Pull Back the Curtain

Watchin’ it all unfold I can’t help but wonder how many are even awake,
surrounded by zombies and vampires the world on lockdown as the normies start to suffocate.

Nothing but hate and anger running rampant on the television,
society lost its heart years ago more painful than a jewish circumcision.

Looking back on your life you wish it was different,
squealing in pain looking out your window it’s irrelevant.

Running your mouth on the internet you think your voice is heard,
little did you know those were bots buzzin’ ya like a hummingbird.

Everything you see and hear controlled by high tech computer code,
never searching yourself ya bubble reinforced with an ejaculatory load.

Step up to the plate if you think you can handle it,
all I see is little boys putting memes deep inside their internet clit.

Focused on some bitch when your talents and skill could pick ya up,
divided and conquered the world doesn’t give a fuck time to stand up an put on your nutcup.

What happened to the revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and rebels,
whether guns or code it’s time to step up our game an fight these devils.

Hidin’ behind labels and ideologies your entire mindset has been created for you,
never thinking for yourself just another cattle at the meat market [Moooo]

Just kidding tho im a loser too, most of the time i cant even afford rent in mexico,
eye’n up the wilderness lookin’ at the jungle like its my only goal.

Disappear into the abyss and let the world burn to the ground,
I’ll be eating fresh fruits and eggs deep in the monte never to be found.

Fabricated drama being sold on news networks like a netflix series,
ya watching from your couch unable to figure out the conspiracy theories.

3 years later shootin up Johnson and Johnson like a crack head in a back alley,
the government changing your mouth diapers daily without question as ya nanny.

Beta males searching for validation on the internet,
while they circle jerk conformity bias becomes their bayonet.

Stuck on the tip of the iceberg scared to find out what’s beneath the water,
can’t even tell the difference between you and the average AI botter.

Posting some more low IQ memes to cope with your self reflection,
unable to explore past societies modern day friend zone section.

Clinging to the system as you become more dependent on societies opinion,
attacking those that stray from the crowd ya nothin’ more than a flying monkey minion.

Afraid to do something real you use projection to deflect your insecurities,
soul filled with toxins it’s time to clean yourself from the impurities.

What happened to the revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and rebels,
whether guns or code it’s time to step up our game an fight these devils.

Stuck on repeat doing the same thing over and over takin’ the bait,
wondering when it’ll change jumping in line to obey the omicron mandate.

Don’t worry though the cure has been here the entire time,
embrace your individualism and creativity with this rhyme.

We might not be able to stop them but we can surely troll,
sneak past the guard and disband this modern day parole.

Open your eyes its not hard to figure out for certain,
the worlds a stage just pull back the curtain.

Andrew Tate Is a Shill for the System

I’ve been starting to wonder whether Andrew Tate is just another peg in the psyop machine. It seems like he has a lot of good insights when it comes to the system and society but the recent cliché “I’ve been banned from everywhere” out of the Alex Jones CIA mockingbird book it’s hard to say. The fact he’s still promoted all over the internet, in every YouTube short, being pumped on big networks like Info Wars, and interviews with Piers Morgan, it starts leaning towards just another shill. All the premade shorts and videos from random podcasts or his childhood look like an obvious setup.

The reality is, most things he talks about have been topics in the manosphere for decades and his hustler university is clearly just a promotion based pyramid scam with little to no real information on how to start a legit local business. Let’s be honest, $50 a month to join a discord server when all the content on said discord server can be found online for free. Many of the things he tells men to do are great, working out, learning to fight, getting a stable income, but the underlining narcissism is to much to bare at times. Many men start to idolize and worship Andrew Tate based on materialistic faggotry whether it be fast cars or hot bitches.

I went through that phase when I was like 20-22 yet grew out of it rather quickly, realizing there is much more to life than chasing money, status, and chicks. It’s a fake shallow life that offers temporary fun rather than any type of real joy based on your passions and hobbies. It’s really not that impressive to start a webcam business and take advantage of desperate men on the internet. It’s really not that impressive to open a casino and use the system to violate the bank accounts of the average person. It’s quite laughable this man claims to have secrets to “get out of the matrix” when he’s so deep into the matrix he looks down on the people he pretends to care about.

The saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and although Andrew Tate has some interesting things to say his actions prove he will use anyone to get rich regardless of how it effects the people around him. Every single one of his business ventures plays on the desperation of modern men with soothsayer promises of wealth, status, and women. What has he really done to “escape the matrix” when he literally promotes it in all his businesses. He acts like he’s some James Bond action hero mafia boss who is saving the world when he hasn’t really done anything of the sort. It’s all just an act and the worst part is men are adopting this shallow narcissistic world view to vicariously live through Andrew Tate.

It’s been said by Andrew Tate that his father is ex-CIA which is quite suspicious. Recently Andrew Tate’s true agenda has been revealed, to push Islam onto the masses of depressed angry men. It became obvious when the YouTube shorts AI starting pushing Islam the last few weeks and then all of a sudden Andrew Tate converts to Islam? Are you kidding me… you can’t make up these retard shit but yet here we are with another propaganda plant. I find it alarming how quickly propaganda can make the masses hate something then love it in less than 20 years. In the early 2000’s these same men were signing up to slaughter and kill Muslims in the middle east and now these men are going to convert to Islam because Andrew Tate is “leading the way”. Hate to love in less than 20 years is insanity. The worst part is the Quran itself was written and created as a hoax by the Vatican to control the middle east.

I think another objective of his shill program is to get wealthy men into the occult mentality with his $5000 War Room. It’s a way to recruit men into their agenda and take more control of the “truth movement”. Taking control of the men that might be able to find ways to fight back and getting them to join their team sort to say. Controlled opposition, cointel pro, an easy way to stop a real movement before it even gets started.

At the end of the day there’s some good that can be taken from what he has to say but all in all Andrew Tate just seems like another puppet of the system. Playing his part on the global scale to usher in the next stage of their psyop to control the future of men. A man that only cares about the system, his money, and fabricated societal success without an ounce of empathy or compassion for what he’s actually doing to his viewers. His narcissism is only enflamed more by the millions of men putting him on a pedestal instead of coming up with their own personality, thoughts, and actions. A hive mind of wannabe alphas angry at the system of oppression while they mimic and parrot someone else’s life. Perhaps it’s time you start thinking for yourself rather than allowing every internet influencer dictate your mindset.

Andrew Tate is a complete SHILL

Growing Up in a Family of Narcissists

After about 12 years of no contact I decided to reach out to my sister thinking maybe she’d be interested in building a relationship. Unfortunately it seems she learned to be an exact clone of her narcissistic sociopath mother, which was heart breaking all over again. She used to be my little buddy growing up but took her place as golden child after I moved out. I’m sure the lies and manipulation have gotten far worse after I went no contact and I’ve seen plenty of evidence of this. I was, and always have been, the scapegoat of my immediate family, and because of my mother spreading lies throughout the family it only got worse over the years. I spent my childhood being ignorant of how damaging she was to my personality and emotions while being the backbone of the family. I wanted to share a couple e-mails just to show how emotionally dead narcissists are and how little they really care about you. I think this is also a great look into modern women as well, considering a sister can’t even have a real conversation with her blood brother without completely ignoring his emotions, thoughts, and feelings. What chance do us men have in the dating realm when female family members treat men this way.

After the first e-mail I sent her she ignored all my accomplishments, didn’t check out any of my travel videos or websites, didn’t even mention any of it. She went into talking about a bunch of good memories, some of which were very bad memories for me because she either ignored the reality, was gas lighting, or didn’t want to admit how terrible her mother truly is as she stands proud as the golden child. Here is my follow up e-mail correcting the “good times” and explaining what really happened to me as a child.

From me to my sister.

I don’t choose to block out those good memories with you. It may be difficult for you to understand what I went through all those years because I had no one to turn too. I was the black sheep, the scape goat. I was always called “difficult” because I didn’t follow moms orders as she saw fit. I always tried to shield you from it all too, even during the divorce. I had to be the parent to both of them, I had to to protect you because they didn’t care.

Throughout my childhood most of the things mom did were superficial for her to look like a good mother. Underneath it all she sabotaged my life over and over again growing up. From friends, to sports, to my career in Arizona.. it was always all about her.

You would be shocked if you spent just a year in my shoes growing up. You were always my little buddy and it broke my heart when you started defending mom when she’d gas light me into a rage after I came home from Arizona.

