over and over and not just with me, with a majority of men in society where feminism is forced.
Here are 7 tips to avoid attracting the modern women:
1) Take off all jewelry and watches before leaving home. You do not want them to know you have bling and style otherwise they might try and lure you into a trap. Not only can you save money by doing this but you avoid the bling hunters.
2) Wear glasses as much as possible. If you look like just another nerd you won’t pick up much interest from the alpha attacking feminist. This enables you to coast by a lawsuit where an angry alpha looking man might be subject to a false claim.
3) Stick to neutral colors and sweatpants. Modern women are attracted to flashy and colorful objects so dialing down your clothing color can help thwart that nasty government invasion drama.
4) Be polite but never carry on conversations. Do not talk about your personal life or hobbies. When you begin talking about all the cool things you do they will become interested and start asking questions. This can be avoided by maintaining a friendly but brisk interaction.
5) The buddy system. Find a buddy at work that understands these concepts and always stick together in meetings with female co-workers. Maintain a proper professional relationship and never allow yourself to be alone with the modern women. The buddy system can help thwart job loss and defamation.
6) Playing possum. Social media disasters can occur at any time. To help eliminate this problem never post successful things about your business or life. Only post the negative things happening in your life to social media. This will keep the modern women away as they only look for those they can rip down. If you are already dead, than she will move on to the next victim. False reports can land the police knocking at your door searching through all of your things. It happened to a buddy of mine and they took all of his computers and it is avoidable by copying the possum.
7) Never carry more than what you need. As far as cash is concerned you should never take more than you need. Not only does this eliminate unintended purchases but no googly eyed women will see how much you carry around. I remember one time I had just pulled out money to make a large purchase and I dropped my money clip at the counter. The cashier girl’s eyes lit up like the register and started her flirty routine a second there after. Keep your green hidden and out of sight at all times!
I hope this list of tips and tricks help you avoid the modern women and all of her baggage. Don’t be the next sucker when you could have avoided it all.

