No Reason To Give Women Sexual Attention

In my never ending social experiment that was known as dating I’ve really discovered that giving women sexual attention in anyway carries no benefit. Even if you think you’re going to get laid by giving sexual attention the reality is most of the time your efforts go in vain. Even with a pick up artist the key is to have the ability to go from girl to girl in search of your treasure and booty.

The reality is most women want a guy that treats them like crap. They want a guy that ignores them, plays games, makes them jealous, anxious, depressed. Women love this roller coaster of emotions and if they find them selves in a good relationship they will often times create drama just to fuel this addiction. To get laid in modern society is actually very simple. Pretend you don’t want to get laid. Pretend you don’t want them. Ignore them. Ect. Once they offer their number again playing the same games. Then once you have sex with them ignore them some more. You will have a booty call for life with these simple tricks. Don’t forget to give them some back handed compliments too, they really love that.

The next situation that comes to mind is the guy that gets the number but begins to fall for her. Even if she extended the same feelings, once she has deemed it so, you are no longer fun. You are predictable, easy, and carry no drama. Therefore your extended female sexual attention actually drove her away leaving you with no sex or relationship. Most women feed off this drama and without it move on rather quickly.

Another that comes to mind is the friend, the one that’s offered his life and due diligence to become a white knight. A forever champion of her feelings and emotions. He will never get laid but he will offer an infinite supply of narcissist crates of addiction. He will be there for her as her everything and she will walk all over him. His sexual attention goes in vain as she bangs every bad boy on campus.

These are the same women that spend their college years riding the cock carousel wondering why they can’t find a good guy. Then as they graduate and find their job they are far to busy for a real relationship leaving them in their 30’s with an army of cats to keep their confidence rallied. Giving these women attention is like giving a bum money for crack. You know what he’s going to do with the money. The dealer is standing right there. He has his supplies sitting next to him. Empty shots and syringes next to him with a few broken vodka bottles.

Women are incredibly manipulative as well. Giving them sexual attention such as likes or compliments at a party carries weight. Similar to search engine optimization and link juice. When you give a women sexual attention she takes this juice that normally would create popularity for your own website, and they use it for their own gains. She will turn your sexual attention into making her ex jealous. Into make her husband jealous. She will use this sexual attention to play with your emotions, she will use it to get things she wants, she will use it to get who she wants. Giving women sexual attention is disastrous no matter how you look at it.

I’ve experienced this in person as well. When I used to go to the bar in my younger days I’d always have some girl trying to flirt me up. Most times I’d just go in for a beer and watch the game. 10 minutes later there is a guy giving me angry looks from the other side of the bar because his girl is shaking me down for some sexual attention. I barely said anything to her, let alone flirt, yet I’m now in the middle of a confrontation that could lead me to a fight. All because this women is after sexual attention, willing to beat me down to get it.

This is what it’s like giving these women sexual attention. On Facebook, Instagram, and in real life. These women are in a frenzy for attention and when you starve them of it they want to hook you too. Regardless of your motives the only option to achieve that goal, whether sex is your goal or tranquility. Giving modern day women sexual attention has no benefit for you.

It would be like investing in a stock when they have a policy that says, “After you purchase our stock, you must give them to the owner and CEO”. Why on earth do we as men continue to invest in these stocks when the value is plummeting. When it offers us no benefit, no gain, and no reward.

Most men confuse themselves by thinking if they give a women enough attention she will validate them. If they give her enough likes she will finally notice his value. If he writes a good enough comment or makes a good joke at the party she might just value him as a human being. The reality is that’s not going to happen. It will never happen. You are wasting valuable time trying to win the affection of women that look at your like a disposable utility, like a robot.

In their eyes you have no feelings, no emotions, nothing. They only see what they can get from you in there infinite mission of finding the wealthiest man possible. Confusing their motives and your own will keep you from this cycle of repetitive female attention giving. Understanding it has no benefit to you will leave you in a place of peace rather than trying to jump through hoops for validation from the next hot chick that thinks she is something special with 500 photo likes.

We Were All Blue Pill at One Time

Humility is a difficult concept to understand. Even once you understand it the principles you’ve learned can be swept under the rug in a heart beat letting your pride take the drivers seat. We’re all guilty of this on different levels and reminding yourself of where you came from will always bring you back down to reality.

No matter how monk you are, no matter how MGTOW, we were all blue pill at some point in our life. For most of us is was a large portion of our life that we were blue pill. Some men take 40 years to figure it out. Others learn more quickly from others mistakes or their own. The reality remains the same though, we were all blue pill at some time in our life. We were that poor sucker SIMP who tried to make our girl happy. Who tried to do more and more to get her approval. We were that guy.

Pride can be a dangerous weapon. It leads to poor decision making and aggressive behavior. Unfounded aggression and unrealistic conversation become the norm for someone letting their pride run their life. When someone forgets where they came from or what made them the person they are today it’s easy to go into this mode. When you forget all the mistakes and stupid things you did for a women it’s easy to repeat those mistakes while thinking you’re not.

It’s a deep cycle that lends itself to the collapse of true conversation and learning. When you’re pride is in the drivers seat it’s almost impossible to explore and learn new concepts. To put aside old belief systems that obviously don’t work. To take the time to discover what the truth is behind the system. Most men know an awful lot about female nature, but do they know where female nature came from? Do they really understand the underlining principles of “female nature” that seems to be global and historically un-ending. All the way back to the garden it seems the serpent has used “women’s rights and feminist” to lure the women away from her role and turning her against it.

When you cast aside your pride while looking at your own past walking down the blue brick road it’s easy to bring yourself back down to earth. You don’t feel the need to attack new members of MGTOW because they aren’t the perfect example following all the laws of MGTOW. You don’t feel the need to attack new ideas and concepts presented by other MGTOW. There’s peace in your heart as you look around and realize you were just as blue pill as this guy, if not worse!

A lot of men get on their high horse and lord around their personal accomplishments as if it’s a badge of honor. It’s not. It’s pride. Step back and really look at yourself and how blue pill you were in your life. Be honest with yourself and stop putting on a masculine show, egg heading with other men that might understand things a bit better than you. Unfortunately with pride goggles on it’s hard to see anything clearly.

The Matrix (1999) - The Pill scene