My childhood is filled with memories of pain because of her. For you the Hairy Potter stories were fun but you don’t see what she was doing to me in the process. That story alone is painful and I remember it like it was yesterday…

Back when you had your seizures mom treated you like the scapegoat… she used to tell me things like you can’t learn right and have trouble in school and other mean things. She used to read me Hairy Potter every night and then it all changed. As your seizures went away and I started rebelling against her one night mid-book she just stopped reading to me and started reading to you. Never said anything, I walked by and saw she picked up reading from me and went to you. She played favorites with which child would bring her more narcissistic supply over and over again.

She used to gas light me and dad where dad would literally hold me down on the floor for hours while I fought to get away. Then she would pretend to be the good guy to both of us after we fought. Dad used to come into my room crying because he didn’t understand why we were fighting… this happened hundreds of times.

Some of my other early childhood memories like at 11, when mom used to barge into my room and turn the lights on while I was trying to fall asleep and accuse me of being on drugs….. 11 at night when I had school in the morning. This happened 10-15 times before I literally walked to the hardware store after school and bought locks to install on my door.. at 11 years old.

It got to the point where I would crawl into Tazes inside the garage house and cuddle him for hours crying just hiding from her. This happened hundreds of times.

Other things like my constant stomach pain in the mornings growing up… she would run around the neighborhood saying how good of a mom she was taking me to dr.s appointments and doing tests, shoving things down my throat and checking for cancer, blah blah blah, meanwhile I was just hungry in the mornings because she was too busy doing her hair to make breakfast. I was sent to school with a sugar poptart and there was never even eggs for me to cook something myself. She got more enjoyment out of looking like a good mom than actually being a good mom. Turns out I had no problems with my stomach at that point and just needed breakfast…

Another example of her gas lighting is Chloe. To you that might seem like a good memory… but for me its not. Dad brought home a book where I could see the types of dog breeds and I always wanted a big dog to play with. Mom ended up buying a 12lb Shihtzu… I remember asking her how big she would get and she said that’s it. That’s why I left her with that dog because it wasn’t for me, it was for her.

From there she started sabotaging my friendships and sports. She got me braces and would brag to my friends about how I had braces, she’d give them tin foil to pretend they had braces and she would do other things to make them jealous of me. In return over time my friendships turned into malice as those friend groups started to hate me. This all started in the school she taught in as well. Teachers in her friend group would start to single me out and bully me as well. They’d say things why are you acting like this your mother is so great, your mom is the best, why are you such a bad kid. Over and over.

Within the family she started telling everyone I was a troubled kid, making problems, and difficult to deal with meanwhile it was her gas lighting me the entire time. She used to force me to go to some psychiatrist lady that simply prescribed me anti depressants which made things even worse. I refused to take them after a month because they were terrifying. She tried her best to make me look like the problem because I was rebelling against her narcissism. She tried for months to make me take those pills.. anti depressants at 15. I wasn’t depressed… I was terrified of my own mother.

This happened for years… my friend groups turned into hate groups that would bully me and spread lies about me all because mom was planting these seeds in their head. I watched her do it. When I would have girls over she would act really creepy and aggressive.

Later on when the braces weren’t enough she talked me into doing the jaw surgery. I never wanted to do that, what kind of kid wants to do a cosmetic jaw surgery??? Where he has to literally tie his mouth shut for months all to have the perfect jaw and smile??? Those were never my ideas…

She talked me into quitting the football team as a kid when I was playing quarterback because she saw how much I actually loved it. This carried into highschool as well. The reason I dropped out of school after freshman year was because of mom. She literally told the coach I had some random disease and shouldn’t play… I literally sat the bench the entire year never playing.. at the end of the season the coach said in the celebration of the year that Logan did well with his disease and blah blah blah and thats when I knew the real reason I never played. I was the best player on the team but didn’t play a single minute in high school. How do I know this? Because on the tournament teams with Kyle Brown I literally played 85% of the game.. more than anyone else.

I have thousands of stories like this that block out the good memories and I’m thankful you mentioned them in your e-mail because I don’t have those memories anymore. They were completely swallowed by all the torture she put me through. A lot of my early childhood doesn’t even exist in memories because of the things she used to do… my mind freezes and goes blank. I have signs of sexual abuse as a child but it’s all blocked out.

It’s why I started playing video games 18 hours a day from 15 to 18. When I turned 18 I moved across the country far far away and my life got better. I had friends that cared, good jobs, opportunity.