Unknown Prophets - Dive In

Feminism Created the Rape Culture

Feminists often times tell everyone around them that patriarchy and men have created a rape culture for women. That women are victims in all facets of society and men are the evil predators. The reality is however feminism has created a rape culture for MEN. You heard me right, the rape culture created by feminism on men can be measured with facts, evidence, and proof. However, according to the legal system women can’t rape because there is no penetration.
A quick look at statistics however prove there is more than mere penetration, but an absolute gang bang on men by ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, and the government. A whopping 3% of men receive alimony. More than 85% of child support providers are men. Not only are 85% of child support providers male but when compared, when women are child support providers they provide 60% less than men. Annual child support payments average $5,450 from male providers and $3,500 from female providers. Searching the internet for statistics on how often the women gets the home you’ll find nothing but vacant articles about equality leaving the statistics unknown. From personal experience though, I have NEVER seen the man get the house in the divorce. Best case for the man they sell it. Most cases, she gets it.
When it comes to the children there is an extreme bias. One survey, this one commissioned by the Minnesota Supreme Court, found that a majority (56%) of the state’s judges, both male and female, agreed with the statement, “I believe young children belong with their mother.” Only a few of the judges indicated that they would need more information about the mother before they could answer. Fathers, one judge explained, “must prove their ability to parent while mothers are assumed to be able.” Another judge commented, “I believe that God has given women a psychological makeup that is better tuned to caring for small children.” So already, before even entering the court as a father, there is a 56% chance no matter what you do the mother will receive the children.
Judges’ self-reporting of their prejudices against fathers was consistent with practicing attorneys’ impressions of them. 69% of male attorneys had come to the conclusion that judges always or often assume from the outset (i.e., before being presented with any evidence) that children belong with their mothers. 40% of the female attorneys agreed with that assessment. Nearly all attorneys (94% of male attorneys and 84% of female attorneys) said that all judges exhibited prejudice against fathers at least some of the time.
Similar findings have been made in court-sponsored gender bias studies conducted in other states. The Maryland study, for example, found that most attorneys perceived that it is either always or often the case that “custody awards to mothers are based on the assumption that children belong with their mothers.” A follow-up study conducted “still indicates a preference to award mothers custody.” The majority of attorneys, both male and female, agreed that fathers either did not always get treated fairly in custody proceedings, or that they “often” did not. 6% of judges, 17% of female attorneys and 29% of male attorneys went so far as to say that no father ever receives fair treatment in a Maryland custody proceeding. Surveys of judges in Maryland, Missouri, Texas and Washington found that a majority of judges were unable to say that they usually give fathers fair consideration in custody cases. This matched the perception of members of the bar. A review of appellate court decisions led a team of psychology and law professors to conclude that the maternal preference is still the norm. Nothing has changed ‘MRA’. Time to look up MGTOW.
A majority of attorneys said fathers didn’t always get treated fairly or that they often did not. And large numbers of judges and lawyers agreed that “no father ever receives fair treatment in a Maryland custody proceeding.” Some judges agreed with that frank statement of bias and judicial malpractice.
Why is it no one says anything out loud though? Reflecting on the statistics its clear whats happening to men through out society in the court system. I don’t write this as an angry father. I don’t write this as an angry ex. I don’t write this as a pro rapist. I don’t write this as a misogynist. I write this because I clearly see the injustice men are facing. And the only way to get attention to the subject is to use shock marketing with a catchy title that will piss off a bunch of entitled feminists that literally lie about a rape culture for attention. I see the pain and sorrow on the faces of men while women are running around gloating. I see a bunch of emotional feminist women taking men for everything they can. I see a government that not only enables it, but promotes it. Women take full advantage of this system and like programmed robots do it over and over and over again leaving a trail of broken men behind them.
There is no support system for men. There are no shelters. Anytime a man even mentions this type of stuff he is shunned and shamed because women do no harm. Especially mothers. The reality is though, even studies show mothers are more likely to molest and hurt their own children than fathers. The reality is most single mothers are awful mothers and most that I have seen first hand are terrible people too. They use their children to manipulate the man. They neglect the children to go party, hook up with dudes, or watch TV. I’ve been at many houses where I see a lazy women sitting on the couch watching TV with no concern for her own children or their well being. The ridiculous notion that all mothers are good mothers because they are mothers is beyond ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous it’s traumatizing for a young child. There are several times in my personal life where I had to cook and play with children because the mother simply stopped living life. Watching TV, taking prescription pills, drinking, smoking, ect.
This article is not only to shame feminists and modern women for what they have become but also to be a mouth piece for men that are too scared of the consequences of speaking out. My job can’t be lost. My life can’t be ruined by a female. Send me to jail and I’ll start a riot. Take my money and I’ll learn how to grow food and raise animals. Attack my character and reveal your own. I’m not scared of you.

