World Wide Web is Complete and You’re Not the Spider

Whether you want to admit it or not, Coronavirus Covid-19 changed your life to some degree. Whether you think it was all a hoax, a Chinese bio-lab virus, or it’s some apocalyptic end of the world infection that requires mouth diapers and booster shots. Common sense and a bit of research proves it’s one big psyop as a virus isn’t living, can’t pass from person to person, and certainly can’t kill someone as viruses are created inside the body to fight off infection and disease.

I wrote “PsyOp Behind the Coronavirus Covid-19” the day after they released the Covid-19 psyop but it quickly became impossible to find real information on the subject. Banned for spreading the truth regardless of your title or profession. Many expert opinions swept under the rug of cointel pro and disinformation, all thought processes tucked away neatly inside the web of censorship as the arachnid blood suckers spin you ’round and ’round.

“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by it’s victims. The most perfect slaves are therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”

Covid 19 Mask

“When persons being held as slaves were accused by their masters of insubordination, or of eating more than their allotment of food, they might expect to be fitted with an iron muzzle.”

Coronavirus has proven that regardless of community, friends, and a freedom fighter mindset, they do in fact have the complete and utter power to control every inch of the world. From corner to corner their shills are in place to write policies, their corporations and mall cops ready to enforce the fallacies, their manipulation fomenting on every television screen as the normies take two jabs of the conformity spider’s venom filled fangs.

Question the narrative at the threat of losing your social status, raise awareness and find yourself looking through the wanted ads for a new job, unwilling to wear a mouth diaper only to be ridiculed by NPC’s power tripping over fear. A few months after it’s over everyone forgets how easily they were controlled, never an apology for treating others as cattle while most were pole dancing on big pharma’s crocodile tears. Over 70% of the world population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine according to the most recent studies.

The threat of another apocalyptic death laser alien virus always on the forecast, social distancing and tracking apps will save the day as Elon Musk prepares his beta orbiter psyop to Mars. Andrew Tate tickling the ears of simps to get them to join his freemason money making course through the vortex of matrix parables.

Let’s all forget that for 3 years our lives were put on hold for death dust and go back to watching rigged sports games and downloading pics off OnlyFans. No one seems to give a shit about that spider in the corner of the room spinning his web. Bigger and bigger the trap begins to unfold, with 8 eyes staring down your every move, programmed to attack at the slightest sign of apathy. Just another day in the self induced twilight zone.

Forced Vaccines

Living in an internet bubble as the only options left for fulfilment in the real world come through total pleasure or complete pain. Hiding in the web doesn’t seem so terrible as you watch another one get wrapped up like a burrito by the arachnids in power. Scared to speak your mind conformity becomes the only option, waving others in like a parking lot attendant at a Justin Bieber concert.

Larping about some retarded shit like the race war, gender war, political war, deep throating hegelian dialectic as divide and conquer become the higher education. Miserable and alone listening to some furry with fake boobs lick plastic ear holes just so you can experience affection for the first time in years.

Adapting the Stockholm Syndrome as part of your morning routine, defending the very system that’s left you in pain. As you lay there watching the spider suck out your blood you become a zombie of repetition ready to carry out the agenda of the masters without the blink of an eye.

Embracing your inner narcissism all thoughts become cloudy and cold as survival becomes the reactionary action to maintain your ego and pride. Anything to take your mind off reality as the illusions come crashing down. Societies belly bloated and ready to unleash a mudslide of shit through every city, community, and neighborhood, regardless of your plan. Complacent conformity won’t save you this time.

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