Even when I was living in Arizona… I was about to pay off my Audi, was looking at buying houses… had a salary job making more than her or dad without a degree at the age of 21-22. I even had my own business doing what I was doing at the salary job because I taught myself how to do it. That’s when the divorce hit… and she manipulated me into thinking that if I came home I could help fix it.. she literally gas lit me for weeks into thinking if I came home maybe the marriage would work out.. only to be turned into the scapegoat once again.. I gave up EVERYTHING I had to come try and help… I was very close to comitting suicide with my beretta .45 in the basement one night, crying in the hidden closet with my marijuana plants. That’s when I started doing research on narcissistic / sociopathic mothers and she checked literally every box. Every single story people had posted, every single behavior she had, was a clone of the narcissistic mother. Jesus Christ showed me true unconditional love and I never looked back.

That’s when I decided to sell my Audi’s and buy a propane powered van and move to the farm. Haven’t talked to her since. Now I’m strong enough to understand it, and see it for what it is.. and I’ve helped thousands of other young men deal with their own narcissistic mothers through my talks, communities, and website. But that’s the truth about who mom is. If you think hard enough, you’ll realize a lot of those opportunities she gave you were for her own benefit… I watched it happen when you traveled Europe and she invited herself to go as well. The reason she talked you into going there is because she wanted to go there.

The reason we went on vacations is because she wanted to go there. She wanted to look good in society. It had nothing to do with us as kids. She wanted to brag to neighbors, she wanted to look special.

This happened a few years ago when I sent Brent a text telling him how to cure Crohns disease by eating natural raw egg yolks because it worked for me. Sent him some pictures of Bacalar Mexico and he obviously showed them to mom because she emailed me for 1-2 months trying to come visit.

I will send you some articles about narcissistic mothers and for your own healing I really recommend taking the time to read them. I was never a difficult kid, bad kid, or any of the other things she said, I was simply strong enough to rebel against her control and she hated it. No one wants to accept this was my reality, this was my childhood, because it’s easier to say, well she’s not perfect or just ignore it to not stir up the pot, but that was my reality as a kid. All these stories are real, they happened, and as a little kid I had to find a way to deal with it without a mother or father, without anyone to talk to, without anyone having MY back. Everything good I had she tried to rip it away from me all because I rebelled against her manipulation.

My sisters reply to this e-mail.

If this is all you want to talk about I don’t want a relationship.

I am glad you have found a community and are happy. I hope your journey in life continues to bring you the things that you enjoy.

My reply to my sister.

Can’t even acknowledge the childhood I actually had without running away from the reality we lived. I see you’ve learned a lot from your mother. Too another 15 years of silence. Don’t forget to check out my TikTok. You can see your brother being a real human being which contradicts all the lies you’ve been fed.


Normally I don’t share memories and stories like this but I thought it could help some other young fellas out going through something similar. I know I’m not the only one that has gone through things like this but just know if you are going through the fire use it to forge your armor and become the warrior you were meant to be. Stay strong sigma.

Modern Women Have No Real Skills

I’ve neglected writing about topics like this for a long time because I was always holding out for the women that wasn’t the same. A girl that actually wants to build something rather than take it with the governments helping hand. A girl that was actually willing to sacrifice and put in the effort. I’m not very prideful but when I look at my skillsets compared to the average female it’s quite easy to see they really don’t know shit.

To put things into perspective here in Mexico 75% of men can build an entire house in about a month, plumb it, get some electricity going, water, while at the same time starting a farm and producing food; and cooking their own dinner from scratch. The average women here wants to be handed money to buy food, cook some low IQ hot dogs in oil, and clean some clothes. That’s it. They have opportunity. They have 30+ colleges in my town and over 70% are women. Women 26+ years old with no real skillsets, no real world practical abilities. I’ve personally watched them waste 5 years in college only to be working as a babysitter or server at a restaurant.

What’s crazy is in the USA this is the scenario on crack. A bunch of skill-less women with degrees pretending they are important while butt fucking every dude they meet with a strap-on. The worst part is the average man is willing to work his hands and knees to the bone to make sure his family has food and a roof. He’s willing to work 18-20 hours a day just so they have something special on Christmas day. Meanwhile the average women is more worried about her career and her image than her own children. Worried about how society will perceive her as she hands her kids a poptart.

At first I thought Latin America was different. Women still seemed to know to cook and take care of the family but the reality is their shit show was just a different flavor. Asking what my job is the very first sentence of a conversation, dollar signs in their eyes as I walk buy. I remember one girl crying when I told her I didn’t even have a passport, guess she had some fantasy of me taking her back to the USA or something.