Why Women are Manipulative in Relationships

When in confrontation with most women you’ll always start to question the narrative about half way through. This is because they will have tried to gas light you three or four times in just a few short minutes. This is an all out barrage on your brain that leaves you exhausted and bewildered. You often ask yourself WHY?! Why on earth do you feel the need to continue manipulating reality, why do you continue lying about the situation, why can’t you simply take responsibility for your actions.. These are all thoughts that generally come to mind in most relationships I’ve seen first hand or personally been in myself.
We ask ourselves why? We can’t comprehend why they continue to lie and manipulate even when confronted. They just keep trying. I have pondered this several times and competition always seems to be one of the biggest roots stemming into the war on your mental health. Women have been told their entire life that they are equal to men. That they can be independent, career driven, AND happy. In the work place, at home, in school, they are in constant competition with men, their boyfriends, and their husbands. Mentally, physically, and who wears the pants in the household. It’s a constant battle in every family because what exactly is EQUAL?! Should the women chop and stack wood 50% of the time? Should the husband mop the floor while the wife builds the new barn? See the reality is yes, of course a women can do those things. But the average man is going to accomplish the task at a much higher rate than the average female. This is not equality. Women can give birth, nurse their babies, and look good doing it. Men can not give birth, nurse a baby, and we certainly would not look good doing it.
The biggest lie both women and men have been told by society is that we are equal. We are not, and we never will be. Equality is just a fairy tale for liberalism and socialism to spread its wings and indoctrinate everyone with it’s kind words; but it’s not true. Not only is it not true but it creates total chaos in the family unit. Inside the man and women’s own mental thinking and life. A women wastes her entire life in a career to find out she can’t have children anymore and dies alone. What’s the point? Especially when all dogs go to heaven, not cats.
Men are told they are equal to women, that they should be submissive, passive, and non-expressive of male emotions. How can a man be a man if he can’t get manly every once in a while.. but to a feminist modern typical women this is the death of the marriage or relationship. Or soon to be the death after a war for power ensues the entire thing. Equality in any relationship is impossible. It’s a constant conflict of trying to balance the weights on each side of the scale. Peace comes from accepting your role in the relationship and learning how to thrive in it. Not fight it.
This seems to be one of the big reasons women feel the need to lie, manipulate, and control a situation. They are in a power struggle they can’t win. They have to use shame, guilt, lies, and control to gain the power. The reality is the average man could man handle the average women. I don’t condone violence it’s just an example. The man has the raw power. He wields the ability to create, build, and destroy with his bare hands. The women can not compete with this raw power. Her only way is through this manipulation, breaking you down, getting you to her level.
The reality is if a women accepted her role in the family and embraced it, there would be no lying, no manipulation, no games, and no control. There would be no fight for dominance, no fight for power, no fight for leadership. In reality that would be the equal relationship. The fair and healthy relationship. This is non-existent in today’s culture. Looking at any married couple is evidence enough that the women’s softball team wears the nut cups. Married men have become docile and beat down and those that run are shamed, stolen from, or worse, robbed of their children. All because they said “NO”.

Standing Your Ground Against Feminism

Dealing with the feminist mindset can be exhausting. Like fighting your way through a tornado only to find out there’s a hurricane on the other side. Growing up in a home with an “educated, masters degree, independent, great, women” of a mother, which is actually code for self entitled, self absorbed, feminist, narcissistic sociopath, I started to develop an anti-feminist mentality. Not based on hate or anger, but based on reality and logic. Having encounters with these types of woman through out life help me identify a lot of the causes and reasons. Even when these women are merely friends with no sexual attraction or friction they still carry out their man hating attacks. Whether aggressive, passive aggressive, bi-proxy, ect.
What is bi-proxy you ask? Well that is when a manipulative college educated women uses her vagina and sex appeal to trick a man into having the same opinion as her. A quote from a permaculture dude named Paul Wheaton, “Most people NEED to hear their own opinion from all other people and are frustrated that they don’t have the might to make it “right.” And it is so true in the subject of feminism, and the modern women. The reality is most women do not admit to being a feminist but certainly hold to the ideals and values feminism brings.
I have actually had this happen to me many times. I have had grown men call me a misogynist with their girlfriend or wife sitting next to them with a smirk on her face. I have asked these grown men, what is this word misogynist, can you give me a definition. Most look at me like a deer in the headlights. Like they’ve been discovered as the true coward they are. They have no clue what a misogynist is but they heard the vagina they want say it so they are trying to look good. To protect her. Her knight in shining armor. The reality is this man feels and looks like a total coward. He knows that I have discovered his lies and that he has no idea what he is talking about. He is merely a mouth piece for the vagina.
You know feminism is ingrained in the heads of every educated women because when they try and debate or argue they are shot down with logic and reason. They get angry that their entire philosophy can be attributed to the Jesuits as a way to destroy the feminine, empathetic, caring, women. They used feminism to create total chaos in the families of every home. Whether through television, media, or the government school system they slowly poisoned the minds of women.
It wouldn’t be a big deal if these feminist maintained their viewpoints outside of government; but since this is a direct agenda from the people that own government they have used it in their favor. This mentality has resulted in thousands of men losing their bank accounts, children, dignity, and sanity. It has resulted in a government full of educated women that hate men. That are given a free pass to do anything they want. Considering most voters are women as well, it leaves for little room for change in a positive way for men. I only see it getting worse.
This mentality carries to every vagina mouthpiece. This mentality is grabbed up by every college women. It gives them the ability to have sex for free on the tax payers dime. It gives them the ability to kill their own child. It gives them a sense of undeserved entitlement and sovereignty. They take whatever they want, do whatever they want, and the law supports them.
Another problem that stems from these vaginas and their mouth pieces is that gossip and slander. They can’t just have an argument or debate. They feel the need to talk about it to everyone they know. To change what you said and manipulate your opinions to fit their narrative. Now of course this leaves you outside the group, with them all believing a bunch of non-sense and never questioning the feminist narrative. I have seen it many times, where I obviously destroy a silly feminist argument and instead of a rebuttal, they go into shaming, guilting, hate, ect. And when they are done with that, they go tell everyone that will listen how I am women hating man. That I am misogynist. And then you have the vagina mouthpiece say it to my face. I have seen these women literally lose it over a debate like this. Drunk and passed out on the sidewalk 2 hours later.. cognitive dissonance.
See, the reality is most feminist and modern women have no accountability. They never blame themselves for their destructive ways. They never look in the mirror. They just blame men and patriarchy. Then they pick themselves up by their own bootstraps, put on their mask, and look for a new prey. The only way to actually win is to always stand your ground.
When I say stand your ground it doesn’t mean you pull out a club and starting beating people. What I mean is to have your thoughts well articulated and grounded in reality and truth. This way when an emotional educated women starts losing her shit you can simply recite truths in a calm manner. This to me, is the best way to awaken other men to the reality. What’s the next thought a deer has after it’s caught in the headlights? Oh fuck. Then? RUN.
When you stand your ground you not only need to stand against this feminist non-sense, but also the women worship by their mouthpiece. These men need to see other real men standing their ground. These men have had their confidence and dignity shattered at an early age by, most likely, their own mother. This results in the blue pill man chasing validation from a women. Why else would a grown man call another man a misogynist?
The reality is a grown man should never even use this word. The reality is the word itself makes no sense at all. Probably just another feminist invention to shame men that stand their ground. Let’s look at the definitions of these words:
a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.
preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
Okay, so by definition if a man is giving first hand experience of these things it CAN NOT be misogynist or prejudice against women. It is simply the truth. Misogynist would be a man that does not like woman but has never talked to one, dated one, seen one in his life, married one, lost children to one, lost his bank account to one, ect. So by definition this word doesn’t even make sense. In reality, when you change the word women to men. It fits the bill for a feminist.
Most feminists do not have experience with losing their children to a man, they have no experience losing their bank account to a man; most feminists have never been raped yet they accuse all men of raping and starting a rape culture. So by definition feminists and modern women are more misogynist than Men Going Their Own Way men.
Or maybe it needs its own word? Femogynist.

The Only Choice Left for Red Pill Men

Most men today have accepted their blue pill life with no debate. They go along with what they are told, how to act, what to say, all without a fuss. Modern feminism has become the hammer for which women keep men in check. Any type of rebuttal results in being called a misogynist or some other shaming tactic. So most men go along without a single complaint. When you look at these men you see nothing but depression, anxiety, and anger boiling over. Their eyes and face are hung with guilt and shame wondering how they ended up here. They look at their children and decide to push on in their name to try and provide a safe environment.

These types of relationships are clearly a one way street. The men need permission, or to ask their WIFE if they can do something. The alternative is an angry bitter women complaining about you not asking permission. Women and wives will tell their HUSBANDS that “they LET them” do something. As if these women are in full and total control of their husband like a robot. It’s just one big joke in society that women apparently run the household. The reality is they do. Most households are run by the women and that’s exactly why they fail. That is exactly why the man and women are both miserable.

Women have taken feminism as their hammer to beat down any male that expresses masculine male behavior. A man that is in charge of his household is cancer to the feminist women. A successful and masculine man will be called misogynist anytime he displays his male behavior. Anytime a man tries to act like a man he is shamed into the ground. A man that stands his ground and confronts a women for her bad behavior will be turned into a women hating satanist. Society at large will hate any man that stands his ground to a women. This is the feminist hammer.