Watching mothers in every house hold beat their own children and husband into the ground, hell even dogs and puppies. Women and young girls getting upset when you don’t buy them a coke, chips, or candy from the local store. The entitlement among these women is just as bad as the USA just a new angle. Catholicism and the government teaming up with feminism and entitlement I’ve literally seen neighborhood females with 3 maridos in the casa at the same time. 3 dudes being played and used for money and none of them say a thing, working as a team to support their queen.

Another neighbor selling photos of her children around town while her husband is at work all week. (At least she was arrested). In the USA they’d just smile and give them a job in government. Another family unwilling to feed their grandpa as he slowly starved to death sleeping on a mat on the floor of a concrete hut. The reality is family is just as dead in Mexico as it is in the USA. The difference is in the USA they don’t hide it, here in Mexico they pretend and act like they are close and united.

Meanwhile in the street men (the banda) are broken, sad, and alone. That’s probably the only reason I’m still here between them and my animals. They understand what it’s like to give it their all over and over again only to be destroyed by women around them, including their own family. Watching young boys get beaten for playing in the mud while the little girls are handed money to buy anything they want at the store.

It’s pathetic and the reality is modern women are trashy, narcissistic, and delusional as fuck. For men, most simply want to be left alone. Live a simple life, create something within the community, build a smart and healthy family.. They simply enjoy playing with their children and building something real. Filled with skillsets and critical thinking they are met with government brute force and female narcissistic abuse.

Are there great women out there? Of course. Are there shitty men? Obviously. In general however, the percentages are quite clear and real world experience has shown me the ratios are VERY TILTED. Reality is I’ve never seen a man smack a kid in the street yet I’ve seen thousands of women do so here in Mexico. The second a young boy can start working (I’ve seen 12 year old boys selling cigarettes at 2 a.m. at bars downtown) they are put to work by their mother. Not to earn their keep or teach them valuable lessons but merely as another income for her narcissism and abuse.

Lets be real though, for men the abuse starts a week out of the womb.. when a young baby boy receives his first sexual pleasure (nurse cleaning his penis) seconds later followed by mutilating the most sensitive part of a boy by cutting off the most nerve dense piece of the body, the foreskin. Men need to wake the fuck up, and women, please shut the fuck up.

American Circumcision

American Circumcision (2018) Official Trailer | Documentary

Full Documentary

Bizarre History Of American Circumcision - Why Do We Still Do It?

Unlawfully Arrested and Creepy X-Rays

This night was probably the creepiest encounter I’ve ever had with police. All because I had just bought a car and didn’t get plates (You have 1 month to get them, I had proof of purchase, license, everything. Still wasn’t good enough to escape the police state.) After jumping through hoops for these narcissistic sociopaths I was then forced to go through an X-ray machine in a medical gown with the threat of violence if I refused. After reading the incident reports from both officers they conveniently leave out the part of about them searching my person as well as the x-rays. They also were dumb enough to write what they found in the illegal search after failing to mention it. After reading the incident report you will be just as confused as I was as to why they arrested me to begin with. According to the incident report I was arrested and x-rayed because of a no license plate warning? Is this real? Is this the USA? One of the many reasons I left…

Incident Report

As you’ll start to notice every word of this incident report is a fucking lie. They both lie out there ass as they cover for each other. Where did they magically find this pipe? They don’t seem to mention it anywhere. Nothing was found in the car, nothing found on my person… WTF?! If they didn’t have qualified immunity I would have sued the shit out of every person in this department that was involved. Don’t let the Jesus Christ talk fool you, if I met them in a dark alley without their costume and badge I would have loved to beat them bloody. To violently force someone into a nude x-ray for a warning for no license plate gives me justification to do what I feel necessary to protect myself. Surrounded by sociopaths with guns while in handcuffs however, you’re left with few options.

One thing that really caught my eye in the incident report is me placing both hands on the wheel for the entire traffic stop made the officer nervous. He said it was strange and he noticed it. Literally the safest thing I could do, most respectful thing I could do, is place my hands on the wheel and this was one of the reasons I was searched. It doesn’t matter how you act at this point, 99% of the police force and prison guards are malignant narcissistic sociopaths. They laugh and take joy from hurting you. They get off when they over power you and force you to obey. This is reality at this point and its only going to get worse.

Unlawful Search, Arrest, No Miranda Rights, X-Rays in Jail, Released with a Warning - Nagolbud.com