This isn’t just happening in husband and wife relationships. This is happening all over the place. From boyfriends and girlfriends to random women on the street using men for money. The entitlement and self absorbed attitudes of women run rampant while holding the hammer of feminism over any one that questions their behavior. Women today do not look at men for men. They look at them for what they can provide. What they can do for the women. They do not accept the man for who he is, as they try and change his behavior, his jokes, his attitude, and his kindness to other people. Women want all the attention on themselves. They want to be in total control of the relationship and man. They want to be in total control and run the relationship as if they were the mother. The worst part is these feminist women will claim that MEN are looking for a mother type wife / girlfriend. They are 100% delusional. The biggest turn off for a man is to be treated like a child. The largest amount of shame that can be heaped on a man is the constant ridicule from women, movies, television, music and media that men are big stupid apes that can’t take care of themselves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.. and personal relationships have proven that WOMEN are in fact lacking in many areas.

Today’s women seem to think that facebook and instagram are a job or skill. They believe that they can literally sit around and do nothing waiting for their prince charming to come, (with a high paying job, nice car, funny, caring, great with kids, tall, strong, 500000 descriptive words later you realize no man can meet this criteria.) Yet these women themselves are out of shape, can’t cook, clean like a child, and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. This is the trade off men are left with.

When I say men have no choice it is a reality. A man that respects himself and others does not bow down and worship a women. A real man does not allow a women to tell him how to live or what to spend his money on. A real man does not take orders from a women. Especially his wife. A man that respects himself will not stay in a relationship with a verbally abusive women. This is where it gets real. I kid you not when I say every relationship I have been in resulted with a verbally, sometimes physically, abusive relationship. From cheating, affairs, lying, manipulating, and total sociopathy. This is where women love to place shame on the pile by saying, “oh, who hurt you”. Claiming that I must have been hurt to hold to the ideology of MGTOW. Well the reality is no, I just have respect for myself and know that I do not allow someone to treat me poorly. Especially someone that claims to care about me. This is when we begin to see that men really do have no choice in modern society. That feminism, and its big hammer, leave no room for real women or men. The entire foundation of relationships has been shattered by feminist ideology being adopted by most modern day women. Whether they claim to be feminist or not, they certainly hold to the values of it. A man that respects himself has no choice but to walk away from these types of women. The problem is, this is 95% of women, if not MORE, in most modern societies.

Between divorce courts and child custody being totally skewed in favor of women, the cost / reward is not there for men. Why on earth would a successful man enter into a contract with a women that is known to be abusive, lie about her past, and be sexually promiscuous with many men. Why would a respectful man even hang out with women like this let alone share his assets with her. You want to lose your children, your wealth, your life? Get married to one of these modern women. They will suck out your money, soul, and sperm leaving you without your children, home, or a place to eat. They have no shame in their game and go for the throat every time. These women are not capable of love or compassion let alone empathy. This is WHY men literally have no choice. We are given no option but to enter a crap relationship with a self absorbed controlling sociopath or go our own way. It has nothing to do with being hurt or a past relationship gone south. It’s the reality that EVERY relationship for a real men that has respect and courage ends up with a women like this. The only difference is how long it takes this feminist sociopath to take off her mask.

Once again, I will be labeled as a women hating misogynist because I think it’s retarded, yes retarded, that a human being would gloat and glorify the “right” to kill her own child. That I think its sick and disgusting you would allow someone to reach in and pull out a living human being, breathing, heart beating, and fingers wiggling; and dismember it and throw it in the trash. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that women today believe this is a right worth fighting for. I will be labeled a misogynist because I don’t think the modern women is capable of a real loving relationship. I will be labeled a misogynist because I stand my ground against sociopathic women that use manipulation belt fed into their M-16 of bullshit. The reality is though, I will be labeled a misogynist for simply being a man. For acting as a real man should. Not only by these feminist women, but by their beta cucks. The beta’s that want vagina so badly they will literally say and do anything to get it. They will worship on their knees to get one drop of v-juice. For one squirt of validation. Only to have their entire life destroyed in the end. These are the options for the modern man. I didn’t choose MGTOW, I was left with no other options.